Series 4, Episode 10

Written by Tim Hyndman
Produced by Claire Phillips
Directed by Brett Fallis

Air Date: 2nd May, 2002


As she straightens her clothes, Karen hears Helen Stewart’s warnings in her head. Fenner wakes and sees Karen standing by the side of her bed, he tries to pull her towards him but she flees into the street. Fenner follows and is shocked when Karen accuses him of raping her. The following morning, Karen confides in Mark. He is furious with Fenner but his anger also turns towards Karen when she admits that she kissed Fenner and willingly climbed into bed with him. Although Karen is reluctant, Mark persuades her to report the incident to the police.

Crystal goes to put baby Zandra down in her cot and is horrified to see cockroaches crawling all over it. Denny and Shaz, who have signed up for Di’s decorating scheme, turn up next morning to fill in the holes in the walls and give the cell a new coat of paint but the cockroaches soon find their way back in. Crystal sits down and writes yet another letter to ‘The Guardian’, placing a couple of dead cockroaches inside the envelope to prove her point.

G-Wing’s run on the canteen has left it woefully short of supplies. There is no shampoo or toothpaste and the women on D-Wing are mutinous. Picking up on the bad feeling, Yvonne instructs Cassie to restore the canteen program to its original state in preparation for Hollamby’s return the following week.

After warning her to keep her baby revelation a secret, Mark manages to wangle Buki her job back on the MBU when he manages to convince everyone that she freaked out when she found out Baxter has AIDS. Buki returns to the MBU and apologises to Spike for taking Baxter away, the incident has made her realise that Spike does love him after all. Spike forgives Buki and allows her to carry on helping to look after Baxter.

Karen is interviewed by the police and is shocked when she is told that the case may never reach court – it all depends on the CPS deciding whether or not there is enough evidence to prosecute. On returning to Larkhall, Karen goes straight to Neil and tells him about the rape and her visit to the police station. Meanwhile, Fenner receives a visit from the police, he too goes straight to see Neil and threatens to turn the whole story (and the naughty photographs he has of Karen) over to the tabloids unless he does something to get Karen to drop the charges. Neil is totally unruffled by Fenner’s threats and tells him that the bad publicity would be centred on him, not Larkhall. However, he could do something to help…for a favour of course.

Neil summons Karen to his office and tells her that he had dinner with a friend who works for the CPS. Over dinner, Neil was told that the CPS have decided not to go ahead with the case against Fenner. Of course, Neil is talking complete tosh but he ‘s certainly convincing. Karen is deflated, especially when Neil goes on to advise her to drop the charges against Fenner before the CPS inform the police of their decision – if she waits for the police to drop the charges against Fenner, he will feel that he has been vindicated. Realising she has no choice, Karen informs Fenner that she will be dropping the rape allegation because she’s worried about how a tabloid story would affect her son. Fenner is relieved but still tries to talk Karen around, telling her that he loves her. She responds by telling him that all of her efforts from now on will be centred on paying him back for all of the women whose lives he has ruined.

Di manages to intercept Crystal’s letter to ‘The Guardian’ before it is posted. She shows the letter to Neil but, instead of punishing Crystal, he decides to allow Di and Mark to take Crystal, Zandra, Buki and Baxter to the park whilst the MBU is fumigated. Once at the park, Crystal tries to do a runner but is caught by Mark. As punishment for trying to escape, Crystal’s right to a place on the MBU is withdrawn. Later, Josh arrives to take Zandra home.

Cassie confesses the extent of her feelings for Yvonne. Roisin is upset and jealous and later, she stops Yvonne in the corridor and tells her that Cassie has fallen for her. Yvonne makes it clear to Roisin that she has nothing to worry about and tells her to make sure that Cassie knows that she’s not interested in women.

Neil is finding it almost impossible to keep up with Di’s constant sexual demands. On the odd occasion he does manage to feign tiredness, she comes up with wacky ideas to perk him up…belly dancing for instance. With the rumours about his sexuality still circulating, Neil has no choice but to feign a grin and bear it!

Fenner hands in his resignation, as far as he’s concerned, Karen is the only person fit to run G-Wing. He informs Neil that he will be back in uniform on Monday morning.

Baby Baxter dies in his sleep. Buki is devastated and insists on holding him one final time before he is taken away. Later, she reveals to Mark that the baby she left in the toilets at Kings Cross was actually still alive, not stillborn as she claimed.


Karen – “Helen Stewart was right.”
Fenner – “You what?”
Karen – “I said no!”

Fenner – “What the hell’s got into you?”
Karen – “You raped me!”

Di – “And before you ask, we’re out of deodorant as well.”
Roisin – “Oh wonderful!”
Al – “Just have to smell of sweet FA then…fannies and armpits.”

Yvonne – “I’d like some tobacco. You got any old shag? No disrespect miss.”
Di – “I beg your pardon?”
Yvonne – “We all know you’re more than that to Mr Grayling.”

Fenner – “Open your eyes you twat, I never took her knickers off. The only reason she’s gone to the cops is to prove to you that she didn’t want a shag off me.”
Mark – “If you’ve got anything to say to me Fenner, say it outside.”

Neil – “I can help Jim, if you let me.”
Fenner – “Yeah, but I’d owe you one then wouldn’t I? And we all know whose pants would come down next.”

Yvonne – “That accounts system’s got to disappear.”
Cassie – “Okay.”
Yvonne – “And I don’t want Babs here dropped in it.”
Barbara – “Nor does Babs!”
Cassie – “I’m not in the habit of ballsing things up.”
Barbara – “Here on holiday are you?”

Crystal’s – “My little girl’s welfare’s at stake, I don’t need a lecture from some man-hungry screw!”
Di – “You know, for a Christian, you’re quite the little ball of poison aren’t you?”

Karen – “I’ve dropped the case, not because you didn’t do it because we both know you did. I just don’t want my son dragged through all this.”
Fenner – “You know I care about you, I can’t help it, and I know I went too far but it was never rape Karen. I just want us to put this behind us. I’m going to say this again because it’s true…I love you.”
Karen – “You think you’ve got away with it don’t you? You’re as happy as a pig in shit! Don’t be too happy though Jim, you may be safe from the cops but you’ll never be safe from me – for every woman you’ve made suffer I’m going to make you suffer ten times over…and that’s a promise! Still love me do you?”

Buki – “He’s gone…Baxter’s gone to heaven.”
Crystal – “They’re ain’t no heaven girl. (Rips crucifix from around her neck) There ain’t no God either.”

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