Series 2, Episode 11

Written by Ann McManus
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Mike Adams

Air Date: 13th June, 2000

Di picks Fenner up from his house and gives him a lift into work. He is claiming that his car is off the road and will be for some time.

Renee is still causing major problems. Denny and Shaz are petrified of her and Crystal isn’t back from the block for five minutes before Renee threatens her with the razor. Renee’s real animosity is saved for Yvonne though and later, she follows Yvonne into the toilets and takes her chance to attack her with the razor blade. Nikki manages to pull Renee off before she can do any damage. Later, at lunch, Renee is keen to know what’s in the food. Shell lists the ingredients for the ice-cream and when she mentions nuts, Renee looks away. Yvonne overhears and looks extremely interested. She goes to the library and studies a medical encyclopaedia. She tears a page out and hides it down her trousers before returning the book to the shelves.

Nikki spots Helen from the window of the potting shed and runs out to catch up with her. Helen informs Nikki that she’ll be setting up a group for Larkhall’s lifers, which means that they will be seeing a lot more of each other. Helen has some more good news; she has sent a copy of Nikki’s file to a solicitor friend of hers. The solicitor is very interested in taking on Nikki’s case and already thinks that Nikki has a good chance of appealing against her sentence.

After failing in her attempt to slash Yvonne, Renee takes her frustrations out on Crystal by racially abusing her. Crystal reports Renee to Karen and Fenner and Fenner offers to deal with it. Fenner tells Renee to keep her opinions to herself and then starts emptying her bottles of shampoo and other toiletries down the loo until she apologises to Crystal. Fenner makes it clear to Renee that he doesn’t like her attitude and because of that, he’s assigned her the job of toilet cleaner.

At lockup, Shaz tricks Hollamby into entering the dorm. Hollamby fails to leave the door on the latch and Shaz and Denny run out and close the door behind them, trapping her inside. She passes her key out for them to unlock the door but they run off to the servery. Denny grabs biscuits and other goodies while Shaz rummages through the rubbish, collecting bits of mouldy bread. They return to the dorm and swap places with Hollamby. Shaz waits until everyone is asleep before dropping the pieces of mouldy bread into Renee’s carton of orange juice.

Helen starts her lifers’ group which is made up of six women including Nikki, Shaz and Shell. There’s a lot of eye contact between Nikki and Helen, something that keeps nearly sending Helen off into fits of giggles. At the end of the session, Helen gives all of the women a questionnaire to fill in. Nikki stays behind and informs Helen that she has been in contact with her solicitor and has arranged to meet with her about her appeal. Claire, the solicitor is very positive about Nikki’s chances, she has already discovered that Gossard, the policeman Nikki killed, was violent towards his wife. Helen arrives at the end of the meeting and greets Claire warmly. Nikki is a bit perturbed by this and waits until Claire has gone before questioning Helen about their relationship. Helen calmly puts Nikki straight – Claire is a friend and anyway, Nikki is the first woman she has ever been in a relationship with.

In the servery, Crystal spots the box of rat poison that has been left on the floor. Does she take some? Back in the dorm, Renee takes a swig from her carton of orange juice and then sprays it all over the place before retching over the toilet. Denny, Shaz and Crystal look on with satisfaction.

A white woman’s hands are seen crushing nuts with a book and then adding them to the contents of a pepper pot. At lunch, Renee leaves her table to get a drink and the pepper pot is switched. Upon returning, Renee covers her food with pepper and then begins to eat as the other women look on. Suddenly, Renee staggers off choking for air and then collapses dead at the foot of the stairs.

The following morning, Karen tells the officers that the police will be interviewing everyone and that because of her record; Shaz is being considered a prime suspect. Fenner arrives late looking hungover and unshaven and is back in the bar before long. This time Hollamby joins him and admits that she gave Shaz her keys. Fenner tells her that she must tell Karen what happened.

Crystal is interviewed by the police. She tells them that every inmate on G-Wing had a motive for murdering Renee. When she is interviewed, Shell drops Yvonne right in it by telling the police that Renee had been having an affair with Charlie. The police are very interested in this until Karen tells them that Shaz could have had access to the servery thanks to Hollamby. They interview Shaz again. Meanwhile, Karen docks Hollamby a month’s wages and reduces her rank from senior to basic grade.

As she’s leaving the prison, Helen runs into Dominic. After flirting with him briefly, she agrees to meet up with him for a catch-up drink and a curry the following evening. As they part, Nikki watches from her window.

Dominic tells Karen that Fenner wasn’t on the wing when Renee died. She sends him to collect Fenner and he is discovered drinking in the officer’s club yet again. Fenner decides to go home instead of reporting to Karen.

Yvonne finds out from Di that Shaz has confessed to poisoning Renee. She grabs Denny and tells her that Shaz didn’t do it and that she’ll end up in a loony bin if she’s not careful. Denny goes straight to the police and confesses to the murder herself. During the interview, the detective’s phone rings and he is told that Renee died from anaphylactic shock, more specifically, an allergic reaction to nuts. The police tell Karen that they can’t prove that anyone on the wing knew about the allergy and therefore, Renee’s death is ruled accidental. Later, Karen announces the cause of Renee’s death to the wing. Shell looks unsurprised and rather smug and later, we see Yvonne smiling to herself as she eats peanuts in her cell…so who actually bumped Renee off?

Dominic tells Di that he’s meeting Helen for dinner. Nikki overhears and looks fretful. Di looks a bit put out as well; she appears to have a bit of a crush on Dominic.

Karen goes to Fenner’s house. He tells her that Marilyn has left him and has taken the kids.


Renee – “What’s in that?”
Shell – “It’s shepherd’s pie.”
Renee – “I asked what was in it.”
Shell – “Potatoes and dead cow! Alright?”

Shell – “Don’t you want to know what’s in ‘em? You usually do! (Looks down at label) Reconstituted skimmed milk, sugar, chocolate flavouring, cream, glucose, lots of Es. (Shouts to other inmates) ‘Ere girls! Make sure you drink plenty of water!”

Karen – “I’ve set the police up in the probation office. Lunch and dinner will be served in-cell and there will be no association.”
Hollamby – “Oh good! Can we have a murder everyday please?”

Crystal – “She didn’t deserve to live; she stole my hair-oil.”

Shaz – “So why you picking on me?”
PC – “You are a convicted poisoner.”
Shaz – “So? That was oysters…you don’t get oysters in prison.”

Karen – “I just wanted to let you all know that the police have found the cause of Renee Williams’ death – a severe reaction to nuts.”
Whole wing – “Nuts?”

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