Series 6, Episode 12

Written by Phil Ford
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Jim Loach

Air Date: 23rd August, 2004


Disappointed when the fax he sent to Frances didn’t have any effect, Fenner decides to anonymously send the evidence of Kris and Selena’s relationship to Neil. Kris is now on the run after her dramatic escape, and as far as Neil’s concerned, this new evidence has placed her firmly in the frame as Kris’s accomplice. Meanwhile, Natalie is furious when he finds out that Kris has escaped and begins to wind the rest of the inmates up by claiming that Kris and Selena were having an affair and that the POs covered up her escape. Frances, who is still fighting in Selena’s corner, threatens to have Natalie transferred if she continues to cause trouble on the wing.

Tina is convinced that she is pregnant and is naively planning a rosy future with Benjamin once she is released. She approaches Phyl and Bev and asks them to contact Al in the hopes that she will be able to confirm her pregnancy from the ‘other side’. In exchange for a bottle of vodka, Phyl and Bev conjure up a séance. The lights are dimmed and wide-eyed Tina and Darlene are soon treated to the voice of gruff Scottish Al coming from the mouth of Bev. As Darlene and Tina listen on in shock, ‘Al’ reveals the name of her murderer – Natalie Buxton!

Darlene erupts onto the wing and attacks Natalie. At first, Darlene’s height and strength see her taking the advantage, but Natalie is fearless and wily and before long, she takes the upper hand, eventually leaving her opponent writhing on the floor in agony. As the officers arrive to break up the fight, Darlene promises Natalie that she will do all that she can to avenge Al’s untimely death.

Determined to prove that Fenner was the man caught on the CCTV tape, Karen waits for him outside the gates of Larkhall and takes some photos of him with her camera. The encounter unsettles Fenner and later that night, he takes a trip to a lock-up

Karen is relieved to have some evidence against Fenner, but it is quickly dismissed by Neil and Rob. Determined to prove that Fenner is the man on the CCTV tape, Karen waits outside the gates of Larkhall and takes some photos of him. She then takes the photographs to Rob and asks him to have them compared against the image on the tape. Rob meanwhile is becoming convinced that Fenner is obsessed with Karen and tells her that there’s a strong possibility of him keeping trophies such as photos, clothing and other personal belongings – if they could find this evidence, it would definitely strengthen Karen’s case. Fenner is greatly unsettled by Karen’s appearance at the prison gates and later that night, he visits a dank lock-up where he keeps what could only be described as a shrine to Karen.

Frances receives a surprise visit from Colin who is back from a stint in rehab. He’s still unsure of where they stand and demands to know the reason for Frances’s erratic behaviour towards him. Over drinks in her office, Frances reveals that she was once badly hurt when the man that she loved dumped her for her own sister, after that, she swore never to let a man hurt her again.

Selena finds Kris on the canal bridge from where Milly jumped to her death. Duty-bound to hand Kris into the authorities, Selena manages to convince her to give herself up. However, Kris has a condition – she wants them to have a one last night together in a posh hotel first. Selena pays for a room in a top hotel and then sneaks Kris in. After a night of passion, Selena wakes in the morning to find that Kris has gone.

Tina says a tearful farewell to Darlene and the Julies and then leaves G-Wing for the last time. She steps through the prison gates expecting to find Benjamin waiting for her but he’s nowhere to be found. Heartbroken, Tina trudges off alone.

It’s the day of Fenner and Di’s wedding and they receive an extra special present in the post – a letter telling them that Fenner won his case against Neil at the tribunal. Neil however is devastated and shares the unhappy news with a dejected Karen who is preparing for her first day in court. Things look very grim for Karen when the court adjourns for the day, but as she steps outside, she finds Neil waiting for her. He has received photographic proof from Rob that Fenner was definitely the man on the CCTV tape.

After the hotel receptionist spots Kris sneaking out of the hotel, the police are once again hot on her trail. When they discover that Selena’s name is on the hotel register, they haul her in for questioning, now convinced that she aided and abetted Kris’s escape. But then news comes in of Kris – she’s standing on top of a London monument, loudly protesting her innocence as the streets grind to a standstill below her. Selena persuades the police officer in charge to take her to the scene and then allow her to try and talk Kris down.

Darlene is terrified when she finds a voodoo doll in her bed and then later, when she discovers a bloody sheet in her washing. She’s now convinced that Natalie has placed a hex on her. Even Phyl and Bev are amazed by the depths that Natalie has sunk to in her quest to intimidate Darlene and accuse her of going too far. But Natalie’s satisfaction is short-lived when Frances has her dragged down the block to await transfer to another prison. Just as Natalie is dragged away, the inmates see Kris and Selena on the television and, now convinced that Natalie was telling the truth about them having an affair, begin to make their displeasure known to a very uncomfortable looking Frances.

After failing to talk sense into Kris, Selena produces a pair of handcuffs and shackles herself to Kris. She turns to the crowd below and vocally joins Kris’s protest.

Apart from a brief appearance by Karen and Neil, Fenner and Di’s wedding goes off without a hitch and before long, the happy couple are walking out under a PO honour guard. Hollamby is over the moon when she catches the bouquet, but the same can’t be said for her escort, Dr Nicholson. The reception is well under way when Karen and Neil return to give Fenner their own wedding present. Fenner is dismissive when they present him with a copy of Rob’s photographic evidence, especially when Di steps forward eagerly and provides him with an alibi. But then Hollamby examines the photograph and realises that the date printed onto it is her and Bobby’s wedding anniversary. Hollamby calmly informs Di that she is mistaken – she spent the whole night comforting her at her flat. When his staunchest ally deserts him, Fenner flips out and has to be restrained from attacking Neil. Eventually, he crumbles onto a nearby chair and breaks down as Karen and Neil look on in satisfaction.

An unspecified amount of time later, Fenner walks onto a prison wing. Only this time, he’s wearing the uniform of an inmate.


Tina – “’Ere, you two have both had kids, what’s the first sign you’re expecting?”
Julie S – “Usually your bloke walking out the front door.”

Tina – “Are you two still talking to the dead?”
Phyl – “Of course, one has to find intelligent conversation somewhere.”

Darlene – “I don’t want this shit man…tell me who kill you and near make me puke to death.”
Phyl – “Darlene, you don’t interrupt the spirits, you wait for them to talk to you.”
Darlene – “She tell me who kill her and I send dem to join her.”

Hollamby – “Just take me in your arms Malcolm and let me do all of the work. All you have to watch is your rhythm.”

Karen – “What if they send me to Larkhall?”
Neil – “They won’t.”
Karen – “Want a bet? I might as well get used to the fact, I can kiss goodbye to the next ten years.”

Dr Nicholson – “Well, if ever there was a time for self-medication its today.”
PO – “Sylvia.”
Dr Nicholson – “Mmm, yeah, like a dose of shingles on two stubby legs.”

Natalie – “That’s the thing with voodoo; it’s all in the mind. Once someone thinks they have a curse on them, they’re cursed.”
Bev – “Poor girl’s scared out of her wits.”
Natalie – “Well that is the point.”
Phyl – “You could do her some real harm.”
Natalie – “Like you two did to Al McKenzie?”
Phyl – “That was an accident, this is cold-blooded torture.”

Kris – “What the hell are you doing?”
Selena – “What’s necessary. If you’re going to be counted, then they’re gonna have to count me with you.”

Neil – “Don’t you want to open your present Jim?”
Fenner – “What are you playing at you bastard? If you’re after some sort of revenge…”
Neil – “This isn’t revenge Jim, this is justice.”

Fenner – “You just get out of here Grayling while you can still walk, and you take this…this lying bitch with you!”
Karen – “You’re the liar Fenner…and a killer.”
Di – “He was with me!”
Hollamby – “Erm, Di…I think you must have forgotten. That night I remember, it was mine and Bobby’s wedding anniversary and you came round to comfort me. You were with me all night at my flat.”
Fenner – “Sylvia! What are you doing? They’re lies! It’s all lies! Why are you trying to help them?”
Hollamby – “I’m not Jim…it’s the truth.”

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