Series 6, Episode 9

Written by Di Burrows
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Nigel Douglas

Air Date: 2nd August, 2004


Now that he’s received a reprieve from Frances, Colin decides to take some much-needed time away from Larkhall. Although Frances is pleased when she receives a thank you letter from him, Julie J is rather upset about his sudden absence and is so busy worrying about him that she completely forgets about Julie S’s upcoming cancer check-up at the hospital.

Selena returns from Canada, thrilled to have brought home Kris’s younger sister, Milly. Kris is over the moon, especially when Selena informs her that she has already been in touch with a solicitor who is preparing to use Milly’s confession as the basis of an appeal. There’s more good news for Selena – Frances is very impressed with her work so far and has put her name forward for the Prison Service’s Intensive Development Scheme. Selena takes time to think about the idea and talks it over with Kris who is dismissive to say the least.

Natalie is suspicious when Kris refuses the offer of another night of passion. Although guilty Kris is doing her best to behave normally around Selena, Natalie is no fool and soon realises the true depth of their relationship.

With a lack of evidence to support her suspicion that Natalie is the G-Wing poisoner, Frances reluctantly drops the case. Meanwhile, Hollamby arrives back from her “combating racism course” a changed woman. She is now anti any form of discrimination and stuns Darlene with a heartfelt apology. When Hollamby talks about the sexist and ageist discrimination she has received at the hands of the Prison Service, Darlene begins to see her in an entirely new light, even going so far as writing an angry letter to the ‘powers that be’ to show her support. Although Hollamby files the letter in the nearest bin, it is clear that she is quite touched by Darlene’s gesture.

Julie S receives the all-clear and returns to Larkhall to give Julie J the good-news. However, her happiness is short-lived – Julie S is unable to allow her best friend to kid herself any longer and tells her all about Colin’s relationship with Frances. Unsurprisingly, Julie J is devastated.

Neil is worried about his impending tribunal for sexual misconduct and wonders if his job and reputation will survive. Meanwhile, Fenner has his own concerns – could Di’s erratic and obsessive behaviour during her ill-fated marriage to Neil have jeopardised his case? Fenner confronts Di about Neil’s allegations, but just when it seems that he is on the verge of acting violently, Di beats him to it and lays into him with a heavy ornament. Later, as she and an uneasy Fenner sit down for dinner, Di comes up with a sure-fire plan to bring Neil down in style.

Acting on Di’s instructions, Fenner approaches Stuart Jones, a maintenance man who Neil has the hots for. Fenner uses the knowledge that Stuart is embezzling Union funds to pay his mounting debts to bribe him to tempt Neil into a very compromising position in the men’s toilets. Although nothing actually happens, Stuart cries sexual assault and reports the incident to the Union. Although Neil maintains that he’s been set up, even staunch allies like Frances are beginning to wonder if Fenner’s allegations are based on truth.

As Selena excitedly arranges Milly’s first visit to Kris in Larkhall, Natalie drops the bombshell about what her and Kris have been up to whilst she was away.

With nowhere else to turn, Neil picks up the telephone and gets in touch with Karen Betts.


Kris – “Let’s just forget it.”
Natalie – “Right, just like that yeah? There someone else isn’t there?”
Kris – “No, but if there was, it would be another dyke, ‘cause you’re not are you? You’re just pretending.”

Neil – “I’ve decided to cooperate, at least this way we avoid the hassle of a formal hearing.”
Fenner – “That’s very good of you. Same bloke rang me and I told him exactly what he could do with his mediation.”
Neil – “Come on Jim.”
Fenner – “I’m going for the full-on public execution! Might even invite a few tabloid hacks along as well.”
Neil – “You’ll never win.”
Fenner – “You just watch me! It’s time to move over…darling.”

Darlene – “Miss! Kris is not a murderer man, and she’s gonna prove it.”
Hollamby – “Now Darlene, I know that you people are sunny natured, but there’s no need to be gullible.”

Natalie – “Having a lover’s tiff, or talking about me?”
Selena – “Don’t flatter yourself Buxton.”
Natalie – “Oh dear, you are the jealous type…thought as much.”
Kris – “Ignore her.”
Natalie – “Certainly not what you’ve been doing though is it? Don’t you remember in my cell when you had your hand in between my legs?”
Kris – “She’s lying!”
Natalie – “You couldn’t get enough; you said I was the best you’d ever had! While the cat’s away eh? Don’t worry (walks over to Selena) I doubt that this pussy will be going back to milk now that she’s tasted cream.”

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