Series 7, Episode 10

Written by Polly Eden
Produced by Rachel Snell
Directed by Laurence Moody

Air Date: 12th July, 2005


It’s the anniversary of Yvonne’s death, the perfect day for Julie S to put her plan to kill Fenner into action. She asks Di for permission to set up a shrine to Yvonne in the hanging cell and then arrange a remembrance service in the chapel. Knowing that Fenner would rather cut off his own legs than agree to such a request, Di goes over his head and takes it to Neil who immediately gives his consent – he’s got more important things to worry about, namely an impending meeting with Area to discuss Phyl and Bev’s escape. Later, Di’s emotional announcement regarding the shrine and the memorial service turns into a not very subtle accusation against Fenner, something that stirs up the women against him.

Bev’s appearing behind the dock in the magistrate’s court to answer charges for, amongst other things, committing GBH against pervy Frank. Despite Hollamby’s desperate plea to be allowed to give Bev a character witness she has no choice but to plead guilty to all seven of the charges against her and then is sent back to Larkhall to await trial. To make things worse for Bev, she arrives back on G-Wing to find that Natalie is on the war-path because her own escape attempt was jeopardised. Natalie slips into Bev’s cell to provide her own brand of welcome but is interrupted by Fenner who is alerted by Bev’s cry of pain. Even he is shocked by the bloody bite marks on Bev’s arm and immediately puts Natalie on report. He also cancels her upcoming day release and tells her that he’s going to recommend to the new Governing Governor that she be transferred out of Larkhall.

Hollamby is also back on G-Wing after her ordeal in Spain and feeling rather sorry for herself, as her deceased husband drained every penny from her. With huge debts hanging over her the future is looking rather bleak, but, at least she has Dr Nicholson’s flat to sell. Discovering that Di is homeless, Hollamby offers her a room at the flat until she finds a buyer. Next thing to do on Hollamby’s list is to sell the engagement ring that Dr Nicholson gave her. Believing that the huge rock in the ring is genuine, she’s in for a huge shock at the jewellers when she discovers that it is a worthless cubic zirconium. Another debt Hollamby has been left with is the fact that she owes her life to Phyl and Bev. Back at the prison, she presents Bev with a bottle of gin and then threatens to drop Phyl in it for Dr Nicholson’s murder if Bev so much as thinks about blackmailing her to do any more booze runs.

Arun moves her stuff out of Pat’s cell in order to make room for Sheena. However, after being shown up in front of the wing by Di, Fenner is keen to throw his weight around and refuses to allow the cell swap to go ahead. When Pat objects, Fenner physically threatens her and then, when Sheena tries to intervene, he cancels her visits from Dylan for the foreseeable future. As the PO who gave the go-ahead for the cell swap in the first place, Spiers is angry that Fenner has usurped his authority in front of the inmates, especially seeing as they are supposed to be “on the same side”. But Fenner is fed-up with Spiers snapping at his ankles and makes it clear that he is going to cut him down to size.

After his disastrous meeting with Area, Neil is suspended pending an inquiry into Phyl and Bev’s escape. He calls Fenner to his office to give him the news and ends up punching the smug smile off his face. However, before long, Fenner manages to get the upper hand and viciously beats Neil before taunting him with the very real prospect that the Governing Governor’s job will be his by the following morning. Fenner’s right, before long, Area are on the phone asking him to take over the reins from Neil.

Pat is still refusing to admit that she has feelings for Sheena and is getting sick of Arun’s constant attempts at playing matchmaker. As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t do relationships and both Arun and Sheena should get that through their heads. However, Pat finds it impossible to conceal her true feelings for very long and can’t stop herself from telling Sheena that she loves her before fleeing. Later, she admits to Sheena that it’s the thought of her impending release and the fact that she’ll be left alone in Larkhall afterwards that is holding her back. On their way down to the hanging cell, they pause in the corridor for a passionate kiss and Sheena reveals that she’s in love with Pat too.

Fenner has no idea that he’s now living on borrowed time. All over Larkhall, POs and inmates alike are brewing plots to top him. Desperate for Sheena’s visits with Dylan to be reinstated, Pat sharpens a piece of garden cane and then sneaks it onto the wing, seemingly with Di’s consent. Hell bent on revenge for Yvonne’s death, Julie S and an extremely reluctant Julie J are making candles complete with poisoned wicks. Darlene and Janine have a secret plan involving a sharpened thorn, rat poison and a drinking straw and Spiers and Natalie are working on a method that will also incriminate Di. Neil meanwhile slips a mickey into Fenner’s glass of wine at his leaving reception, and why should Tina be so adamant that he take a specific cheese straw from the plate she is offering around? Appalled by his treatment of Di and sick of the sly digs he keeps making about Bobby-Darren’s sexuality, even Hollamby has reached the end of her tether as far as he is concerned.

Over in Spain, Phyl sells her diamonds for a pitiful 500 Euros and then goes to drown her sorrows with several glasses of sherry in a bar. Unfortunately, the “ignorant Spanish peasant” in the pawn shop is a hell of a lot more fluent in English than Phyl suspected and he takes the diamonds straight to the police. Phyl is arrested just as she was about to embark for a life of conning “dumb Brits looking for homes” in Croatia.

Down in the hanging cell, the Julies are devastated when they discover dried blood and scratch-marks on the wall, legacy of Yvonne’s gruesome death. Now more determined than ever to gain revenge on her killer, they set up the shrine and light the poisoned candles ready for Fenner. In twos, the women are allowed into the hanging cell to lay flowers and say prayers for Yvonne before they move on to the chapel for the memorial service. After a while, Fenner begins to feel the effect of breathing in the poison from the candles and whatever drug Neil spiked his glass of wine with and slumps into the chair that the Julies have left for him. By the time Janine and Darlene arrive to aim the contents of their blow-pipe at his neck, he has passed out.

In the chapel, the new Larkhall Chaplain, Christy MacKay is surprised at the strength of the women’s animosity against Fenner as Julie S makes an emotional speech. Meanwhile, Fenner is struggling to regain consciousness. Realising that he is in serious trouble, he sees salvation in the form of a familiar face, but his relief turns to horror when he sees the blade that the person is carrying before they plunge it into his neck. With blood spraying out of the wound in his neck, Fenner crashes to the ground by the shrine…face to face with photographs of Yvonne, he hears her voice inside his head, pleading for her life before he dies.


Di – “On a final note, I’d like to be known as Miss Barker again. The name Fenner sticks in my throat.”

Neil – “If I find out that you’ve allowed prisoners to escape I’ll…”
Fenner – “You’ll what, hit me with your handbag? This inquiry’s going to show what a shit regime you run here. You’re finished. Better start praying to the patron saint of poofs.”
Neil – “But not before I’ve done this…(punches Fenner in the face)”

Fenner – “Aren’t you going to wish me luck in my new job?”
Neil – “Piss off Fenner!”

Vicky – “When we get to the cell you enter in twos right? You say your prayer, whatever and then you get out. You make your way in twos to the chapel where the reverend will take the service.”
Natalie – “What’s with all this twos shit? We’re not schoolkids.”
Julie S – “Well if we were, you’d be selling us as sex slaves.”

Fenner – “Sylv, I don’t want to worry you but erm, Bobby Darren.”
Hollamby – “Mmm?”
Fenner – “Has he ever had a girlfriend?”
Hollamby – “Excuse me?”
Fenner – “I’d ask him pretty damn quick, looks like he’s being groomed for Grayling’s favourite bum-boy.”
Hollamby – “Well you really are a nasty piece of work aren’t you Jim? Thanks be to Di I get to see you in your true colours.”
Fenner – “Hang on, I’m only trying to show you how…”
Hollamby – “Get stuffed!”

Bobby Darren – “My stars said changes were on the horizon today, they didn’t say it was going to be a bloody Tsunami!”
Neil – “It’s not a matter of life or death Bobby.”
Bobby Darren – “It’s a house in Hampstead Neil, which my stupid mother has just pissed up the swanee just to get another useless ring on her finger. And now she expects to screw £300 a month out of me just to keep her in chocolate sodding fingers! I mean hello…God!”
Neil – “At least she turned a blind eye to you screwing me.”
Bobby Darren – “Be better if she’d hit the screaming roof and never wanted to see me again.”

Christy – “Evening everyone, I’m the new Chaplain here at Larkhall.”
Natalie – “Stick your prayer book up your muff.”
Christy – “This? (Holds up a heavy bible) Even with God’s help that would be a bit difficult.”

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