Series 5, Episode 8

Written by Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Produced by David Crean
Directed by Julie Edwards

Air Date: 26th June, 2003


It’s the day of Ritchie’s funeral and Yvonne is horrified when she discovers that Fenner’s name is down for escort duty. The day is going to be hard enough for her as it is, being handcuffed to Fenner will make it unbearable. A sympathetic Karen lends Yvonne a pair of sunglasses and agrees to put Hedges on escort duty instead. Fenner is suspicious when he hears the news and decides to put Hedges to the test…this time, he’ll be planting a bag of cocaine on Yvonne when she returns from the funeral and, if Hedges knows what’s good for him, he’ll look the other way.

Buki is thrilled when she receives a letter from her long-lost son, thanking her for his new wheelchair, but when she’s told that she won’t be allowed to write back to him at his children’s home, she realises that being a part of Lennox’s life is going to be much more difficult than she thought.

Despite Neil ordering her not to breathe a word about her pregnancy at Larkhall, Di can’t resist spilling the beans to Karen, who is surprised to say the least. Neil is livid when Karen offers her congratulations and orders Di to make an appointment at the doctors to prove that a) she’s pregnant and b) he’s the father. Although the doctor confirms Di’s pregnancy, he can’t do anything about proving the baby’s paternity – if Neil wants to know if he’s the baby’s father, he’ll have to wait until after it’s born.

Julie S is revising for her exams, but suddenly that seems a lot less important when she discovers a lump in her breast. Rather than go straight to the doctor, Julie scares herself to death by doing some research on the Internet and then decides to keep her condition to herself – maybe if she just ignores it, it will go away.

Ritchie’s funeral is an ordeal for Yvonne, but with Hedges’s support, she manages to get through it. However, when she returns to the prison, she is appalled when Fenner discovers a bag of cocaine inside her shoe. Realising that Fenner must have planted it, Yvonne turns to Hedges for back-up, only to find him looking the other way – Hedges may be rapidly falling for Yvonne, but Jim still knows what really happened between him and Shell Dockley.

Realising that her best-friend is acting strangely towards her, Julie J begins to worry that she has done something wrong. Eventually she breaks down and begs Julie S to tell her what is wrong. When Julie S tells her about the lump she has discovered in her breast, Julie J is supportive. However, even though Julie S makes her promise to keep the knowledge to herself, Julie J takes matters into her own hands and confides in Karen. With the support of Julie J and Karen, Julie S finally plucks up courage to see the deeply unpleasant Dr Nicholson, and then faces an agonising wait for the results of her biopsy.

Yvonne feels that Hedges has betrayed her and refuses to speak to him. Hedges is unable to cope with Yvonne’s animosity and eventually breaks down, confessing all about his involvement with Shell Dockley and Fenner’s decision to transfer her to a psychiatric hospital – can’t Yvonne see that Fenner has got him over a barrel? Yvonne responds by giving Hedges a simple choice – if he cares about her as much as he says he does, he should have no problem in going to Karen and telling her the truth about Fenner…whatever the consequences. As the pressure mounts up, Hedges once again resorts to injecting himself with heroin.

Neil has finally come to the end of his tether as far as Di is concerned. He wants a divorce and he wants her out of his house…he doesn’t care who she tells about his sexuality in the process. After ordering Di to pack her bags, Neil asks Tony to move in.

The results of Julie’s biopsy are in and Dr Nicholson wastes no time in telling her that the test were positive – she has a malignant tumour in her breast – and that she will have to have surgery to remove it.


Di – “Are you telling me to have an abortion?”
Neil – “I’m telling you you’re not going to trap me with the oldest trick in the book; I’m careful, I only ever have sex with men – it’s a pretty reliable form of birth control.”

Fenner – “What about the ring-leader, bloody Atkins? She gets let off light because her stupid son topped himself?”
Karen – “Look, I know Sylvia’s on holiday but you don’t have to chip in with her usual contribution.”

Yvonne – “I know I done wrong, but let’s just think the best of Ritchie today, yeah?”
Lauren – “Just let’s get him buried with my dick-brained dad.”

Yvonne – “I knew Fenner was out to nail me, I might’ve guessed he’d pick the worst day of my life.”
Barbara – “I’m amazed about Mr Hedges though, I actually thought he was a bit taken with you. Well, I certainly didn’t have him down on my total bastard list.”

Fenner – “So you’re our full-time SMO again?”
Dr Nicholson – “You know, it’s gratifying to know that Helen Stewart damaged her own career more than mine. I gather you’re still under the heel of Miss Governor Betts.”
Fenner – “Yeah well, nearly binned her off but she got a reprieve.”
Dr Nicholson – “It’s a shame this country ever stopped using the ducking-stool.”

Di – “Why don’t you trust me Neil? You know the only one I want to be with is you.”
Neil – “Di, if you’ve done this to bring us closer together you’re more stupid than I thought. You’ve stalked me, sent me poison-pen letters and somehow tricked me into shagging you. You’re the last person in the world I’d want to raise a family with; you’re not fit to look after a goldfish, let alone a child.”

Karen – “Obviously you’ve not wasted your time developing your communication skills Dr Nicholson.”
Dr Nicholson – “You’re the bed-side nurse Miss Betts.”
Julie S – “Yeah? And you’re the shrivelled dicked old creep!”

Karen – “You can trust me not to say where it’s come from, but just give me a lead.”
Yvonne – “Fenner’s got all the witnesses, you’d need an electric prod to get the truth out of any of them…and they’re more scared of him than they are you.”

Yvonne – “What do you want?”
Hedges – “You know what I want Yvonne…you in my bed.”
Yvonne – “And I want you…nailed to the floor with your lying tongue cut out.”

Julie S – “Is he saying its cancer Miss?”
Julie J – “Cancer?”
Karen – “Yes.”

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