Series 2, Episode 2

Written by Martin Allen
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Mike Adams

Air Date: 11 April 2000

Fenner isn’t finding things easy at home; Shell is continuing her barrage of phone calls to his increasingly distressed wife, Marilyn who is starting to have doubts about his innocence, prompting him to pay a visit to Shell as soon as he arrives at the prison. Fenner is still convinced that Nikki is behind it all, especially when Shell tells him that she may have a mobile phone. Fenner decides to search Nikki’s cell for the mobile phone on the pretext of looking for drugs. When he starts to throw her books around, Nikki freaks out and in the ensuing confusion, slaps Dominic. Nikki is dragged off kicking and screaming to the punishment block. Later, Helen arrives on the block to inform Nikki that she has lost her enhanced status and will be spending a week in solitary as a punishment for her behaviour. Still furious, Nikki implies that Helen is only punishing her because she can’t handle her feelings for her.

Yvonne’s husband, Charlie, sends her a bouquet of flowers and rather than delivering them, Hollamby decides to leave them on top of the radiator for a while first. When Hollamby finally gets around to delivering the flowers they are dead. Yvonne is livid and starts plotting revenge with Denny who has also recently had a run-in with Hollamby – she wanted to buy a birthday card for her mum but Hollamby refused to give her credit when it transpired that she didn’t have enough left in her personal spends. With Denny acting as go-between, Yvonne pays Josh to smuggle some lacy underwear into the prison for her.

Zandra is still on the punishment block thanks to her rooftop suicide attempt. Dominic is concerned about her state of mind and tells her that she ever wants to talk, he will be there. She thanks him for saving her life and is later allowed back onto the wing.

Lauren Atkins meets Denny’s mum, Jessie, outside the prison gates and gives her an envelope containing £200. Jessie is concerned and confused by this unexpected windfall and suspects that Denny might be in trouble. Denny explains that the money is a birthday gift from Yvonne and then suggests that Jessie use the money to put a deposit down on a flat for them, somewhere they can be a proper family when she’s released.

Ignorant of the fact that Nikki is on the block, Shell continues to torment poor Marilyn, this time with concrete proof of her husband’s indiscretions. Fenner arrives in Shell’s cell for a pre-arranged encounter, unaware that his wife is listening to all of his grunts and groans through the mobile phone that is hidden in Shell’s bedclothes. Later, a furious Marilyn turns up at the prison gates; she slaps Fenner around the face and then throws a bag of clothes at him.

Karen arrives in Nikki’s cell and gives her her clothes before telling her that she’s being shipped out. Helen is waiting by the prison van when Nikki is brought out but refuses to tell her where she is being sent. As the van pulls away, Helen has trouble holding back the tears. She is later seen in her office caressing the photograph attached to Nikki’s file.

When Helen informs him that Nikki has been shipped out, Fenner finally puts two and two togther and realises that Shell was behind the letters and phone calls all along. He goes to search Shell’s cell and after discovering the phone, beats her up. As he flees her cell, he runs into Karen, leaving her to deal with a bloodied and battered Shell while he disposes of the phone in the kitchen rubbish. Karen takes Shell straight to see Helen where she admits to the beating, the affair and the fact that Fenner provoked Nikki into doing something stupid, but denies making the anonymous phone calls to Marilyn. As Karen escorts Shell down to the hospital wing, Helen reaches for the phone and places and urgent call to allocations.

In front of Stubberfield, Fenner denies everything; including receiving the anonymous phone calls. Stubberfield is all set to sweep the whole thing under the carpet and allow Fenner back onto the wing but Helen insists that he should be suspended pending an inquiry. After Helen threatens to resign, Stubberfield is forced to back her up and suspend Fenner. However, Helen still suspects that the whole incident will end up being covered up and argues with Stubberfield. He reminds Helen that he’s the one in charge at Larkhall, not her.

An angry and confused Nikki is returned to Larkhall just as Fenner is leaving. That night after lock-up, Helen arrives in her cell and apologies for shipping her out. She also informs Nikki that she couldn’t cope with the hypocrisy of suspending Fenner over an alleged relationship with an inmate when she is just as guilty for even thinking about having a relationship with one. Her only option was to resign. Nikki tries to protest but Helen’s mind is made up and to prove it, she takes Nikki’s face in her hands and kisses her tenderly before leaving the cell.


Yvonne – “Buy a ‘Mars Bar’ Denny, I’m sure Mrs Hollamby could find a use for it.”

Nikki – “You’re only behaving like this because you can’t handle it. So why don’t you give in miss and stick your tongue down my throat!”

Hollamby – “Just checking you’re still alive.”
Yvonne – “That’s something you shouldn’t joke about.”

Josh – “I’m gonna check this, you know that don’t you?”
Lauren – “I’d be worried if you didn’t, I don’t like working with tossers.”

Karen – “Well?”
Nikki – “Is that an interjection or an enquiry after my health?”

Karen – “I’d better warn you that I’m not the sort of officer who runs errands for prisoners.”
Nikki – “Well as long as you piss off when I tell you to, frankly I couldn’t give a toss.”

Helen – “Don’t make this any harder for me!”
Nikki – “Yeah must be hard getting angry with someone you’ve snogged.”
Helen – “Oh please Nikki, be serious!”
Nikki – “I want to make love to you all night long…is that serious enough?”

Marilyn – “Your shirts aren’t ironed!”

Stubberfield – “I am in charge in Larkhall whether you like it or not!”
Helen – “Well I don’t like it! I don’t like it one bit!”

Helen – “Listen Nikki, about what happened today; I let my personal feelings cloud my professional judgement…I thought I could fight them, I was stupid.”
Nikki – “What are you saying?”
Helen – “I won’t be looking after your case anymore.”
Nikki – “What?”
Helen – “I’ve resigned.”
Nikki – “Helen, you can’t do this to me, this isn’t fair.”
Helen – “Listen, I’ve just suspended Jim Fenner when I’m guilty of the same offence…in thought if not in deed.”
Nikki – “So what now?”
Helen – “Well I’m not your jailer anymore, which means I can do this…” (Kisses Nikki)

Nikki – “Helen you can’t leave me like this. This is shit!”
Helen – “Shit happens.”

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