Series 4, Episode 1

Written by Jaden Clark
Produced by Claire Phillips
Directed by Jo Johnson

Air Date: 22nd February, 2002


The police examine the scene of Virginia’s murder and are very interested when Karen informs them that Charlie Atkins’ widow was found with the body. Fenner, revelling in Yvonne’s downfall, is quick to inform the police that he heard Yvonne and Virginia arguing in the bathroom a while before the body was discovered. Meanwhile, Yvonne is down the block, loudly proclaiming her innocence. Later, she is interviewed by the police and, when told that an officer overheard her and Virginia arguing, becomes convinced that Fenner has set her up. Yvonne tells the police about Fenner’s deal with Virginia but they’re too excited at the thought of doing her for murder to pay any attention.

A very shaken Hollamby goes to see Karen and tells her that she has just received a phone call from Shell Dockley. She panics, convinced that Shell is lying in wait for her and Bobby to finish them off properly. The following morning, Hollamby is reassured when she learns that Shell and Denny have been apprehended by the Spanish police. This news may delight Hollamby but it certainly wipes the smug smile off Fenner’s face – surely it’s only a matter of time before Shell tells the police about the part he played in her escape.

Josh tells Crystal that she can’t go on telling people that their baby is a miracle, he’s going to come clean to Karen and brave the consequences. However, Karen is more upset at the thought of losing a good officer and, although Josh informs her of his decision to quit there and then, she asks him to stay until the dust from Virginia’s murder has blown over. Unfortunately for Karen, she soon has bigger things to worry about, namely, Yvonne’s accusations against Fenner – not only is he responsible for Virginia’s murder, he was also helping her to run her brothels and raking in tons of money in the process. Karen is dismissive until Yvonne points to her engagement ring and asks her how Fenner paid for it on a POs wage. Karen takes these accusations to heart but Fenner manages to convince her that he won the money on the horses.

Tina is distraught when she learns of Virginia’s death and begs Hollamby to allow her to have Virginia’s personal effects when the police have finished with them. Maxi is delighted when Tina confronts Yvonne, especially when it appears that only Barbara and the Julies believe in her innocence. Fenner is also pleased with the turn of events and makes a point of gloating about his own alibi. Yvonne begins to realise that if Fenner couldn’t have murdered Virginia, chances are that he got someone else to do his dirty work for him, namely, Maxi and Al.

Acting on Yvonne’s instructions, the Julies break into Fenner’s locker and discover a porn mag and Maxi’s G-string. Although she’s crushed that the Julies didn’t discover anything to connect Fenner with Virginia’s brothels, she decides to make the best of what she’s got and arranges for the G-string and magazine to be posted to Karen in the internal mail.

Karen finally manages to read Helen’s statement of sexual assault against Fenner. She confronts him that night and doesn’t believe his counter accusations that Helen was having an affair with Nikki Wade. In fact, Karen is beginning to wonder about the circumstances surrounding Virginia’s murder – why would Yvonne be so sure that Fenner had set her up? She doesn’t want to hear Fenner’s excuse that Yvonne has got it in for him; she’s just the latest in a long list of women with grudges against him – Shell, Helen, Yvonne – they can’t all be lying. Karen insists on going through Fenner’s bank statements but doesn’t find any evidence of his misdeeds. Fenner, angry by Karen’s lack of trust, storms out.

Yvonne is very interested when she hears that Josh has resigned. She seeks him out and offers him £20,000 to turn off the electrical trip-switch and plunge the whole wing into darkness. It’s an offer Josh can’t afford to refuse. That night, he makes his way to the boiler room and, after a brief hesitation, flips the switch. As the lights go out on G-Wing, the Julies pretend to be scared of the dark and grab hold of Hollamby, enabling Yvonne to sneak up behind her and steal her keys. During the ensuing confusion and mayhem, Yvonne makes her escape through the darkened corridors.

By the time the lights come back on, Yvonne has made her way through the stores. She is nearly caught by a maintenance man pushing a wheelie bin, but when he disappears back into the building, she jumps into the bin and waits until he returns and pushes her out into the prison grounds. Yvonne is forced to wait inside the bin when she spots Fenner walking over to his car. Once he’s inside, she climbs out of the bin and creeps across the yard, taking cover between the parked cars as she waits for him to leave.

Yvonne’s plans backfire when Karen arrives with the porn mag and G-string she has just received in the internal mail. She and Fenner get into an argument and she throws her engagement ring at him and storms off, just as a set of ladders are thrown over the wall. Yvonne is left with no option but to make a break for it, but as she runs across the yard and jumps up onto the ladders she is spotted by Karen and Fenner.


Memorable Moments

Yvonne – “What’s the point? You lot wouldn’t know a bent officer if he was halfway up your arse!”

Hollamby – “Your breakfast trays won’t sprout arms and legs and clean themselves you know.”

Maxi – “Makes you look like a new woman Teen.”
Al – “Aye, Cher on steroids!”

Julie J – “What we supposed to be looking for?”
Julie S – “Evidence!”
Julie J – “Evidence of what?”
Julie S – “Evidence that Fenner killed Virginia.”
Julie J – “What, like a wet T-shirt with claw marks on it?”

Di – “Who would’ve thought it, Crystal and Josh? Never.”
Hollamby – “Now we know why he wanted a set of keys – access all areas.”

Di – “We could always give her Nikki Wade’s old job.”
Hollamby – “Put a runner on garden duties? Might as well give her a trampoline and a bus-pass!”

Di – “If you could choose, who would you want as your personal officer?”
Shaz – “Lara Croft, in her shorts.”

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