Series 4, Episode 4

Written by Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Claire Phillips
Directed by David Holroyd

Air Date: 21st March, 2002


Two new inmates arrive at Larkhall – feisty City whizz-kid Cassie Tyler and her reluctant accomplice, PA Roisin Connor. A huge stir is caused when it is revealed that Denny Blood is back. While Fenner craps himself at the prospect of her being aware of the part he played in her and Shell’s escape, Hollamby rubs her hands together in glee at the prospect of wreaking revenge.

Di and Barry return to work after their wedding day fiasco, full of excuses for Di’s bruises. Di wastes no time in confronting Shaz about the part she played in the cancellation but Shaz is unrepentant – she knows Barry is a violent bully and is determined to make Di see sense. She tells Di all about the violence she received at the hands of her stepfather and pleads with her to dump Barry – he may promise never to hurt again but it will only be a matter of time before the next time. Di takes Shaz’s words to heart and breaks it off with Barry. He is furious and goes straight to confront Barbara who he is convinced is responsible. Shaz hears Barbara’s screams and runs to defend her, laying into Barry with a karate kick that sends him flying. Barry retaliates and knocks Shaz to the ground, kicking her repeatedly in the ribs. When Di and Mark arrive on the scene, Barry tries to talk himself out of trouble by saying that Shaz attacked him for no reason and that he was forced to defend himself. This time Di is immune to Barry’s charm and tells Mark that Barry is lying. Barry is marched off to see Neil.

Denny’s unhappy. Crystal’s angry with her because it’s partly her fault she got sent back to prison and Shaz is refusing to have anything to do with her. The only person who seems glad that she’s back is Yvonne who, now that Fenner has withdrawn his statement, is keen to rope Denny into her plan to nail Maxi. Yvonne speaks to Fenner and tells him to stop Hollamby making Denny’s life hell and in return, Denny agrees to worm her way into Al’s affections. Yvonne hopes that Al’s pillow talk will contain information about Virginia’s murder, but first, Denny has to look the part – enter the Julies to give her a Shell Dockley style makeover!

After hearing that Di has taken some time off, Barbara and the Julies question Mark about Barry’s fate. They are horrified when they discover that although Barry was forced to resign, he won’t be charged with assaulting Di. Seeing their distress, Mark reveals that he got someone to beat Barry up.

Denny is finding it hard to pretend to be attracted to All but soon she receives a reward for her efforts – a necklace that was last seen around Virginia’s neck. The next day, Yvonne gives Denny a tape recorder hoping that All will reveal where she got the necklace from. Just as Yvonne predicted, All spills everything! Yvonne insists on being present when Fenner passes the evidence on to Neil.

Now that ‘Operation Al’ is over, Denny makes another attempt to talk Shaz around and this time succeeds. Now that she’s back with her partner in crime, Shaz reveals the real reason she’s been spending so much time in the potting shed recently – she’s digging a tunnel!

It’s Cassie and Roisin’s first time in prison and they’re having a hard time adjusting, especially when Roisin’s husband Aidan refuses to let her see their children. It’s Cassie’s fault that they’re in this mess and she decides to make amends by changing her story, this time saying that Roisin only covered up for her because she blackmailed her into it.

Maxine and Al are summoned to Fenner’s office and find the police waiting for them.


Denny – “Bet I look like a bleedin’ drag queen.”
Julie J – “No you don’t!”
Julie S – “You look like…”
Yvonne – “Tie me down begging for it chick.”
Denny – “Just ‘cause we’re both dykes don’t mean she’ll fancy me.”
Yvonne – “How can that dog-face afford to be picky?”

Di – “I don’t want to marry someone who doesn’t love me.”
Barry – “What are you talking about? You know I love you.”
Di – “No you don’t. If you love someone you don’t beat them up…ever! You only do that if you’re sick, I know.”
Barry – “Yeah, and I bet I know which know all con’s put that in your head. I’m going to bloody well see to her!”

Barry – “What are you talking about Di?”
Shaz – “The truth. You’re the bloody nutter who likes beating people up.”
Barbara – “You vicious scum-bag!”
Barry – “I can’t believe this…I’m telling you mate.”
Mark – “Well tell it to the number one.”
Shaz – “Start pissing yourself Mr Pearce!”

Denny – “Julies, come here. I did all that girlie stuff for Yvonne didn’t I?”
Julie J – “Eh?”
Denny – “Got you two to make me up…tell her.”
Julie S – (To Shaz) “You think she could do that to herself? Be like Bodybag trying to make herself into a Bond girl!”

Yvonne – “Life’s a bitch…just like me.”

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