Series 2, Episode 7

Written by Phil Ford
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Jim O’Hanlon

Air Date: 16th May, 2000

During a team meeting, Karen informs all of G-Wings officers of Helen’s new role and promotion to Governor Grade 4. The officers are also told that Shell is undergoing psychiatric evaluation on the hospital wing.

Fenner tries to get more money out of Yvonne for Charlie’s private visits but Yvonne is having none of it. Later, she phones Charlie and tells him that Fenner’s getting greedy. Charlie’s solution? He conceals the photographs of Fenner on the golf course inside a calendar and then smuggles it into Yvonne. Fenner is gutted when Yvonne shows him the photographs but refuses to get involved when Yvonne tells him of her plans to escape. At lunchtime, Yvonne starts showing Nikki photographs of Charlie playing golf and a terrified Fenner takes her to one side and tells her that there’s no way he can get her out of Larkhall. Yvonne tells him that they will think of something.

At breakfast, Helen makes her first appearance on the wing and is greeted warmly by Zandra, Crystal. Helen however, only has eyes for Nikki and they go straight to her cell. Helen is still fired up about the possibility of Nikki appealing against her sentence and is convinced that now she has full access to Nikki’s files, she should be able to find something in there to help her case. On leaving the wing, Helen runs into Fenner who goads her about her visit to Nikki. He is disappointed when she tells him that Stubberfield is fully aware of her visits and letters.

Zandra is still struggling with headaches and blurred vision and takes her frustration out on Di Barker. At evening wash she collapses and suffers a fit in the toilet and Di has to climb over the toilet door to rescue her. Hollamby is still convinced that Zandra is on drugs but a cell search of the dorm reveals nothing and Zandra’s blood test results come back negative. Later, Dr Nicholson orders Zandra back to the wing, convinced that her symptoms are caused by withdrawal from drugs.. It’s not long before she collapses again and this time, Barbara and Crystal insist that she is seen by a proper doctor. Karen agrees with this and arranges for Zandra to be transferred to the local hospital for tests.

Barbara is still writing in her diary and tells Nikki that she intends to write a book about her prison experiences when she’s released. Nikki is visibly moved when Barbara describes her love for her husband Peter and that the loneliness she has suffered since his death is a much worse punishment than prison could ever be. When Nikki jokes that there had better not be anything about her in the diary, Barbara looks rather concerned.

Helen works late into the night reading Nikki’s file. She is shocked by Nikki’s statement to the police and a note written by the judge who presided over her trial in which he recommends she serves a minimum of ten years before being considered for parole. Karen interrupts and offers Helen a drink. Over a whisky in Karen’s office, she tells Helen that she will give her any help she needs. Helen responds by warning Karen to keep a close eye on Fenner and not to trust him an inch.

The following day, Yvonne informs Fenner that the escape attempt will be going ahead that afternoon. Lauren will visit and pretend to be really upset because she’s just found out that Charlie is gravely ill in hospital. Fenner will get the necessary authorisation to allow her to visit Charlie and will also offer to act as her escort. On the way to the hospital the car will be hijacked and Yvonne will make her escape. At visiting, Lauren is in tears and tells Yvonne that the act is for real – Charlie has been arrested and this time he’s in real trouble! Lauren breaks down as she informs Yvonne that she can’t get her hands on any of her father’s money.

Disturbed by the contents of Nikki’s file, Helen seeks her out in the library and informs her how long she may have to wait before her case is reviewed. She also tells her that the statement she made to the police did her no favours and asks if the judge’s description of Nikki is correct…is she really a cold-blooded killer? Nikki is appalled and maintains that her actions were caused by extreme provocation. When they are interrupted in the library, Helen and Nikki take refuge in the art room. They talk about their relationship and Helen confesses that she is worried about the way her life is heading. Nikki tries to reassure Helen but questions her commitment to the relationship. Helen assures Nikki that she is fully committed and they kiss.

Fenner and Hollamby leave in a taxi with Yvonne. Once they are on their way to the hospital, Yvonne says that she doesn’t feel well and tells them that she needs the toilet urgently. Assuming that this is part of the plan, Fenner orders the taxi driver to pull over outside a nearby pub. While Hollamby and Yvonne are in the toilets, Fenner picks up a newspaper and sees news of Charlie’s arrest on the front cover. Realising he’s been had, Fenner dashes into the ladies just in time to find Yvonne halfway out of the toilet window. Back at the prison, Fenner taunts Yvonne, saying that Charlie won’t want to be charged with corrupting a prison officer on top of everything else. Yvonne puts on a tough front but when Fenner leave, she breaks down in tears.

Karen discovers the results of Zandra’s tests. She meets Zandra on her return to Larkhall and is glad to hear that she is feeling better. As she watches Zandra being welcomed back by Crystal and Nikki, Karen’s face tells us that all is not well.

After hours, Helen goes into Karen’s secretary’s office, takes a file and then starts to photocopy its contents.


Hollamby – “Alright! Let’s have you!”
Nikki – “In your dreams love!”

Helen – “So come on, how come you’re still on basic? Have you not worked out yet how to be a good girl?”
Nikki – “Well you know me Helen; as long as my gob’s open I’m getting into trouble.”

Barbara – “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude; all I meant to say is that I’m quite used to cleaning.”
Hollamby – “Well that makes a change; all some of ‘em in here have ever done with a can of polish is get high on the fumes.”

Barbara – “I was wondering about joining the church.”
Hollamby – “Huh! We get more converts after a couple of days in here than they see in church on a month of Sundays!”
Barbara – “I’m not a convert; I was brought up a Christian.”
Hollamby – “A Christian eh? Shame you had to murder your husband then…should’ve known better!”

Zandra – “These bloody glasses are piss and crap!”
Di – “So? There’s no need to go mad!”
Zandra – “As if I give a shit!”
Di – “Come on, why don’t you pick your glasses up and go and cool off somewhere? Okay?”
Zandra – “You can pick my arse!”

Hollamby – “Alright, alright! Two eyes, two ears, a nose and a gob; all present and correct. Now, are you finished?” (Watches Zandra walk into the toilet)
Crystal – “You know Miss, I don’t think Zandra’s alright.”
Hollamby – “Of course she’s not alright; if she was she wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

Crystal – “We don’t know what happened; she just passed out in the toilets.”
Hollamby – “Don’t know my eye! You don’t need to be George Clooney to work out the diagnosis here.”

Crystal – “It’s not drugs, she’s off them!”
Hollamby – “That’s right and I’m off chocolate fingers.”
Di – “Come on Sylv! There’s nothing in here, Crystal’s right; she must be clean.”
Hollamby – “Rot! Zandra Plackett’s got more junk inside her than Steptoe’s back yard!”

Crystal – “So what did they say? What’s wrong?”
Zandra – “Doctor says its withdrawal symptoms.”
Crystal – “What? ‘Cause you’ve come off the drugs?”
Zandra – “No, because I haven’t had a shag in more than a year.”

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