Series 6, Episode 3

Written by Di Burrows & Jane Marlow
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Ian Knox

Air Date: 28th April, 2004


Frances visits the hospital wing to see Bev who is recovering from her near fatal heroin overdose. Frances is determined to find out who sold her the drugs but Bev clams up. Frances is hell bent on cracking down on the G-Wing’s dealers and orders urine tests for every inmate. She also places Phyl on 24 hour surveillance – Phyl is a pretty cool customer but being handcuffed to Hollamby might be more than she can stand.

Fenner finds a piece of rotting, maggot ridden meat in his locker; evidently, the inmates are still all convinced that he’s responsible for Yvonne’s death. But their taunts and sly remarks may now be the least of his worries – as Julie S is quick to point out – how long before Lauren Atkins orders a hit out on him? Frances reassures Fenner that he has nothing to fear from the Atkins’ gang, the police raided Lauren’s house and found enough to warrant her arrest and remand into custody. Julie S is furious when Colin tells her about Lauren’s imprisonment; she corners Fenner in the servery and threatens him with a knife.

Phyl goes to use one of her stack of phonecards in the wing phone and is gobsmacked when she discovers that Larkhall has gone over to the new PIN number system. Instead of using cards, inmates are given a PIN to access their telephone funds – Phyl’s cards are now useless! However, she’s still refusing to crack, even when Bev is moved out to the four-bed dorm.

Selena is still hell bent on getting her lover Kris out of prison and determined that Kris’s younger sister Milly should come forward and confess. But things don’t go according to plan when Selena goes to meet Milly from the airport and instead runs into Mrs Yates, Kris and Milly’s mum. Mrs Yates knows all about Kris and Selena’s plan and has been in contact with Milly herself and has discouraged her from coming forward. As far as she’s concerned, Kris murdered her husband and deserves to rot in prison. After Milly fails to show, Selena returns to Larkhall and begs Kris to get in contact with Mrs Yates – maybe she could be persuaded to come forward and testify about the extent of Mr Yates’s violent behaviour. Kris reluctantly agrees to write to her mother.

Darlene doesn’t like tea and demands to be given cocoa instead. Julie J informs her that its tea or nothing, unless of course she becomes a Mormon – Mormon’s aren’t allowed to consume caffeine and therefore are allowed cocoa. Darlene goes straight to her new personal officer, Colin, and makes the relevant application to change her religion. Julie J meanwhile seems to be showing all the signs of falling for Colin and tells him that the only reason Darlene wants to change her religion is so that she’ll be allowed cocoa. Colin turns Darlene’s request down and she responds by putting in a formal complaint to Frances, accusing him of racially abusing her.

Frances investigates Darlene’s claims by questioning Tina, Al and Bev. She finds out that Darlene was lying and clears Colin of any wrongdoing. Later, she invites him to her office for a drink and seduces him. Afterwards, she makes a point of telling Colin that she might very well want a repeat performance in the future but that doesn’t mean that she wants a relationship with him. In fact, as far as she’s concerned, their relationship is still purely wing governor and PO.

After Di urges him to get help, Fenner goes to see Dr Nicholson and tells him that he’s having trouble sleeping. Nicholson gives him a bottle of sleeping pills and advises him not to let the “bitches” get him down. Later, Di and Fenner go to a video shop and he sees Julie S lurking between the shelves with a knife. When ‘Julie’ attacks him, he realises that it’s not Julie at all, just a woman who looks slightly like her. Di is understandably concerned but her thoughts turn to mush when Fenner proposes out of the blue and then begs her not to leave him. She accepts immediately, not realising that Fenner is only asking out of his fear of sleeping alone.

Phyl is on the verge of cracking; not only has Frances left the light on in her cell, she’s also ordered fifteen minute checks by the night screws. It is too bright for her to sleep and, when she does finally drop off through sheer exhaustion, she is woken by the POs opening the flap to check on her. Meanwhile, Julie J tries to talk Julie S out of her threats to get even with Fenner. Julie S is adamant that Fenner will pay – she’s living with a life sentence already, what has she got to lose? At home, Fenner wakes up after a bad dream that turns into a waking nightmare – his bedroom turns into a cell and he relives the moment Shell stabs him. He turns to Di and shouts for her to help but when he throws back the covers, he sees Yvonne’s rotting corpse lying in her place.

The following morning, Di and a very stressed looking Fenner announce their engagement to their fellow POs. Frances, acting number one now that Neil is on a course, orders another round of urine tests. Phyl is also put on cellular confinement and her pissed off fellow inmates put her on a bread and water diet. This is all too much for Phyl and she finally admits defeat, she offers to confess all to Frances in return for Bev being moved back in with her and for them both to be made up to red-bands. Flushed with victory, Frances agrees to Phyl’s terms.

Hollamby has an altercation with Darlene and is overheard making some racist remarks by PO Paula Miles. Paula goes straight to Frances and makes a complaint.

Julie J confides in Colin about her worries that Julie S might do something stupid. Meanwhile, Julie S has stolen a knife and confronts Fenner with it; she attacks him and manages to slash his hand. Colin follows Fenner to the bathroom and finds him ranting incoherently while trying to stem the flow of blood from his hand. When Colin returns to the wing, Fenner locks himself inside a toilet cubicle.

Julie J is terrified of what the consequences might be for Julie S. However, Colin is beginning to suspect that Fenner is losing it and that there’s a chance Julie S might get away with it – when Di stops to ask him if he’s seen Fenner, he tells her no.

No-one can believe their eyes when Fenner walks onto the wing. He’s totally naked and holds up his bloody hand whilst proclaiming his innocence – everyone can see now that he has absolutely nothing to hide!


Phyl – “What’s this?”
Hollamby – “PIN system, name of the game in most of Her Majesty’s now. It means that each inmate has their own private code so its chips to your phonecard drug deals…maybe you could recycle them as coasters.”

Julie S – “Lauren Atkins going down don’t mean you’re home free Fenner.”
Fenner – “Eh? Who told you that?”
Julie S – “Plenty of sharps round here ain’t there girls?”
Julie J – “Yeah (picks up knife) got all sorts innit Teen?”
Tina – “That’s right (picks up another knife) we’ve got all sorts round here.”
Julie S – “And plenty of girls round here who could do damage with them, right Jue?”
Julie J – “Serious damage Jue.”

Darlene – “I can’t be drinking that piss…you got any cocoa?”
Julie J – “Only if you’re a Mormon.”
Darlene – “If me a who?”
Julie J – “You know, like the Osmonds. You’ve heard of them yeah? (Pause for Darlene to look vacant) Crazy horses, wah wah.”

Bev – “Why don’t you just come clean and get this over with?”
Phyl – “Because I, unlike you, still have some fighting spirit.”
Bev – “Well I, unlike you, am banged up in the gorm dorm.”

Fenner – “Time was I thought the old bill were out to frame me up.”
Nicholson – “Not to mention Governor Gayling passing you over for another bossy madam.”

Frances – “Right, meals on CC from now on and no work, maybe that’ll cramp her style.”
Phyl – “Style, with this ugly accessory…no chance.”

Darlene – “Them screws think Rasta just mean junkie.”
Al – “They think Scottish means smack head.”
Tina – “And Mormon means hot chocolate?”

Darlene – “Don’t be dissing me.”
Colin – “I’m not!”
Darlene – “Yes you do, ‘cause you’re one racist screw.”

Colin – “Well, your way definitely seems to be having results.”
Frances – “Take your trousers off.”

Di – “Jim and I would like to make an announcement, we’re getting married.”
Hollamby – “Well at least you’ve found yourself a real man this time.”

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