Series 5, Episode 15

Written by Di Burrows
Produced by David Crean
Directed by Julie Edwards

Air Date: 14th August, 2003


Di’s night with Fenner has taken an unexpected turn as she reveals the truth about her pregnancy. While she plans her upcoming ‘miscarriage’ by mixing the contents of a jar of beetroot, a bottle of red wine and other assorted condiments to form a convincingly yucky mess, she sends Fenner off to find Neil with the bad news. Unsurprisingly, Neil sees the miscarriage as a rather convenient turn of events for Di and suspects that she had the baby aborted before he got her the wing governor job. However, when a convincingly angry Di throws back the bed-sheets to reveal the congealing, red mess beneath, he is forced to believe her.

Selena meets the mysterious Milly who is in fact Kris’ younger sister. She confesses that she is more deeply involved in the murder of their father than anyone knew and reveals a secret that could shatter Selena’s relationship with Kris – she is the real killer and Kris took the blame in order to protect her. Selena is furious that Kris has not only lied to her, but jeopardised their future together too. Once at the prison, Selena confronts Kris with the truth but Kris denies everything – Milly is lying, she is the real murderer.

It’s the day of Al’s trial and Buki and Tina decide to ease her way to a manslaughter conviction by giving her a makeover and lending her some presentable clothes. However, once she arrives at court, Al chickens out and pleads guilty to murder in order to avoid testifying about the abuse she suffered as a child. Later, she goes to speak to Julie S and confides in her about the true extent of the mental and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

Kris finally admits to Selena that Milly is telling the truth but refuses to do anything about it, no matter what Selena says. Kris believes that the whole situation was caused by her decision not to take steps against her violent father before Milly was forced to take the law into her own hands, and therefore, feels that she deserves to be the one sent down for life. Kris does however have an alternative plan to get out of Larkhall for good and produces a set of original Victorian plans of the prison. Selena is stunned when Kris outlines her escape plan – underground through the old hanging cell and tunnel leading to the burial ground which is now underneath the officer’s club.

Hedges is still being given the bum’s rush by Yvonne who is still convinced that he is back in Fenner’s pocket. Although Hedges denies this, Yvonne threatens to reveal all about his heroin addiction if she finds out that he’s been talking out of turn. Later, Yvonne is taken to Neil’s office for a lecture before her return to the wing. She accuses Fenner of setting her up but Neil doesn’t want to hear it and tells Yvonne that she’ll be watched very closely from now on.

Although Di is convinced that she and Fenner are officially an item, he has other ideas and soon starts sniffing around after Selena. Selena is sharp enough to realise that she can get Kris an easier ride if she sweetens Fenner up and agrees to go for a drink with him in the officer’s club. To appease Kris who is furious when she hears this news, she goes to check out the corridor leading to the hanging cell but is interrupted by Fenner before she can get too far. She tells Kris the good news about the tunnel but tempers this with a piece of bad – there’s a padlocked, steel grid covering the entrance to the tunnel by the officer’s club and, as far as she’s concerned, it’s going to prove nigh on impossible to move.

Denny’s planned art exhibition suffers a setback when the powers that be refuse permission. Neil convinces them to accept a compromise though and arranges for Phyl and Bev’s gallery owner friend, Oliver, to come into the prison to take photos of Denny’s pictures for an exhibition on the Internet. Neil soon becomes suspicious of Phyl and Bev’s interest in Denny and twigs that they are planning on taking a huge cut of whatever is left of Denny’s profits once Oliver has taken his commission. Phyl and Bev are not amused when Neil informs them that he has arranged for Denny to be moved to an open prison and away from their dubious influence. When Neil discovers that the picture hanging in Di’s office is a forgery by Bev, it’s the last straw and he places them both on cellular confinement.

It’s visiting time and Henry arrives to see Barbara. While they continue to make plans for their wedding, Kris unveils her escape plans to Milly and tells her that she’s arranging for her to stay with their Aunt in Toronto until she and Selena can make their way out of the country to join her. Realising that she needs help to shift the grid covering the tunnel entrance, Kris lets Yvonne in on the plan. Yvonne isn’t interested though – once she gets confirmation from Lauren that their hit on Fenner has been successful, she’ll be able to do the rest of her time in peace.

Unaware that he has a rather large price on his head, Fenner is enjoying a quiet drink with Selena when they are interrupted by a jealous Di. An embarrassed Selena quickly makes her excuses and leaves Fenner alone to suffer Di’s wrath. Later, they return to Fenner’s house and, while Fenner starts laying into Di for showing him up in front of Selena, a pizza delivery man pulls up on a moped. He approaches the house and rings the doorbell, and, whilst waiting for an answer, takes a handgun out of his pocket.


Hollamby – “Right! Where’s the condemned man? Let’s be having you. (Has a double-take as she sees Al is wearing make-up) You won’t fool anyone with a bit of eye-shadow you know.”
Buki – “She turns up in court wearing her combat gear and they’ll throw the key away.”
Hollamby – “She looks like Widow Twankie!”
Denny – “Well she’s gotta look a sad case so that the jury’ll feel sorry for her, innit?”

Hollamby – “I don’t know why they’re wasting tax-payer’s money; you’ve got guilt running through you like a stick of rock.”

Fenner – “Rule fifty-one, section seventeen – it is an offence to damage any part of prison property.”
Kris – “Section seventeen doesn’t mention screws does it?”

Barbara – “I was beginning to think I’d have to ask Fenner to give me away.”
Yvonne – “I’d crawl across broken glass first Babs.”

Kris – “Who are you?”
Yvonne – “Osama Bin Laden…as far as Fenner’s concerned.”

Yvonne – (On the phone to Lauren) “Could you send Mr Farmer a pizza for me with my compliments? Friday night yeah…all the extras.”

Fenner – “Back with her little disciple, stirring the cauldron.”
Hedges – “You don’t know the half of what Atkins is brewing up.”
Fenner – “Surprise me.”
Hedges – “She said when she was down the block that she was gonna get you rubbed out.”
Fenner – “She’s just sounding off mate.”
Hedges – “Seemed deadly serious to me.”

Kris – “I can trust you right?”
Yvonne – “That depends.”
Kris – “I know a way out of this dump.”
Yvonne – “You’ve only been here five minutes…do you think you’re Steve McQueen?”

Yvonne – “I said no! I just want to serve my time, keep my head down and get out of here all paid up…no more shit.”
Kris – “This is the top-dog talking? Lost your woof…mate?”

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