Series 3, Episode 15

Written by Phil Ford
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Di Patrick

Air Date: 26th June, 2001


Mark arrives at work with the news that Gina has lost their baby. Di tries to apologise to Mark for the incident in the locker room but he refuses to listen, as far as he’s concerned she’s 100% to blame for the miscarriage and if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll stay as far away from him as possible.

Thomas is concerned about how much time he and Helen are spending parked up outside massage parlours. Realising that Thomas has a point, Helen goes to speak to Yvonne and asks her to lean on Virginia for information about Fenner’s next collection. Yvonne speaks to Virginia and informs her that the girls are complaining that Fenner is ripping them off. She suggests that Virginia might find it more convenient to allow Lauren to take over the collections. Virginia agrees to this proposal and reveals to Yvonne the time and location of Fenner’s next pick up.

Josh receives a video tape from Denny in the post. Denny reveals that Shell planted the drugs in the house and made the phone call to the police in order to stitch Crystal up. He hands the video over to Crystal’s solicitor.

After witnessing Helen and Thomas sharing a surreptitious kiss in the corridor, Fenner jumps at the chance to volunteer to escort Nikki to her Open University exam. He takes great pleasure in informing Nikki that Helen and Thomas are an item. Nikki waits until the next lifers’ meeting before confronting Helen about it. Helen apologises to Nikki for not telling her about her relationship with Thomas before Fenner did. Nikki accepts the apology and tells Helen that she hopes she will be happy.

Maxi is beginning to get jealous of Tina’s unlikely friendship with Virginia. After Tina refuses to steal some batteries from Virginia’s cell, Maxi warns her to stay away from her. For the first time, Tina is discovering that she can actually think for herself and informs Maxi that she’ll speak to whomever she likes. Maxi is frustrated and decides to find a way of getting even with Virginia. She orders Al to sit up on the G2 landing with a bucket of water. First Al throws a bit of water over Virginia’s head and when Virginia looks up, she drops the bucket. Showing amazing dexterity for someone who’s lost the use of her leg, Virginia leaps away from the wheelchair. She realises immediately what she’s done and tries to claim a miracle. Of course, nobody believes her and as the inmates start to shout and make threatening noises, she is escorted back to her cell and locked in for her own safety.

Helen finally hits the jackpot when she sees that Fenner’s car is parked outside the address Yvonne extracted from Virginia. She waits for him to emerge from the parlour before going over to confront him. Helen lies and tells Fenner that she has someone sitting at the end of the street taking photographs of him. Fenner tries to front it out but when Helen threatens to tell Karen about his secret assignations with “massage parlour tarts”, he caves in. Helen demands that Fenner leaves his resignation on her desk first thing in the morning.

The next morning, Helen goes to speak to Virginia to get confirmation of her business deal with Fenner. Virginia denies everything. Without any concrete evidence of Fenner’s activities, Helen is forced to bluff it out. She tells Fenner that as well as the non-existent photographs, she has records of back deposits. Helen once again demands his resignation and this time he agrees. He tells her that he needs time to explain things to Karen but that she will receive his letter of resignation by the end of the day.

Crystal is due in court for the final day of her trial. With Denny’s video and Karen’s character reference, it looks like everything will turn out okay for her. However, when a PO turns up with a certain carriage clock he found in the window of a certain charity shop, Karen summons Crystal to her office. When Crystal admits to the theft of the clock, Karen accuses her of breaking the terms of her parole and tells her that she will now be unable to provide her with a favourable character reference. Weakened without Karen’s backing, Crystal’s defence crumbles and she is found guilty of harbouring Shell and Denny and returned to Larkhall. Josh is furious when he finds out about the clock and tells Crystal that he wants nothing more to do with her.

Fenner has a plan to oust Helen before she can get rid of him and recruits Di to help him prove that Helen is having an affair with Nikki. He blackmails Di into searching Helen’s office but is frustrated when Di finds nothing out of the ordinary except for a nurse’s jacket found concealed in a filing cabinet. Fenner’s attention then turns to Nikki’s cell and again, Di is forced to conduct a search while he waits outside. This time, Di does find something; a bus ticket dated the night Shell attacked him. Realising that he and Di are on to something, Fenner begins to search for Barbara’s diary which he finds hidden inside the lid of the chapel piano stool.

Outside, Fenner and Di manage to crack Barbara’s code and discover that Nikki escaped on the night of Shell’s attack by disguising herself as a nurse. Fenner goes straight to Helen’s office and confronts her with the bus ticket and Barbara’s diary. Helen denies everything at first but then crumbles when Fenner tells her that he knows about the nurse’s jacket she has hidden in her filing cabinet. Realising that he’s got Helen on the ropes, Fenner demands that she resign.


Fenner – “Don’t worry; you’ve got no troubles on the business front.”
Virginia – “I hear that everything’s going as smoothly as a bishop up a verger’s arse.”

Yvonne – “Listen to me, Lauren says that O’Kane’s business is going great, makes no difference she’s in here, someone’s gotta be helping her.”
Helen – “Doesn’t have to be Fenner though, does it?”
Yvonne – “She’s taking the perks from him I’m telling you. He’s in and out her cell like a candle in a convent.”

Shaz – “I’m gonna be a world champion kick-boxer.”
Nikki – “Yeah, Shaz Van Damme!”

Virginia – “Oh my God! I can walk…I can walk! It’s a miracle!”

Virginia – “Me, trust a screw? I was crippled, not stupid.”

Hollamby – “Hmmm, getting off on the say so of another con, and one on the run at that. If that’s what passes for British justice then I’ve half a mind to emigrate.”
Josh – That’s if anywhere would have you.”

Julie S – “Carry on putting in a good word for us upstairs eh?”
Hollamby – “She’s a tea-leaf, not Mother flaming Teresa.”

Nikki – “So what am I supposed to be hiding in there then? Illegal immigrants? Lord Lucan?”
Fenner – “Find out, won’t we?”
Nikki – “Have a good check in my magic wardrobe miss!”

Nikki – “All I think about in here is why I want to stick bottles in men in uniform.”
Fenner – “Glad to see you’ve still got your sense of humour Wade.”
Nikki – “About the only thing you can’t get your hands on innit?”

Fenner – “Then there’s this bus ticket, found in Wade’s locker.”
Helen – “A bus ticket?”
Fenner – “Dated the night Dockley attacked me.”
Helen – “And who planted that there?”
Fenner – “Well, if you’ve got no skeletons in your closet you won’t mind if I take a look. (Walks over to Helen’s filing cabinet but she blocks his way) I thought you had nothing to hide…apart from that nurse’s coat you’ve got bundled up in there. I think we both know who’s in deep shit now love. (Picks up a pen from the desk and holds in out to Helen) Do you want to start writing or shall I take this to Area?”

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