Series 6, Episode 2

Written by Paul Mousley
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Nigel Douglas

Air Date: 21st April, 2004


Fenner starts to sweat as a full-scale investigation is launched into the death of Yvonne Atkins. As the police turn up in droves he’s finding it hard not to crack and tries to deflect suspicion by dropping little hints to Hollamby and Di about just how close Colin really was to Yvonne. Meanwhile, G-Wing is unsettled as the prisoners are all extremely distressed about Yvonne’s death. Kris is already certain that Fenner is the culprit and it doesn’t take much in the way of persuasion to convince the other inmates that he is the one responsible.

The new wing governor, Frances Myers, decides that it’s the right time to make her introductions to the women of G-Wing. The inmates are shaken, especially as she’s the woman they originally knew as ex-prostitute Frances Allen. Frances makes it clear to the women that she will come down hard on anyone who steps out of line – inmate or officer.

New inmate Darlene Cake is taken through the reception procedure. When asked her religion, she claims to be a Rastafarian in the vain hope that she will be allowed to use cannabis. Darlene is taken to the dorm where her daunting size and loud mouth soon intimidate Al and Tina. However, this doesn’t stop Al from returning to the cell and searching for the stash of drugs she’s sure Darlene has just de-crutched. Darlene is furious when she catches Al in the act of stealing her stash but Phyl intervenes and manages to persuade Darlene to entrust her stash in her care – it will be much safer if kept in the hidden niche behind her mirror rather than the dorm.

The women turn on Fenner, chanting “killer” and “murderer”. The situation looks like it could turn nasty but luckily for Fenner, Frances intervenes and orders the wing on lock-down. It seems that he’s now number one on everyone’s list of suspects, including the police, or so it seems when they ask to interview him first. Fenner admits that he and Yvonne didn’t get on but that doesn’t mean that he killed her, and just because he was the one to discover Colin’s missing keys, doesn’t mean that he was the one to lock her in. Later, Hollamby and Di both reveal their suspicions about the extent of Colin’s relationship with Yvonne and his strange behaviour since the discovery of her body. Now totally rattled, Fenner again orders Colin to keep his mouth shut. This time, Colin’s had enough, he doesn’t care if Fenner tells the world about his heroin habit, he owes it to Yvonne to tell the truth. During his interview, he informs DI Harwell that it was Fenner who attacked him during the escape, not Yvonne.

Fenner is called back to speak to the police. He’s flustered, especially when he is told that Colin is accusing him of the attack, not Yvonne. However, just as DI Harwell is beginning to pin Fenner down, the phone rings. Harwell is told that a set of keys have been found inside the grate just outside the hanging cell – he now suspects that Yvonne dropped them down there herself, thinking that she wouldn’t need them any more – she then closed the door on herself before realising that the tunnel was blocked. The discovery of the keys puts Fenner in the clear; the keys that he found are no longer necessarily the keys that locked her in and therefore, there’s no proof that he was anywhere near the hanging cell when she was trying to escape. Little do either of them know that the keys were dropped by Kris when she found Yvonne’s body.

Colin can’t believe it when a rather smug Fenner informs him that he’s now in the clear. Unable to cope with the guilt he doses himself up with a hit of smack and then makes his was down to the hanging cell. Meanwhile, as a mark of respect to Yvonne, the Julies decide to place flowers and a home-made card in the spot where she died. But when Julie J goes down to the hanging cell, she is shocked to find Colin dangling from the noose. She saves him in the nick of time and then holds him as he breaks down. Afterwards, he admits to Julie J that he was in love with Yvonne.

DI Harwell informs Frances and Neil that he is now convinced that Yvonne locked herself in before realising the tunnel ahead of her was blocked – the keys dropped down the grate prove that in his eyes. Although Neil is relieved that none of the POs are implicated, Frances isn’t so sure – she’s convinced that someone locked Yvonne in, but without evidence of any foul play, she accepts that there’s nothing the police can do. Harwell does have one last point to make and that’s regarding Fenner, he warns Frances and Neil that there’s something not quite right about him.

Selena has been in contact with Kris’s sister, Milly. She has persuaded Milly to return to the UK from Canada and own up to killing her father. Kris is worried that Milly will be sent to prison if she’s found guilty but Selena reassures her – she’s found a brilliant lawyer who specialises in representing children and is convinced that there are enough mitigating circumstances to aid Milly’s defence.

Now that she’s got her hands on Darlene’s stash, Phyl decides to take advantage of the general feeling of distress by telling Al to sell their wares to everyone who wants it. As the orders role in, Phyl turns her attention to Frances; she’s worried about the fact that the new governor, in the guise of inmate Frances Allen, might have observed her business transactions and decides to protect her stash by moving it from her cache behind the mirror and burying it in the garden. Phyl does decide to keep a little of the stash back and gives it to Bev.

Fenner may be in the clear as far as the police are concerned but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to have flashbacks about Yvonne’s death. In the officer’s club, the sound of the barman scraping the beer pumps clean is too much like the sound of nails being scraped down a wall and he flips out, throwing an ashtray at the barman and shattering a row of optics in the process. Di takes him home, but on the way Fenner sees a pizza delivery motorcycle and throws himself to the ground, convinced that the Atkins family have ordered a hit on him.

Phyl is in trouble when Bev’s gluttony results in an overdose. Frances orders the DST to search the cell, but then realises that the wing is too quiet – where are all the night-calls? Frances goes from cell to cell and discovers that the whole wing is totally out of it! The DST find Phyl’s hiding place behind the mirror but its empty, Phyl has already managed to relocate her stash to the garden. Frances is furious and places Phyl on cellular confinement until she reveals who supplied the other inmates with drugs. Meanwhile, Bev is wheeled away bound for the hospital wing.


Bev – “Oooh! Do my eyes deceive me or are we back in costume this morning? Someone’s head going to roll for our dear departed friend?”
Di – “Believe me; this morning is going to be full of surprises.”

Phyl – “We can let this lot go to waste. Look at everyone; it’s a weep-fest!”

Frances – “For those of you who don’t already know, I’m Frances Myers and I’m your new governor.”
Phyl – “Bitch from hell!”

Frances – “In here everyone answers to me. There’s only going to be one bastard screw from now on and you’re looking at her.”

Darlene – “What you doing with them?”
Paula – “Biscuits and snacks can be purchased from the canteen.”
Darlene – “You scared I’m going to carve somebody with them Jammy Dodger?”

Fenner – “One more word from that murdering lezza gob of yours and I’ll…”
Kris – “You’ll what? Murder me too?”

Hollamby – “That bunk belonged to one of your kind; she got out, living with rich people now. And the other one was occupied by our very own Picasso. So you can take your pick and if you know what’s good for you today, you’ll behave yourself.”
Darlene – “I don’t want no trouble.”
Hollamby – “Mmmm, I’ve heard that before. Oh, meet Pinky and Perky…right flippin’ pair.”

DI Harwell – “How would you describe Yvonne Atkins?”
Hollamby – “Poison! Thought she ruled the roost.”
DI Harwell – “Would you say she had a lot of influence over the other prisoners?”
Hollamby – “Over any with a brain-shaped space between their ears, which is most of them.”

Hollamby – “I’d forgotten how much I love lock-down, breaks my heart letting them out again.”

Frances – “If I find anything you’re mine…for a very long time.”
Phyl – “But my heart belongs to Daddy.”

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