Series 3, Episode 5

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Laurence Moody

Air Date: 17th April, 2001


New inmate Buki Lester arrives at Larkhall. Her multiple facial piercings and general bad attitude attract the attention of Hollamby who demands that she remove all of her studs, bars and rings immediately. When Buki protests, Hollamby threatens to move them all herself with a pair of pliers.

Fenner is welcomed back with a jubilant reception from his colleagues. Karen however is slightly frosty towards him. She explains later that she is worried about the scrutiny their relationship came under during the investigation but he manages to allay her fears. His relationship with Karen may be back on track, but Fenner finds himself on the verge of anxiety attacks every time he sees Shell. The sly verbal digs Yvonne takes great pleasure in making aren’t helping him much either.

Yvonne receives a visit from Lauren. She’s heard that Yvonne is being called as a defence witness at Charlie’s upcoming trial and demands to know what she’s up to – Charlie dropped her in it so that he would be free to carry on with Renee Williams, how could she even consider helping him? Yvonne tells Lauren that Charlie has promised to see them both right but Lauren’s not interested – she’s been running the family business since Charlie’s arrest and was appalled when she discovered how many business deals he’d screwed up. Still, Yvonne is adamant, Charlie is her husband and she’s going to stand by him.

Helen has received some good news from Claire, Nikki’s solicitor. An ex-colleague of the policeman Nikki killed has come forward and alleged that he raped her. More importantly, she is prepared to give evidence on Nikki’s behalf, something that will drastically increase her chances of an appeal being granted. Helen tells Nikki that she and Claire are already preparing to petition the Home Office but warns her not to make the mistake of raising her hopes too high.

Josh receives a letter from the prison service asking him to sit an entrance exam. He goes to share the news with Di who is over the moon. During their conversation, Josh’s mobile phone rings and while he’s distracted, Di takes the opportunity to steal a green cloth from his bag. Di waits until she’s on her own in one of the bathrooms before taking the cloth out of her pocket. As she unfolds it, she hears a clang as something metallic hits the floor. But then Shaz enters the bathroom and Di is unable to investigate further. When Di leaves to escort an inmate back to the wing, Shaz spots a three-inch nail on the floor and slips it into her pocket.

Shaz and Denny ask Buki if she will help them tattoo each others names on their palms with the nail and ink from a biro. Shaz observes Buki’s tongue piercing and suggests that she and Denny should use the nail to pierce their own tongues. Buki is all for this idea and offers to procure studs for Shaz and Denny in exchange for drugs. Not surprisingly, Denny is reluctant but caves in under Shaz’s overwhelming enthusiasm. Later that afternoon, Denny nervously holds an ice cube against her tongue as Shaz sterilises the nail with whiskey. Buki is playing pool when she hears a muffled groan of pain coming from the dorm. She goes to investigate and is highly amused when she sees Denny sitting there with a nail sticking through her tongue – she may have done some of her own piercings herself, but her tongue was pierced by a professional.

The following morning, Shaz finds Denny unconscious and with blood still streaming out of her mouth. As she watches Denny being wheeled off to the hospital wing, she receives a slap around the face from Shell and a warning from Yvonne to get rid of the nail before the POs find it. Meanwhile, Denny is in a critical condition on the hospital wing, she has blood poisoning and needs an urgent transfusion.

Josh is delighted when he receives a letter from the Prison Service telling him that he’s passed his entrance exam. However, his celebrations are brought to an abrupt halt when Karen interrupts. After hearing from Shaz how she found the nail in the bathroom, she has deduced that Josh must have left it there. She warns him to be more careful in future.

Yvonne takes the stand at Charlie’s trial and tells the truth about his dodgy dealings, including the fact that he was supplying drugs to most of the East End. This is a major surprise to Charlie and his solicitor who had been told that she had agreed to take the rap herself. Later, Charlie takes the stand and doesn’t do himself any favours. He can’t answer any of the prosecution’s questions about his vast income, his house in London or his villa in Spain. But he doesn’t seem worried, and when he steps down from the witness box, he tips a rather obvious wink at the foreman of the jury. The jury return with their verdict and Yvonne is stunned when Charlie is only found guilty on a paltry charge of handling stolen goods. As he has already spent time on remand, he is set free immediately. As she leaves the courtroom, Yvonne spits in Charlie’s face.

After giving a brief interview to the press, Charlie taunts Yvonne, making it clear that he never wants to see her again. Then a motorcycle screeches to a halt outside the court and the man riding pillion produces a gun. He shoots Charlie right between the eyes. As Charlie rolls down the steps and the motorcycle pulls away, Yvonne is dragged over to a waiting car. She stops and looks up at Lauren who stares back at her, an ever so slight smile on her face.


Fenner – “Aww happy families! Brings a real tear to your eye doesn’t it? Loyalty amongst thieves and all that, just like ‘The Godfather’.”
Yvonne – “Dockley should’ve sliced your dick off while she had the chance…sir.”

Denny – “Oi Mr Fenner! Show us your scar man!”
Fenner – “Didn’t think I was your type Denny.”
Denny – “What’s wrong Sir, lost your bottle?”

Yvonne – “Can you smell something off Babs? You wanna check your stab wound’s healed Mr Fenner, gangrene smells like rotting fish…did you know?”

Fenner – “Don’t count your chickens Wade, just because your little governor’s been working after hours for you.”
Nikki – “Surprised Fenner? I am a miscarriage of justice.”
Fenner – “My arse!”

Fenner – “What is it with you Stewart? You’ve just got to look at a murderer and you go moist.”

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