Series 3, Episode 2

Written by Jayne Hollinson
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Mike Adams

Air Date: 27th March, 2001


Although his heart stopped briefly, Fenner’s condition is stable enough for him to be rushed out to a waiting ambulance. Meanwhile, Shell is strip-searched before being taken down the block. Hollmaby makes it clear that she’s ready to make Shell’s life hell if Fenner doesn’t pull through. Stubberfield informs G-Wing’s officers that Fenner has been moved to a local hospital and is responding well to treatment. Hollamby demands to know when Shell will be properly punished. Although she’s gratified when Stubberfield informs her that the police will be charging Shell with attempted murder, she is horrified when she hears that Helen will be leading the prison’s own internal investigation and that she’s already vetoed the idea of Shell being transferred to a secure hospital. A discomfited Hollamby decides to take matters into her own hands and goes to speak to Dr Nicholson.

Josh and Crystal have arrived back at his house. Apologising for the mess, Josh shows Crystal around the house before formally asking her to marry him. Crystal accepts happily. The next day, Crystal donates Hollamby’s carriage clock rather than run the risk of Josh discovering it.

Helen goes to speak to Shell in an attempt to discover why she attacked Fenner. Shell insists that Fenner came into her cell after the party with the intention of raping her, and that she stabbed him in self-defence. Smelling a huge rat, Helen trips Shell up by asking her what she was doing with a broken glass in the first place and refuses to believe Shell’s explanation that she stole it in order to slash her wrists.

Fenner is recovering in the hospital and is visited by Marilyn who apologises for not believing him when he told her that Shell was a “psycho”. She tells him that she has forgiven him for having sex with Shell and is now prepared to give their marriage another go. However, Fenner has other fish to fry, namely Karen. When Karen visits, he tells her that he still wants them to make a go of their relationship. Karen is unsure, she suspects that Marilyn is still in love with him and that maybe she should give him the chance to sort his marriage out. Fenner insists that there is nothing to sort out, as far as he’s concerned, his marriage to Marilyn is over.

After conspiring with Dr Nicholson, Hollamby wreaks her own revenge on Shell by transferring her to the muppet wing, or to give it its proper title, the psychiatric wing. Shell is aghast and is dragged kicking and screaming to a nearby cell as Hollamby gloats at the gate. Shell’s terror is complete when she discovers that she will be sharing a cell with none other than ‘Mad’ Tessa Spall. It takes her a while but Tessa finally recognises Shell as the bully who tried to teach her some manners during her brief stay on G-Wing. Tessa takes great pleasure in making Shell’s life hell, first by stealing most of her belongings and then by dressing her up in her ex-girlfriend Debbie’s dress. Realising that the only way out of her predicament is to bow to all of Tessa’s demands, Shell sings hymns and tap-dances for her amusement. Tessa is enchanted by the effort Shell is making to please her and the two share a nostalgic moment about their respective childhoods. Tessa, now completely won over, cracks open a packet of biscuits just as Hollamby arrives for another gloating session. Hollamby is furious when she sees how well Shell and Tessa are getting along. However, Shell’s pleasure at getting one over on Hollamby is short-lived. The following morning, she wakes to find Tessa in bed with her and showing every sign of developing an unhealthy obsession.

Helen is becoming more and more convinced that Shell invited Fenner to her cell in order to kill him. She takes her investigation onto the wing and goes to speak to Yvonne who wastes no time in informing her that as far as she’s concerned, Fenner got what he deserved. Yvonne also tells Helen about Fenner’s relationship with Karen and that it was Shell’s discovery of this affair that pushed her over the edge.

Up on the muppet wing, Hollamby is conspiring again, this time with PO Betty Wheeler. After lock-up, Wheeler purposely fails to give one of the wings more dangerous and unstable inmates, ‘Podger’ Pam Jolly, her daily dose of lithium. The following morning Wheeler informs Pam that Shell stole her pills and points her in the direction of the bathroom where Shell is showering. Pam launches herself on Shell and its some time before the officers arrive to pull her off. Shell is left lying on the floor in a foetal position with blood streaming from her body.

Julie S receives a letter from her son, David in which he informs her that he’s going to be starring in his school play and that he wants both her and Julie J there to watch. The Julies are depressed at the thought of missing the play and Barbara’s suggestion that they should apply for electronic tagging is a non-starter because neither of them has an address on the outside. Enter Nikki with a cunning plan – why don’t the Julies get in touch with Monica Lindsey who is now running a halfway house on the outside.

Helen goes to speak to an extremely shaken Shell and informs her that unless she tells the truth, she’ll be returned to the muppet wing. Appalled by this prospect, Shell confesses that she attacked Fenner because of his relationship with Karen – she was convinced that Karen would tell Fenner about the abuse she suffered as a child and that he would make sure that the whole wing knew about it.

The following morning, Shell is escorted back on to the wing and receives an ecstatic welcome from the other inmates. Hollamby watches on in disgust before ordering her colleagues out on strike.


Hollamby – “What we want to know is what’s going to happen to Dockley? A couple of weeks down the block and then back into the system? You might as well stick targets on our backs.”

Shell – “I wanna speak to Miss Stewart! Get me out of here now!”
Hollamby – “Your patron saint isn’t going to save you this time Dockley!”

Nikki – “You know; I could get through a whole week just waiting for one look from you. And when I got that, I could get through another week. You see, you’re making me remember and I just want to forget!”
Helen – “Well I’m not going to let you forget because there is going to be a future.”
Nikki – “A future that could be twelve, fifteen years away.”

Shell – (Mimicking Cilla Black) “I like your hair, its gorgeous!”
Tessa – “You taking the piss?”
Shell – “Surprise, surprise!”
Tessa – (Grabbing Shell by the throat) I’ll give you a bleedin’ surprise!”

Yvonne – “Oh come on! You lot must’ve noticed – him and the Governor? It’s obvious! (Amused by Helen’s shocked expression) Shell looked like that when I told her.”
Helen – “Told her what?”
Yvonne – “That Fenner and Betts were shagging.”
Helen – “And when did you tell her this?”
Yvonne – “Hollamby’s do. Ooops! I do hope I didn’t push Dockley over the edge. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I was responsible for Mr Fenner’s accident.”

Hollamby – “Right, that’s it! If they think they can let that smug little bitch back on here like nothing’s happened they’ve got another thing coming! We’ll see how they like having to guard their back for a change; we’re all out on strike!”

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