Series 3, Episode 12

Written by Martin Allen
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Jim O’Hanlon

Air Date: 5th June, 2001


The riot is now in full swing. The inmates are throwing flaming swingers out of their cell windows and covering the landings in toilet paper. Down on G1, Maxi has taken the opportunity to do a bit of snooping. She rifles through the filing cabinet in the officer’s room and steals the contents from a number of inmate files.

Meanwhile, Nikki is getting to know Caroline. She is sympathetic when Caroline tells her that she was sent down for embezzling a sum of money for her boyfriend. However, when Caroline makes a pass at Nikki she turns her down flat, telling her that she has someone waiting for her on the outside.

Over the PA system, Helen asks all of the inmates to assemble on the wing for a meeting. When Helen announces that she has arranged for Femi to be moved to E-Wing so that she can share a cell with another Nigerian speaking inmate, Nikki tries to put an end to the protest but is overruled by Maxi. After the officers have left the wing, Nikki confronts Maxi who refuses to put an end to the protest. Seeing that Nikki is out of her depth, Yvonne comes up with a plan – she and Nikki wait until the PBG are all in one cell and then lock them in. Now that the main protagonists are safely under lock and key, Nikki sends a message to Helen informing her that the riot is over.

Before long, the wing is back under Helen’s control. The inmates are rounded up and locked in their cells while the officers work on getting the wing tidied up. Helen runs into Nikki when she is helping to lock the G3 inmates back into their cells and, despite Nikki’s apology, accuses her of betraying her before calmly announcing that their relationship is over for good. Unsurprisingly, Nikki is stunned and heartbroken. Meanwhile, the PBG start flushing the stolen inmate files down the toilet. Maxi sees something interesting in one of the files and decides to keep it.

Nikki and Caroline continue to get close, something that seems to interest Maxi for reasons she refuses to reveal to Tina and Al, for the time being anyway. Helen also notices Nikki and Caroline’s sudden closeness and seems more than a little upset when she notices them heading for a rendezvous in the potting shed. Later, Helen walks in on Caroline and Nikki kissing in the library and warns Nikki that it’s the sort of behaviour that could jeopardise her appeal. Helen warns Nikki to be careful but she refuses to listen, convinced that Helen is jealous.

Yvonne arranges a leaving party for the Julies complete with a cake and a bottle of whiskey that was stolen from Fenner’s desk by Barbara. Julie J is extremely excited about the prospect of setting up home with Julie S and David. Julie S seems more subdued, but that might be something to do with the fact that she’s planning on giving things another go with Trevor. She reveals all to Julie J later that night. By the next morning, the Julies aren’t talking to each other. The bad feeling between them is so obvious that even Hollamby picks up on it when she and Gina are processing them through reception.

There’s an overcrowding problem on G-Wing so Helen and Hollamby devise a list of inmates to be transferred to other wings. Nikki is furious when she learns that Caroline is on the list and goes straight to see Helen. She accuses Helen of transferring Caroline because she is jealous of their relationship. Helen refuses to rise and tells Nikki that she has no need to justify her decisions to an inmate.

Maxi discovers that Caroline is being transferred and realises that this is her big chance. In front of the entire wing, she reveals to Nikki that Caroline is a “nonce”. Nikki refuses to believe it until Maxi shows her the file she stole from the officer’s room – proof that Caroline and her boyfriend were convicted of taking pornographic picture of children that they sold on the internet. As the awful realisation hits Nikki, Maxi urges the other inmates to attack Caroline. Josh just manages to pull Caroline inside her cell and lock the door just before the inmates reach her.

Outside, Julie S makes a last ditch attempt to talk Julie J round but is interrupted by the arrival of two police detectives. The detectives have evidence that both Julies stole wallets from their clients whilst working at a massage parlour a few years previously. Barely out of prison for five minutes, both Julies are arrested and bundled into a nearby police car.


Nikki – “I’m spoken for.”
Caroline – “Not what I heard.”
Nikki – “I said you’d be disappointed.”
Caroline – “Not what I heard either.”
Nikki – “Yeah, well, it’s no one in here.”
Caroline – “I’m a big girl you know, if this is your way of letting me down gently I…”
Nikki – “No, I should be out of here soon with any luck, and then we’ll be together.”
Caroline – “Soon can be a long time in a place like this.”

Extra – “Find anything?”
Maxi – “Chocolate fingers. Wash them first though in case they’re Hollamby’s – don’t know where she might’ve had them.”

Al – “It says here I’m paranoid…do you think I’m paranoid Maxi?”

Josh – “What are you playing at man? We was all tooled up to kick the shit outta you!”
Crystal – “If you’da laid one finger on me boy you’da known about it.”

Nikki – “This wasn’t about you.”
Helen – “I don’t want to hear it!”
Nikki – “This was about the system.”
Helen – “I am the system while I’m in charge! You betrayed me tonight.”
Nikki – “I thought you wanted to change things in here.”
Helen – “Not by violence.”
Nikki – “That was the Peckham gang wanting a free-for-all, they don’t care about Femi.”
Helen – “It’s over Nikki.”
Nikki – “What?”
Helen – “You and me…I don’t want anything more to do with you, and you know something; I don’t even feel sad about it. Now get back to your cell!”

Nikki – “I just had to pop down the library with Caroline.”
All – “Oh yeah?” (Drunken sniggering)
Yvonne – “Read any good books?”

Gina – “What’s up with her? She got the decorators in or summink?”

Nikki – “You just can’t bear to see me happy…can you?”
Helen – “You are way off.”
Nikki – “Why can’t you just admit that you’re jealous?”
Helen – “I don’t have to explain myself to you.”
Nikki – “Because you haven’t got the balls, that’s why. You’re like a big kid; you don’t want the toy and you don’t want anyone else to have it either. Is this how it’s going to be, every time I meet someone they get moved out?”
Helen – “I won’t be responsible for that when your wing governor’s back.”
Nikki – “Betts wouldn’t have done this.”
Helen – “Look Nikki, I’ve got no more to say on the matter.”
Helen – “And that’s what you always do Helen, isn’t it? You play the power game on me. Have you ever considered therapy? Christ knows you need it!”

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