Series 3, Episode 16

Written by Jaden Clark
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Di Patrick

Air Date: 3rd July, 2001


Helen decides to brazen it out until Fenner threatens to report Nikki’s escape to the appeals court. Deciding that she can’t allow Fenner to jeopardise Nikki’s appeal, she tenders her resignation. Nikki begs Helen to reconsider, they can always get Barbara to lie for them, but Helen is adamant. She makes Nikki promise to focus on winning her appeal before saying a tearful goodbye. Helen returns to her office and clears out her desk, preparing to leave Larkhall for the last time. Just before she walks through the prison gates, she looks up at Nikki’s cell window.

Nikki is appalled when she discovers that Fenner has volunteered to join Di on escort duty for her appeal hearing. However, despite his dismissive comments about her chances, Nikki is encouraged when she listens to the evidence of Sally Ann Howe, the young woman who claims that she was raped by DC Gossard when they worked together. Sally Anne’s testimony is harrowing and convincing. Even when the prosecution barrister cross-examines her she refuses to bend and maintains that Gossard raped her and then conspired with his colleagues to force her to resign from the police force.

Tina is still defending Virginia much to the disgust of Maxi and the derision of the rest of G-Wing. Maxi is furious when Tina asks to be moved to another cell and decides to punish her by getting Al to beat her up with the aid of a bar of soap stuffed into a sock. Yvonne makes a point of warning Maxi to keep Tina away from Virginia or else run the risk of her being recruited to work in a brothel. She also tells Maxi that Virginia is doing deals with Fenner. Later, Maxi infuriates Yvonne by deciding to side with Virginia. She and Al apologise to her for their recent behaviour before sitting down to lunch with her. Yvonne decides that it’s about time the whole wing knew about what Virginia and Fenner are up to. Hollamby is disgusted by the slur on Fenner’s character and silences Yvonne by putting her on Rule 47.

Virginia decides to recover from her confrontation with Yvonne in the chapel. She is pretending to read a bible when Crystal seeks her out and informs her that she’s not the only inmate to have witnessed a miracle. Crystal tells Virginia that she’s just discovered that she’s pregnant and that it must be a miracle because she’s still a virgin! Unsurprisingly, Karen refuses to believe that Crystal is pregnant by God and demands to know which of her officers is truly responsible. Later, Crystal finally reveals the truth to Josh – he is the father. Josh tells Crystal that he will stand by her now that she is pregnant but that she will have to tell Karen the truth.

Fenner runs into Thomas in the corridor and informs him of the true reason behind Helen’s resignation – her affair with Nikki. Thomas responds by punching Fenner on the nose. Later that night, Thomas meets Helen for dinner and confronts her about her feelings for Nikki. Helen admits that they once had a relationship but tells him that it was over a long time ago. Thomas is convinced that Helen’s feelings for Nikki run a lot deeper than she is admitting and walks out on her.

Fenner goes in search of Maxi and finds her in the laundry room. He tells her that he’s looking for someone to sort Yvonne out and thinks that she might be the right woman for the job. Maxi responds by sliding a lacy, red G-string into his pocket.

The final day of Nikki’s appeal arrives and Fenner tries to blackmail Di into helping him to ruin her chances of freedom. Even when he holds the incident with her mother over her, Di refuses to do any more of Fenner’s dirty work. After saying an emotional goodbye to her friends on the wing, Nikki is taken back to court to hear the judge’s verdict. Nikki can’t quite take it in when the judge accepts her plea of provocation and reduces her sentence to manslaughter. Because Nikki has already served the new three year sentence he imposes on her, she is free to go. There’s uproar on the wing when the verdict is announced on the TV and Nikki is brought out in front of the cameras to make a statement in which she thanks Helen. In another part of London, Helen sits in a pub watching Nikki speak on TV with tears in her eyes.

Fenner presents Karen with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him. She agrees, prompting Fenner to run off to retrieve the bottle of champagne he bought on the off chance. Whilst awaiting Fenner’s return, Karen sorts through the pile of mail on her desk and is shocked when she comes across something from Helen – a statement of sexual assault against Fenner.

Yvonne persuades Di to allow her to go for a bath, prompting Virginia to ask if she can have one too. On their way to the bathroom, Yvonne warns Virginia that she should start telling the truth about her business arrangement with Fenner. Yvonne pulls her headphones on as they enter the bathroom, not realising that Fenner has overheard the whole conversation. A while later, Virginia is relaxing in the bath when someone enters her cubicle. Before she realises what is happening, she is grabbed by the legs and forced underwater. She tries to struggle but her attacker is too strong. Before long she is completely still.

A celebration party is taking place in Nikki and Trisha’s club. It is clear that Trisha is hoping for a reconciliation with Nikki but this is spoilt when Helen turns up to offer her congratulations. For a moment it looks like Helen might admit her true feelings but she loses her nerve and leaves the club. Trisha persuades Nikki to go after Helen. Out in the street, Helen reveals that her relationship with Thomas is over and asks a stunned Nikki if there’s any possibility of them trying again. In the full view of everyone in the street, Nikki and Helen make up with a passionate kiss.

Di arrives in the bathroom to take Virginia and Yvonne back to the wing. She sees water on the floor of Virginia’s cubicle and goes to investigate, stopping in her tracks when she sees Virginia’s leg sticking over the side of the bath. Di pushes open the door and discovers Yvonne standing by the side of the bath. Meanwhile, an unseen hand lifts Yvonne’s pillow and plants the book containing Virginia’s client list underneath it. As far as Karen and Fenner are concerned it’s obvious who drowned Virginia. A while later, Yvonne is forcibly removed from her cell and dragged down the stairs. She frantically protests her innocence, screaming the name of the person she knows is really responsible – Fenner.

Shell and Denny are sunbathing when they are approached by two officers of the Spanish police. When they are told that they are under arrest, Shell and Denny run to the end of the yacht. They clasp hands like Thelma and Louise before jumping into the sea.


Fenner – “Decided to brazen it out have you?”
Helen – “I’m hardly going to resign over a prisoner’s jottings and a couple of planted clues, am I?”
Fenner – “Fine…well…let’s go and ask Barbara Hunt ourselves shall we? Get her to tell us what she knows about that night…unless you want her to lie for you. You’d better make your mind up Helen because if the appeals court finds out about Wade’s escape I’ll have the both of you.”

Helen – “You know one of the best things about walking away from a job? All of sudden you realise you’ve got nothing left to lose…I may be on my way out Jim but I am gonna drag you all the way down with me. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

Fenner – “Don’t fancy yours much.”
Nikki – “Piss off Fenner!”

Maxi – “Oi crip! Why don’t you leave my sister alone?”
Virginia – “You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”
Maxi – “Fancy life back in your wheelie-bin do you?”
Virginia – “You know what they say about bullies don’t you, they’re nothing but angry little cowards inside.”

Yvonne – “Hear we missed another miracle.”
Julie S – “Yeah, Crystal here’s…”
Julie J – “Pregnant, but still a virgin!”
Yvonne – “’Ere, you couldn’t arrange it for the Holy Spirit to pay a visit to my cell after dark could you? Only you know…it’s been a while.”

Karen – “So Crystal, I want to know – who’s responsible?”
Crystal – “God miss.”
Karen – “Well, God has been busy in Larkhall of late hasn’t he? But I can’t help thinking that in this instance he had a little helper.”

Thomas – “I’ve been hurt before because someone wasn’t being honest with me, but you Helen, you’re not even being honest with yourself.”

Hollamby – “Hurry it up Wade; this isn’t a flaming Oscar ceremony!”
Wade – “I’ll miss Bodybag…taking the piss out of her anyway!”

Appeals Judge – “However, we have been convinced that Miss Wade’s actions were the result of provocation by DC Gossard. Therefore, this court rules that the original conviction be substituted with that of manslaughter, we impose a reduced sentence of three years imprisonment, time that has already been served. Nicola Wade, you are free to go.”

Hollamby – “Give over! Do I look like I was born yesterday?”
Yvonne – “Not unless you age at the speed of light.”

Nikki – “It goes without saying that I’m delighted to be set free, prison’s a terrible place, people don’t know half of what goes on – there are male officers employed on female residential wings, abusing vulnerable women…anyway, I was one of the lucky few inside to get access to some real education and there’s one woman I’ve got to that for all that because she always believed in me no matter how tough things got. I owe that woman, not only my freedom, but also my life.”

Virginia – “We need to talk.”
Yvonne – “It’s going to take more that a bath to wash the dirt off you O’Kane.”

Nikki – “I thought it was a bit rude not asking you to stay for a drink.”
Helen – “Well, I figured that if I waited out here long enough…”
Nikki – “So, do you want to come back in?”
Helen – “I could stay for one I suppose.”
Nikki – “That is unless there’s somewhere else you’ve got to be.”
Helen – “Thomas and I split up…I’ve been such an idiot Nikki!”
Nikki – “I know what you’re saying.”
Helen – “No, let me say it…Thomas is gorgeous, he’s everything you would want in a man…but I want a woman!”

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