Series 2, Episode 3

Written by Mark Wadlow
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Laurence Moody

Air Date: 18th April, 2000

Dominic starts his day by delivering the mail. Denny receives a letter from Jessie saying that she’ll be visiting and an extremely depressed looking Nikki is surprised when she also receives a letter. Opening the envelope she finds a postcard of a painting of George Eliot, on the back of the postcard is written, “Remember this? H” Nikki is delighted when she realises that the postcard is from Helen and excitedly opens the letter that was also enclosed.

Fenner’s kids come downstairs to find him sleeping on the sofa. Unsurprisingly, Marilyn is giving him a hard time and refusing to believe his claims that Shell was doing all of the running and that he was unable to resist her advances. Although initially prepared to see him ruined, Marilyn slowly comes to realise that if Fenner loses his job, it will only be a matter of time before they lose the house and the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. Reluctantly, Marilyn agrees to back him up when he is interviewed by the police. Fenner is interviewed by the police and denies everything, claiming that it was Shell who attacked him. Marilyn backs him up as he claims that he is a happily married man although she hasn’t forgiven him by any means. She does however agree to write to Shell, telling her that their marriage is over. Fenner hopes that when Shell reads the letter she will drop the charges against him.

Now that Fenner is suspended and Helen has resigned, Stubberfield offers Karen the vacant wing governor post. Karen starts as she means to go on and gathers G-Wing’s officers together for a meeting, telling them that she won’t be soft on inmates but that doesn’t mean that she’ll tolerate laziness or backbiting amongst her officers. Hollamby is disgusted by this turn of events; not only is Karen wing governor, but her beloved Jim has been suspended. For once, Dominic decides to stand up to Hollamby and coolly informs her that as far as he’s concerned, Fenner’s guilt is obvious. This altercation is witness by Di Barker, a new transfer from H-Wing who probably wishes she had stayed there.

Yvonne spots a newspaper article reporting the death of Julie J’s loathed father-in-law, Eddie “The Drill” Dawson. Julie J is unconcerned by the news until Julie S points out that her children, Martin and Rhiannon are certain to be coming back to the UK for the funeral and that this is the ideal opportunity for her to circumnavigate the court order her ex-husband took out to stop her from seeing them. Julie J feigns grief and begs to be allowed compassionate leave to attend the funeral. Her request is denied.

After throwing a tantrum, Julie J is placed on cellular confinement by Hollamby. After hearing Julie J sobbing her heart out through the door to her cell, Yvonne decides to take pity on her and contacts her husband, Charlie. Julie J is ecstatic when Yvonne tells her that she has arranged for Lauren to attend Eddie’s funeral, after the service, she will ask Martin and Rhiannon if they want to see their mum. If they say yes, Lauren will bring them into Larkhall to visit.

Fenner realises that Marilyn’s letter must have reached Shell by now and phones Stubberfield for an update. He is gutted when he hears that the charges against him haven’t been dropped and feels any worse when Hollamby visits and informs him that Karen has been given the wing governor’s job. Hollamby has so much misguided faith in Fenner’s innocence that he manages to persuade her to smuggle a letter into Larkhall for Shell. Shell is thrilled with the letter and, despite Denny’s best efforts to convince her otherwise, she goes straight to Stubberfield and tells him that she lied about the assault to get back at Fenner for turning her down when she made a pass at him. Karen knows this isn’t true and tries to get Fenner transferred to another wing but Stubberfield insists that he must return to G-Wing.

Josh notices Crystal for the first time when he delivers more contraband to Yvonne. He’s impressed to say the least, but when he tries to chat her up, she rebuffs him.

The following day is visiting day. Denny is expecting a visit from Jessie and is concerned when she doesn’t turn up. Lauren Atkins arrives with Julie J’s kids, Martin and Rhiannon. It’s a difficult visit for all of them, especially when Martin asks his mum if she’s a prostitute. Just when Julie is starting to make headway, Hollamby realises that the children shouldn’t be visiting their mother and hauls them away. Julie J is left distraught.

Fenner pays Shell a visit in her cell and feigns affection to trick her into handing over the letters he and Marilyn sent. Shell falls for the act and hands them over. Now in the clear, Fenner shows his true colours and reveals to Shell that he told Marilyn what to write and that there is no way he would ever leave his wife for a slut like her. Karen spots Fenner leaving Shell’s cell and is concerned, telling Fenner that she doesn’t trust him and that he should consider applying for a transfer off G-Wing. Later, Denny finds Shell sitting on the floor of her cell, literally pulling her hair out as she realises that Fenner’s taken her for a mug.

The Julies are vigorously applying floor polish to the top step of the stairs; also present are Nikki, Yvonne, Crystal and Zandra. Hollamby walks onto the wing and is immediately suspicious of the gathering. As she climbs the stairs, she slips at the top and the inmates assist her, telling her to be careful. Before Hollamby realises what’s happening, a firm shove sends her flying down the stairs. As Hollamby lies motionless at the foot of the stairs, Karen rushes over to her, looking up at the women at the top of the stairs who stare back at her defiantly.


Denny – “Why was he called Eddie the drill?”
Yvonne – “Because he was a big DIY enthusiast…why do you think?”
Julie J – “’ere, when does it say the funeral is?”
Yvonne – “Why, you thinking of sending a wreath?”
Julie S – “Yeah! A great big one in the shape of the word bastard!”

Hollamby – “You watch, she’ll be out of that uniform and into a suit quicker than Clark Kent!”

Julie J – “Bloody rubbish place this is! All I wanted to do was see my kids for half an hour.”
Shell – “Tell me about it, I wanted to go and get my belly button pierced but they wouldn’t let me.”

Denny – “Hey Crystal! Give me some of them tea-bags.”
Crystal – “Why, so you can sell them on to buy drugs with?”
Denny – “No, so I can make a cup of tea bitch.”

Shell – “I always knew me and Jim were special.”
Denny – “Is that why he beat the shit out of you?”

Julie S – “’Ere Nik, hear this – Yvonne’s fixed it to bring Jue’s kids in.”
Yvonne – “Don’t go broadcasting it, my Lauren’s taking a risk here!”
Nikki – “What’s it got to do with your Lauren?”
Yvonne – “She’s fetching ‘em in.”
Nikki – “How’s she gonna do that then, stick a couple of sacks over their heads and sling them in the boot of her car?”


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