Series 4, Episode 6

Written by Jaden Clark
Produced by Claire Phillips
Directed by Craig Lines

Air Date: 4th April, 2002


Buki might have been rescued at the last minute from a horrible fate in the makeshift escape tunnel, but she still has to face the wrath of Shaz and Denny, who aren’t best pleased to see their bid for freedom curtailed. But still, they are stuck on the block for the time and as far as Buki’s concerned, it’s back to business as usual. She begins by offering to provide Rhiannon with a little something to help her sleep in exchange for her watch. Rhiannon jumps at the chance, it seems that she’s not as innocent in the ways of the world as her mum Julie J thinks she is.

Roisin is finding the situation Cassie has placed her in too hard to handle, she can’t sleep or eat and is in a terrible state. A concerned Karen sends Roisin to the doctor hoping that he will prescribe sleeping pills but he refuses, telling her that her insomnia is psychological. Cassie is unsympathetic, she can’t understand what’s wrong with Roisin – surely she should be happy that she’s only weeks away from being reunited with her children.

Fenner is jealous of the increasing closeness between Karen and Mark. He tries to speak to Karen about it but is told to mind his own business. He also fails in his attempt to warn Mark off. Fenner is left with no other option but to go to Neil and outline his ‘concerns’ about how their relationship could affect the running of the wing. Neil agrees and gives his backing to whatever course of action Fenner decides on. Karen and Mark are both furious when Fenner tells them that Neil doesn’t look kindly upon relationships between his officers. They both tell Fenner to get stuffed.

Julie S comes across a doped up Rhiannon and correctly guesses that Buki has been plying her with drugs. She goes to confront Buki but is horrified when Buki reveals to her that Rhiannon’s boyfriend, Damian, has been pimping her out to his friends. Julie S is forced into a corner – she wants to help Rhiannon, but she knows that the truth will break Julie J’s heart. Before long, Julie S is forced to reveal the truth. Julie J is devastated when she learns that history is repeating itself.

The Julies hatch a plan to teach Damian a lesson. They steal one of Rhiannon’s letters and replace it with one of their own in which ‘Rhiannon’ threatens to commit suicide unless he visits her. Rhiannon is delighted when she is told that she has a visitor – she definitely didn’t send Damian a VO and assumes that he planned his visit as a surprise for her. Meanwhile, the smug smile is wiped off Damian’s face when the Julies tip the boiling-hot contents of the tea-urn all over his legs. Rhiannon arrives in the visiting room to witness Damian writhing on the floor in agony.

After much soul-searching, Roisin has decided that she doesn’t want to go back to her husband and instructs her husband to withdraw her statement. Cassie freaks out when she hears that Roisin has chosen her over her own children and tells her that she won’t be responsible for her or her decision. Realising she may have made a huge mistake; Roisin goes in search of Buki and offers her watch in exchange for some sleeping-pills.

The Julies are devastated when Karen informs them that until their attack on Damian, they had been scheduled for release the following day – now that Virginia is dead, the charges against them have been dropped. They are both locked up in separate cells down the block and left to contemplate the huge mistake they have just made.

Neil is gratified when Fenner arrives home early from a night spent with Marilyn and his children. As soon as Fenner is asleep, Neil creeps into his room and slides into bed with him, completely naked.


Hollamby – “Well, well. Look what’s wriggled its way back…the human worm.”

Cassie – “Well, what did he give you?”
Roisin – “Nothing. The doctor says I’m not sleeping because I’m yet to accept that I received a custodial sentence.”
Cassie – “What’s he qualified in, nobology?”

Julie S – “You shittin’, druggy little low-life!”
Buki – “What you on about?”
Julie S – “She’s just a kid so you keep your dirty drugs to yourself, you hear me? ‘Cause if I ever find her like that again I shall gob on a hot iron and steam-press your face personally…understand?”

Fenner – “Darlin’, you don’t get a say in here. Or am I getting the feeling that you think you’re a bit special?”
Cassie – “Six figure salary, penthouse flat, BMW 325 cabriolet…yeah, I think I am.”
Fenner – “I’ll tell you what I think shall I? I think you’re just a little mixed-up dyke playing with balls God forgot to give you.”
Cassie – “What?”
Fenner – “Because underneath all the smart answers and back-chat I know you for what you are – just another street butch we’ll break within a week…tops.”
Cassie – “This is shit!”
Fenner – “This is me giving you a caution sweetheart, so you’d better start behaving like a good girl, ‘cause next time I won’t be so nice.”

Fenner – “It looks like the Julies are walking.”
Hollamby – “Rubbish! They’re elastic bands those two, be back before lunchtime.”

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