Series 3, Episode 1

Written by Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Mike Adams

Air Date: 20th March, 2001


Now that Fenner has succumbed to her charms, Shell reaches for the broken glass she had concealed under her mattress. There’s nothing Fenner can do when she produces the glass and then plunges it into his stomach, giving it a good twist for maximum effect. As Fenner writhes in agony on the bunk, Shell smiles triumphantly. Out on the landing, Karen hears Fenner’s howl of pain and runs to Shell’s cell. After seeing Shell brandishing the glass through the spy hole, she sets off the nearest alarm.

Helen puts down the phone as Nikki walks into the room, once again dressed in the nurse’s uniform she escaped in earlier that night. Nikki is still hell-bent on the idea of running away to San Francisco using Trisha’s passport. Helen reluctantly agrees to give Nikki a lift to Trisha’s house but once they are in the car, she locks the doors and informs Nikki that she’s going to take her back to Larkhall. As Helen tries to convince a furious Nikki that she’s doing the right thing she is interrupted by a telephone call from Karen who apprises her of the hostage situation and, unwittingly, gives Helen the means and opportunity to smuggle Nikki back into the prison.

Mayhem rules back at the prison; officers are panicking, paramedics are arriving and nobody notices as Helen drives through the gates with Nikki hidden in the back of her car. Helen sneaks Nikki on to the wing and then tells her to hide in the toilets while she goes to unlock her cell door. A few moments later, an extremely relieved Barbara greets Nikki. Whilst changing, Nikki tells Barbara that her appeal has been turned down and that Helen forced her to return to Larkhall.

Helen arrives up on the G3 landing and is appalled when she hears that Karen is already thinking about sending in “the heavy mob” and threatens to pull rank. Karen is forced to allow Helen to handle the situation but makes it clear to her that Fenner’s safety is her only concern and that if need be, she’ll take over and handle things her own way. As Karen leaves to inform Marilyn Fenner of her husband’s plight, Helen goes to speak to Shell and asks what her demands are. Shell informs Helen that she wants cigarettes, stamps, chocolate, toiletries and phonecards and a signed confession from Fenner in which he admits that he raped her. She tells Helen that she will send the broken glass down on a swinger in exchange for the items she has requested and that once she has received them and Fenner has signed the confession, she’ll let him go.

Because her cell is next door to Shell’s, Yvonne has been temporarily locked in with the Julies. Both Julies are terrified that Shell’s behaviour will spark off a riot and cell fires, a pretty uncomfortable prospect when the woman in the neighbouring cell is serving a sentence for arson. Yvonne tells the Julies that she wishes she could do to Charlie what Shell has done to Fenner – she’s now convinced that Charlie and Renee conspired to have her sent down so that they could be together. The Julies cheer Yvonne up by producing the alcohol they managed to sneak out of the party.

Karen has ordered Hollamby and two other officers into full riot gear and they assemble up on G3 toting sledgehammers waiting for Karen to give them the order to bust Shell’s cell door down. Meanwhile, Shell lowers her swinger down to a waiting Di. Going over Helen’s head, Karen orders Di to radio her the moment she has the glass. As soon as Shell is unarmed, she will give the order for Hollamby and the others to go in. Di informs Karen that she has the glass but she’s too soon – Shell hasn’t let go yet and a frantic tug-of-war ensues. As Karen steps forward to order Shell out of her cell, Shell gives a great tug on the swinger. Di loses grip and falls flat on her backside, allowing Shell to start pulling the swinger and the broken glass back up to her window.

Just as Shell is about to grab the glass, Hollamby and her colleagues burst into the cell and surround her with their shields. They force her to the ground and restrain her forcibly as Fenner slips into unconsciousness. As Shell is dragged out of the cell kicking and screaming, the paramedics rush in to treat Fenner.

As Helen looks around Shell’s cell, she hears a disturbance down on G1 and realises quickly that the noise is coming from Nikki’s cell. Nikki has gone stir-crazy and is banging on the door to her cell. Helen is first on the scene and orders Nikki out of her cell and into the officers’ room. The events of the night have made Helen realise how much she has compromised her principles and she informs Nikki that it is over between them – how can she judge Fenner for having a relationship with an inmate when she’s guilty of the same crime? After leading a distraught Nikki back to her cell, Helen lingers on the landing and struggles to hold back her tears.

The paramedics have taken Fenner down to the hospital wing. He still isn’t responding to treatment and as Karen and Marilyn look on, Dr Nicholson struggles to revive him.


Fenner – “You’ve really blown it now Shell.”
Shell – “Do you want another poke in the pudding? So don’t push me right ‘cause there’s plenty of sharp left!”

Helen – “Shell, it’s Helen Stewart; I want you to tell me why you’re doing this.”
Shell – “Blimey! What is it, a bleedin’ relay?”
Helen – “Listen, I’ve come in from home especially to help you.”
Shell – “Yeah? Well that’s your sad life then innit? Don’t dump it on me.”
Helen – “I will be sad if you can’t even come up with a good reason for this.”
Shell – “Well why don’t you ask Betts what the reason is? She knows.”
Helen – “Why don’t you tell me yourself?”
Shell – “Why do I tell you lot anything for the good it does me? I might as well speak frigging Eskimo!”

Shell – “The name’s Shell, not spazzer…right?”

Julie S – “But we thought you was cut up about it.”
Yvonne – “I’d like to cut him up; I’d like to put him in a slicer so he could watch himself make salami.”

Helen – “It’s all over.”
Nikki – “What?”
Helen – “It’s got to be…here I am judging Jim Fenner for having an unprofessional relationship with Shell Dockley and look at me.”
Nikki – “Are you mad?”
Helen – “I am being a total hypocrite!”
Nikki – “He’s a total bastard!”
Helen – “I can’t hold it together anymore Nikki and neither can you. It’s too strong, what we feel and what we need…it’s impossible, we have to let go, we have no choice.”
Nikki – “This is just shit Helen.”
Helen – “It’s how it is.”
Nikki – “Not for me! No way! We make our choices…you coward! You don’t need me, all you want is an easy life.”
Helen – “Fine, if that’s the way you want to see it, then hate me for it.”

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