Series 5, Episode 2

Written by Jaden Clark
Produced by David Crean
Directed by Mike Adams

Air Date: 15th May, 2003


Keen to avoid solitary confinement, Shell soon has Neil Grayling convinced that she’ll be on her best behaviour and is back on G-Wing in no time. Old enemy Jim Fenner has been thinking of ways to turn Shell’s return to his advantage and soon has a business proposition to put to her – if Shell provides the hand-jobs, he’ll provide the customers, they can split the money between them. Shell is reluctant at first but soon realises that the more cash she has, the more she will be able to provide for her baby when it is born.

Sylvia and Bobby Hollamby’s funeral business is about to collapse – a situation that they try to remedy by leafleting hospices and nursing homes. When this doesn’t work, Bobby applies for a job at Larkhall, but his old-school values don’t appeal to the progressive Grayling. Things aren’t looking good for the Hollambys, and the return of Shell looks like the last straw.

Barbara’s hearing returns in time for her to overhear a telephone conversation between Snowball and Ritchie in which they plan for her to make another escape attempt at the weekend. Yvonne is delighted when Barbara informs her of the return of her hearing, but when she hears that Snowball and Ritchie are up to something, she persuades Barbara to stay ‘deaf’ for a bit longer. Henry is also delighted when he hears the news and responds by presenting Barbara with an engagement ring.

Julie O’K and Al are getting ever more creative with their plan to endanger Di. The written threats – “I am going to stick your fat jacksie on a kebab” and “You will get a pointed stick right up your back hole you bitch”, both signed “Gnasher” – have Di a bit flustered, but it’s not until she goes to the toilet and sees a drawing of herself complete with pointed stick where the sun don’t shine on the back of a toilet door that panic really starts to set in. Convinced that the mysterious Gnasher is after her blood, she confides in Neil who refuses to take the threats seriously. Of course, Di’s state of mind isn’t eased by the fact that Neil is spending more and more nights away from home and in the beds of men half his age.

Denny is hell-bent on getting her revenge on Snowball for the death of Shaz. Shell is keen to have Denny back on her side and doppelganger Snowball as a potential rival – so it’s not long before Shell comes up with a very nasty plan involving a can of hairspray and a cigarette lighter. However, the plan fails when Yvonne, hearing the screams coming from Shell’s cell, runs in and douses Snowball’s hair in the toilet – she wants Snowball to escape and lead her to Ritchie and her £50,000. Feeling let-down by Yvonne, Denny once again puts her faith in Shell, and between them, they begin to make Snowball’s life a misery. Convinced that it’s only a matter of time before she finds Denny and Shell lying in wait for her with a razor blade, Snowball contacts Ritchie and informs him that the plans have changed – she will escape later that day. Luckily, Barbara is on hand to overhear this conversation and, acting on Yvonne’s instructions, uses Henry’s telephone to inform Lauren.

Snowball finds Denny sitting by Shaz’s memorial and starts to wind her up, telling her that Shell had told her that she did her a favour by killing Shaz. Denny freaks out and, after ripping the rose-bush out of the ground, starts hitting Snowball with it, turning on Yvonne when she tries to intervene. As Denny and Yvonne are dragged off by POs, Snowball takes advantage of the mayhem and retrieves her gun from its hiding place. At the first opportunity, she takes Karen hostage and forces her to sign her out at the front gates as “a civilian worker you’re giving a lift to the station”. Luckily for Snowball, the gate-guards are at their incompetent best and allow her and Karen through the gates and into the car-park. They get into Karen’s car and drive to the rendezvous with Ritchie, not realising that two of Lauren’s heavies are tailing them.

Bobby realises that there’s only one way out of the mess he’s made of his life and, whilst still parked in the prison car-park, he commits suicide by gassing himself with his hearse’s exhaust fumes. Neil and Di make the grisly discovery and call Hollamby to the front-gates…when she arrives; Neil finally has the hearse’s back door opens and pulls out a coffin containing Bobby. A frantic Hollamby tries to administer mouth-to-mouth but it’s too late…Bobby is dead.


Shell – “What’s that pong?”
Fenner – “Eh?”
Shell – “Mr Fenner shitting himself!”

Denny – “Shaz died Shell.”
Shell – “Did she? Well I’m back now so you can cheer up.”

Fenner – (Looking over at Snowball) Caused a lot of trouble in here that one…bit like you.”
Shell – “She can go pluck her twat!”

Shell – “Cheeky slag! Swanning about, nicking my look. Who does she think she is? Me?”

Hollamby – “Oh go home and braise some meatballs for my tea!”

Fenner – “Dockley? Need a word about your sentence plan.”
Shell – “Excuse us Den, Mr Fenner wants to give me another incentive.”

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