Series 2, Episode 12

Written by Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Laurence Moody

Air Date: 27th June, 2000

Nikki confronts Helen about her dinner date with Dominic the night before. Helen’s explanation that she and Dominic only discussed work doesn’t appease Nikki. She’s also annoyed about the fact that Helen didn’t tell her about the meeting when it was arranged, maybe she’s not as important to Helen as she thought she was. Helen is annoyed by Nikki’s attitude and her jealousy and storms off.

Denny and Shaz are reprimanded by Karen for stealing Hollamby’s keys and spiking Renee’s orange juice. Karen is angered by the fact that Shaz refuses to take her behaviour seriously and assigns her Renee’s toilet cleaning duties. Afterwards, Karen catches up with Helen and voices her frustrations about Shaz. Helen is also concerned about Shaz’s attitude and feels that she hasn’t yet faced up to the fact that she is serving a life sentence for triple murder. She has arranged a meeting between Shaz and a close relative of one of her victims and hopes that this will force the issue.

At dinner, the Julies are anticipating Crystal’s release but she’s still depressed about breaking up with Josh. Meanwhile, Shaz decides to fake a choking fit. Di, still shell-shocked by Renee’s death begins to panic. Di is extremely angry when she realises that Shaz is faking it and orders her to return to her cell. Shaz refuses and when Di turns to Fenner for support, he tells her to sort it out herself before sloping off down the pub again.

Helen’s working at home when Dominic shows up on her doorstep with a bottle of vodka. He tells her that he wants to take about his future in the prison service but it’s clear that he has ulterior motives. The phone rings and ever helpful Dominic answers it, at the other end of the line, a furious Nikki hangs up. Helen is fully aware of the identity of her mystery caller and her frustration at the situation soon turns to horror when Dominic tries to kiss her. Helen is forced to tell him that she’s involved in a relationship with someone else and when Dominic questions her further she admits that the person is a woman…Nikki Wade! Dominic is quite rightly shocked but agrees to keep it a secret when Helen pleads with him not to tell anyone.

Meanwhile, Barbara tries in vain to calm Nikki down. She is now convinced that Helen is having an affair with Dominic. The following morning, Dominic goes to see Nikki. He tries to explain that his visit to Helen’s flat was totally innocent but she doesn’t believe him.

Karen confronts Fenner over his drinking and poor time-keeping and suggests that he should take time off. She also makes an issue of his disappearance the night before and demands that he apologise to Di for dropping her in it.

Helen goes to find Nikki and eventually encounters her in the garden. She tries to explain that Dominic turned up unannounced to talk about work but Nikki refuses to listen. Nikki is convinced that Helen has slept with Dominic and tells Helen to “piss off you two-faced tart”. Helen loses patience and storms off but not after telling Nikki exactly how frustrated she is with her jealous and unreasonable behaviour. Nikki turns back to her weeding and is so distracted that she stabs herself in the hand with her weeding fork.

In the locker room, Di is still trying to attract Dominic’s eye and asks him if she can have a ride on his motorbike. Dominic is clearly embarrassed and makes an excuse about not having a spare helmet before fleeing. Fenner arrives and apologises to Di for his behaviour the night before. He tells her that he’s having problems at home and she reluctantly forgives him. Afterwards, Fenner tells Karen that he’s apologised to Di and thanks her for being so patient with him. For a brief moment it looks like they might kiss but they are interrupted by other officers.

Nikki’s hand is treated by a nurse on the hospital wing. They get talking and the nurse reveals that her Australian boyfriend has been deported. She is working extra shifts at the prison to pay off the debts he left behind before going on to join him in Australia. Nikki is escorted back to her cell by Dominic. He is still determined to make Nikki see sense and tells her that Helen loves her. Nikki finally begins to realise that she has made a big mistake but is it too late for her to make it up with Helen?

Helen has arranged a meeting between Shaz and Mrs Foster, the wife of one of her elderly victims. Shaz is unrepentent at first when she explains to Mrs Foster that she poisoned the oysters to get her boss the sack. Mrs Foster can’t believe that Shaz is being so flippant and demands to know how Shaz could sell the oysters to people when she knew that they were going to make them sick. As Mrs Foster talks about how much she misses her husband, Shaz begins to realise the enormity of the crime she has committed and breaks down in tears.

Nikki, desperate to speak to Helen, hijacks the tea-trolley that is bound for the visiting room. Helen is furious when Nikki interrupts Shaz’s visit and demands to know what she is doing there. Nikki tries to apologise but as far as Helen’s concerned, it’s too late. She tells Nikki that it’s over.

Crystal is still brooding over her imminent release. Julie S suggests that she write to Josh to tell him of her new release date. Crystal takes up the idea but abandons the letter when Denny and Shaz return to the dorm. Denny sees the discarded letter and looks thoughtful.

Later that night, Nikki leaves a tearful message on Helen’s answering machine. Helen is obviously upset by Nikki’s distress but just as she finally decides to answer the call, Nikki hangs up.

After lockup, Fenner arrives in Karen’s office and she offers him a drink. As Karen pours the drinks, Fenner informs her that Marilyn has asked him for a divorce. Karen helps him to celebrate his imminent freedom with a kiss.


Karen – “Oh, I meant to ask you. What’s all this I’m hearing about you and Dominic McAllister?”
Helen – “And what’s that?”
Karen – “Di Barker told us all about your hot date.”
Helen – “Did she? Well, the only thing hot about it for me was the curry sauce.”
Karen – “Oh well, maybe he’s the slow-burn type.”

Dominic – “I’m sorry, I just got carried away…it won’t happen again. I…I just read it all wrong, it’s no big deal.”
Helen – “No, it’s me; I just should’ve told you that I’m in love with someone else.”
Dominic – “Who is he?”
Helen – “It’s not a he; it’s a she…Nikki Wade.”

Crystal – “I’m just glad that I’m getting out of here soon and I hope they put another Renee Williams in here to share with you.”
Shaz – “Wouldn’t bother us, we’ll just poison her…right Den?”

Dominic – “Out you come.”
Denny – “Out and proud, right Sir?”

Helen – “Look, do you want to know what happened or not?”
Nikki – “Helen, I’m really glad for you; must be a great relief to you to know you can still pull the boys! Now why don’t you just piss off you two-faced tart!”

Julie J – “’Ere Nik? What you done to your hand?”
Julie S – “Anyone we know?”

Nikki – “Dominic told me what you said to him. I’ve been a complete arsehole! I love you Helen and I know you love me.”
Helen – “No, no Nikki, you’re too late. You said things I can’t forget, I don’t know how I feel about you anymore.”
Nikki – “Please…”
Helen – “No! Go and fall for someone else!”

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