Series 6, Episode 1

Written by Di Burrows & Paul Mousley
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Nigel Douglas

Air Date: 14th April, 2004


Its six weeks since the end of the last series and Fenner is having nightmares as his mind re-traces the steps deep into the bowels of the prison – all he can hear are the cries of Yvonne Atkins – will he keep his cool? Meanwhile, the whole of G-Wing is buzzing with rumours of Yvonne’s success. Di however is not amused; Yvonne’s escape has brought her management of the wing into question and, although she has a strong suspicion that the chop will come, she’s desperate to avoid it. Little does she know that Fenner is already sneaking behind her back to Neil – as far as he’s concerned, Di has more than proved her incompetence and if anyone deserves her job, it’s him.

Two new faces arrive on the wing in the form of Frances Allen and Natalie Buxton. Frances is a sassy, feisty prostitute and Natalie is a nervous first-timer on remand for Income Tax fraud. It soon appears that someone suspects Natalie of having a darker side – a note naming her as a nonce is discovered by Tina and an incriminating newspaper clipping is pushed under the Julies’ cell door. Soon most of the wing is lining up to take a pop at Natalie and only Frances’ fast mouth and even faster fists is keeping her out of harms way. Later, Natalie thanks Frances for sticking up for her and offers money in exchange for future body guarding duties.

Costa Con Bev is having problems now that she’s swapped her safe old gin bottle for the full strength hit of heroin. Her partner-in-crime, Phyl is disgusted by Bev’s new habit, especially because Bev is smoking her way through their accumulated stash faster than she can sell it on. But Bev’s habit is soon the least of her worries – Hollamby has received a tip-off and has summoned the DST to do a search of their cell. The heroin is found and Bev is taken to see Di, she admits that she is addicted and asks to be put in a rehab programme. Predictably, Di falls for Bev’s pathetic junkie act and her claims that Phyl had nothing to do with the heroin. Phyl is relieved to find that she is in the clear but makes her displeasure at their close call very clear to Bev.

Convinced that Yvonne has managed to escape using their route, Selena and Kris have renewed hope that they can be together again on the outside. Selena has secretly cut keys so Kris can follow Yvonne’s route out of the prison. After evading a preoccupied Colin, Kris retrieves the keys and torch Selena hid in the toilets for her and waits until the coast is clear. It’s not long before Kris is inching down the dark corridors towards the hanging cell. Finally, she opens the last door but instead of the exit she was expecting, she finds a brick wall and Yvonne’s decomposing body.

In the panic, Kris drops her keys down a grate and is unable to retrieve them. She strikes lucky and comes across a maintenance man in the outside corridor; he believes her when she tells him that she’s with probation and lets her out into the main corridor. Meanwhile, Selena waits by the metal grate for Kris, she has feigned illness to get out of work and as a result, the wing is now understaffed and put on immediate lock-down. There is a panic when Kris is discovered missing but she is soon found in the corridor. She claims that she dodged into a toilet to be sick and when she re-emerged, found herself behind a locked gate. Sickened by her discovery, she vomits on the floor, reinforcing her excuse in the process.

Having experienced a lightning recovery, Selena reappears on the wing and makes her way to Kris’s cell. She is shocked by Kris’s discovery, especially when Kris tells her that the door Yvonne was imprisoned behind was locked from the outside – Yvonne must have been murdered! Between them, they work out that Fenner must be the one responsible – Yvonne had revealed to Kris that he was out to get her and Selena had seen him hanging around outside the corridor. Kris tells Selena that she will have to ‘discover’ the body and recover the lost keys.

Natalie is taken for her visit with her boyfriend and business partner Paul. During the visit, the police pay a surprise visit and find a packet of cocaine in Paul’s jacket pocket. Paul is dragged off to a waiting police car and Natalie is dragged off down the block by Fenner. However, Neil intercedes and orders Fenner to take Natalie back to her cell so that she can gather her belongings first. Back in her cell, Natalie scribbles some instructions down on a piece of paper and pleads with Frances to make a phone call for her, offering her £10,000 in payment. Frances persuades a passing Neil to allow her to use the PO’s office phone to contact ‘Natalie’s mother’.

On the outside, a lorry is seen backing into a warehouse. The police arrive and arrest the people driving the lorry, when they open it up; they find it full of foreign children. Meanwhile, Natalie is stewing down the block. She is stunned when the police arrive to arrest her for trafficking illegal immigrants, but that’s nothing compared to her surprise when she discovers that Frances Allen is actually ex Detective Inspector Frances Myers, formerly of the vice squad! It appears that this isn’t the only ace Frances is hiding up her sleeve and G-Wing’s officers are appalled when they are gathered together to be informed that she is their new wing governor! And what’s more, what Frances has seen of her officers so far is enough to get them all sacked.

After neglecting to retrieve Kris’s keys, Selena takes her grisly discovery to Neil. The police are called and a forensic team are soon searching and photographing every inch of the scene. The expert in charge finds a lot of scratch marks, some forming what looks like the letters “F E” She informs Neil, Frances and Fenner that she’s convinced Yvonne was murdered.

At the end of their shift, Fenner asks Selena to go with a drink for him. She tells him exactly what she thinks of him before storming off. He then tries his luck with Di but she’s not interested in playing second fiddle to Selena and tells him where to go. As the PO’s leave, new inmate Darlene Cake arrives fresh from slashing a young girl’s face open with a broken glass. Darlene is a Jamaican yardie, who is as tall as a house with bag loads of attitude and a very big mouth. She is certain to ruffle a few feathers on the wing.

As Colin injects himself with another hit and the women of G-Wing mourn the loss of their friend, Fenner wakes up from a nightmare in which he is the one trapped and pleading for his life.


Frances – “Ignore the bandy old twat.”
Hollamby – “I heard that Allen. You’ve got a mouth like a cess-pit, hardly surprising; you’ve spent half your life wallowing in one.”

Frances – “She’s remand and I’m convicted, you’re supposed to keep us separate…rule-book again!”
Hollamby – “Write a letter to the Home Secretary; ask him to build some more prisons.”

Fenner – “Not got up close and personal for a while have we Yates?”
Kris – “You really should change your toothpaste, can see why Atkins wanted out of here with a smell like that, Spain’s probably not far enough.”

Frances – “You’ve no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to saying this…you’re all sacked.”

Neil – “What?”
Selena – “I found Yvonne Atkins.”

Forensics Officer – “Why would she have closed the door on herself in the first place?”
Frances – “So someone could have locked her in.”
Forensics Officer – “Possible and, if you really want my opinion, probable. She was desperate to get out.”
Frances – “Which would mean that she was murdered.”
Neil – “Hang on a minute; let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”
Fenner – “You can’t jump to conclusions just because of a few scratch marks can you?”
Forensics Officer – “You might not be able to but I can.”

Fenner – “So, she was a real mess then?”
Selena – “Shall I describe her to you?”
Fenner – “Shit, no…course not, sorry.”
Selena – “It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life, because how she died was written all over what was left of her face. To think that someone could do that to her.”

Fenner – “You fancy grabbing a drink somewhere? We could even make a night of it.”
Selena – “I’m sorry?”
Fenner – “I don’t really fancy heading home on my todd just yet…swift half in the club and then we’ll see what happens.”
Selena – “Okay, let’s get this clear, I don’t fancy you, I don’t find you attractive in any way whatsoever, I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than spend one second more than I have to in your company.”

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