Series 6, Episode 11

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Jim Loach

Air Date: 16th August, 2004


Kris’s sister, Milly is scared. She is about to confess to the killing of her father, an act that resulted in Kris being put away for life. But Milly is hesitating in coming forward and Selena is becoming increasingly frustrated. Back on G-Wing, Kris is suffering on cellular confinement, and, despite Fenner’s best efforts to get the charges dropped, Natalie is also stewing in the cell alongside her.

A gleeful Di hands out wedding invitations to her and Fenner’s big day. Hollamby is made up when she receives her own invitation but quickly becomes anxious to find someone to accompany her. There really is only one man on her list – Dr Nicholson – but so far, he is proving immune to her rather obvious attempts at flirting. Meanwhile, Tina is getting closer to maintenance man Benjamin. And, after ignoring Julie S’s warnings about him only being out for what he can get, she gets a lot closer to him in the laundry room.

Phyl and Bev are still recovering on the hospital wing from their bout of self-induced oxalic poisoning. Frances goes to visit them and asks for information regarding Natalie’s involvement in Al’s death. Both refuse to say anything unless Frances can guarantee them special privileges and protection. Refusing to be manipulated, Frances orders them both back onto the wing. Realising that they need to get to Natalie before she gets to them, they start thinking of a way to pin Al’s death on her without incriminating themselves.

Frances summons Selena to her office and shows her the fax that proves that she and Kris used to live together. Although she insists that she and Kris were only ever close friends, Selena admits that she applied to be a PO in order to stay close to her, knowing that Kris was innocent. Unwilling to lose such a good officer, Frances decides to give Selena the benefit of the doubt; however, to deflect suspicion, Kris will have to be shipped out to another prison.

It seems that Kris and Selena have been given a reprieve by Frances, but everything changes when Milly’s dead body is found in the canal. Kris is inconsolable when she is told the news and makes it clear to Selena that she holds her solely responsible, convinced that Milly would still be alive if Selena hadn’t put so much pressure on her. Angry and grief-stricken, she tells Selena that it’s all over between them.

Although Rob is sure that there’s more to Karen’s case than meets the eye, he can’t argue with the fact that the eyewitnesses to the hit-and-run are adamant that it was Karen they saw driving the car. Nor can he argue with the fact that the CCTV footage clearly shows a blonde woman behind the wheel. Depressed when Rob admits defeat, Karen hits the bottle.

After Selena tells her that she’s scheduled to be ghosted to another prison, Kris gets in touch with Terry, one of the drivers she worked with and asks him for a favour. The next day, it quickly becomes clear what that favour is when the van she is travelling in is forced to swerve to avoid a truck. The prison van crashes and both of the guards are left unconscious and therefore, unable to prevent Kris from climbing out of the smashed rear window to make her escape in the back of a waiting taxi.

Karen wakes with a hangover after a night of drinking whisky and watching CCTV tapes. She inserts another tape into her VCR and leaves it playing while she takes a shower. When she returns, she sees a man running away from her abandoned car. For a brief moment, his face is illuminated by a nearby streetlight and, as far as Karen is concerned, there is only one man that it can be…Fenner.


Karen – “This is the first time anyone’s bothered to look beyond the eyewitness reports.”
Neil – “Yes, well I hope he turns up something soon, because if he doesn’t, I’m up to my eyes in it and you’re in the dock and Fenner’s screwed us both.”

Tina – “Typical innit? Fall for someone just when I’m due out.”
Julie S – “Fall for? You’ve only met him once!”
Tina – “But there’s a…you know…a thing.”
Julie S – “Yeah and it’s swinging between his legs, end of story.”

Darlene – (To Kris) – “Just try bully me bitch, me eat you like a jelly-tot!”
Frances – “Back off Cake! (To whole wing) Quiet everyone and listen, Kris’s sister Milly died earlier today. So just give it a rest will you?”
Darlene (To the Julies and Tina) – “Don’t open your fool white mouths again before you think!”

Selena – “You can’t give up hope.”
Kris – “I have no hope to give up, and nothing left to live for. So what does it matter?”
Selena – “Kris…”
Kris – “Get out of my sight Selena.”
Selena – “I love you.”
Kris – “Well I hate you.”

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