Series 7, Episode 11

Written by Phil Ford
Produced by Rachel Snell
Directed by Declan O’Dwyer

Air Date: 12th July, 2005


The atmosphere at Larkhall is euphoric – Jim Fenner is dead! Police detectives DI Hayes and DS Hook are assigned to the case, but as they examine the bloody scene in the hanging cell it becomes clear to them both that finding someone who didn’t want the Wing Governor dead might actually be harder than discovering who did. In the meantime, the women are being held in the chapel while the police search their cells. Julie S is over the moon – she was the one who made Fenner pay once and for all – and can’t understand why Julie J keeps trying to put a dampener on her excitement. Neil meanwhile makes a point of offering Hayes and Hook every assistance and assumes that his POs will prove invaluable to the police during the cell search. As far as Hayes is concerned however, all of G-Wing’s officers are under as much suspicion as the inmates and he refuses Neil’s offer.

As the person who discovered Fenner’s bloody body, Di is in shock. This shock turns to horror when it transpires that Hayes and Hook have already chosen her as their prime suspect given her rocky marriage to the corpse. In her interview, Di describes her discovery of Fenner, leaving out the fact that she touched the body and then stopped to wash blood from her hands and change her soiled uniform for a clean one on her way to sound the alarm. She also tells Hook and Hayes that Fenner was having an affair with Natalie, something that Hayes sees as a credible motive for murder. Of course, Natalie is quick to deny Di’s accusations – she wasn’t having an affair with Fenner, he was taking advantage of her. She also makes a point of telling Hook and Hayes about Di’s assault on her, another black mark against her as far as the detectives are concerned.

Julie S can’t believe it when she hears that the police are looking for a sharp instrument as the murder weapon – surely it was her poisoned candles that killed Fenner! Pat is also acting shifty, so much so that Spiers insists that she is the first inmate to be searched. His instincts are proved right when the length of sharpened garden cane falls out of her sleeve. When the pathologist at Fenner’s post-mortem agrees that the murder weapon could have been a piece of garden cane, the onus of the investigation falls on Pat. She readily admits that she was carrying the cane because of Fenner, but rather as a way of defending herself against further physical assaults by him rather than as a murder weapon. She also has a credible explanation for the blood that was found on the sharpened end of the cane, informing Hayes that she cut herself when she was sharpening it. Pat can handle the police, but she finds Sheena’s refusal to believe that she isn’t the murderer hard to swallow.

With Pat off the hook, Di is well and truly back in the frame. Now that the police have found CCTV evidence that she was the one who scratched the words “die bastard” into the side of Fenner’s car, things are looking even grimmer. Di can’t believe it when Hayes informs her that he’s going to hold her for questioning and has her taken to an empty cell.

Down in the dorm, Janine can’t resist bragging that she and Darlene are the real murderers. Tina is incredulous, especially when Janine accuses her of being an accessory – she is the one who gave them the rat poison after all! Although Darlene denies everything that Janine is saying, she can’t argue with the fact that the whole thing was planned out in the pages of their novel. After lights out, Sheena steals the novel and gives it to the police the following morning. Taken into separate rooms for questioning, Janine and Darlene are soon blaming each other. Although the novel and the dart that was found in Fenner’s neck are strong evidence against the pair, Hayes is still convinced that Di is the killer, but, as Hook is quick to point out, all of the evidence against her is circumstantial. Hayes has no choice to let Di go.

Although Fenner’s death has given Neil a reprieve from suspension, his relief is short-lived. Enter new Governing Governor Joy Masterton, ex Army and as hard as nails, she starts as she means to go on by demoting Neil to G-Wing’s new Wing Governor and then placing all of the inmates on basic regime – in the future, all privileges will be earnt. Predictably, Pat clashes with Joy almost immediately, earning herself early morning calls at 5am followed by ice-cold showers until further notice. The inmates are then ordered to clean and tidy their cells in preparation for an inspection. Natalie is the only one who realises that sucking up to the new Number One is a wise move and tidies her cell with military precision, something that earns her a television in her cell. Hollamby is beside herself with joy – at last, a Governing Governor with balls! She changes her opinion pretty sharpish when Joy limits her and her fellow officers to two tea-breaks a day!

A disgruntled Phyl returns to Larkhall, kicking herself for getting caught. Just like Pat, she immediately gets on the wrong side of Joy and finds herself dressed in a tracksuit and running laps around the exercise yard. Bev is overjoyed that her partner-in-crime is back, but soon sobers when Phyl breaks down in tears, unable to cope with the prospect of being back behind bars. Meanwhile, Natalie boasts about her outside visit the following day, telling Pat that it’s the last night she’ll be spending locked up in Larkhall. Pat can’t bring herself to grass on a fellow inmate, even one she despises…but maybe there’s another way that she can foil Natalie’s plans to escape.

As soon as Di is allowed out of her cell, she goes straight into the locker room and removes the bloody uniform from her locker before stuffing it into a bag. Upon leaving the room, she walks straight into Hayes and Hook who have been waiting for her to slip up. Di is adamant that she got the blood on her uniform when she found Fenner’s body and that she panicked and changed it because, given the fact that she was the first on the scene and that their marital difficulties were no secret, everyone would naturally assume that she was the murderer. Despite maintaining her innocence, Di is arrested. It’s a terrible ordeal for Di who is locked in a Larkhall cell until the Hayes and Hook can take her to a nearby police station to be formally charged.

Julie S can’t understand why Julie J is so adamant that Di can’t be the murderer. When the news of Di’s arrest filters down to the wing the following morning, it’s the final straw for Julie J and she makes a public confession to Neil and Joy. Julie S intervenes and tries to take the blame herself over Julie J’s very vocal protests. Realising that something very serious is up; Pat stands and also confesses then Arun, then Sheena and Tina and Janine and Darlene and Bev. Before long, every inmate on G-Wing, apart from Natalie stands up and claims that they are the killer. Assuming that the whole thing is some warped practical joke, Joy orders all of the inmates back to their cells.

After steering Julie J back to the safety of their cell, Julie S is stunned when her friend makes another confession, this time giving a detailed account of Fenner’s death. She explains that she couldn’t stand the thought of Julie S going down for murdering him and so, just before changing for Yvonne’s memorial service, she took a pair of scissors from the salon and sneaked down to the cooler room, using them to chip a sharp piece of ice from the side of one of the freezers. During the furore that followed Julie S’s speech during the service, she crept out of the chapel and retrieved the ice dagger from the toilet cistern in which she’d hidden it wrapped in tin foil, hoping that the cold water would prevent it from melting. Then she went straight down to the hanging cell and stabbed Fenner in the neck before leaving the weapon on the floor of the cell to melt and returning to the chapel.

Unaware of Julie J’s startling confession, Hayes and Hook lead Di away to a waiting police car.


DI Hayes – “I tell you Hooky, this is going to be fun.”
DS Hook – “Well, a Wing Governor murdered in his own prison, there won’t be any shortage of suspects.”

Pat – “Can I go now? There’s a party on the wing, Christmas came early this year.”

Hollamby – “Look at them, like a pack of hyenas!”
Spiers – “Face it Sylvia, no one’s going to be throwing themselves on Fenner’s coffin, not even his wife…unless it’s to hammer a stake through his heart.”

Julie S – “I don’t get it Jue. All that planning – making them candles, talking Fenner into laying the wreath – I had it all worked out. Then someone else goes and stabs the bastard!”

Pat – “I didn’t kill anyone, but I might start a killing spree if you don’t shut up!”

Tina – (On seeing Joy) “Looks like Grayling’s got himself a new girlfriend.”
Bev – “She looks like the ‘Terminator’ in drag.”

DS Hook “What do you think?”
DI Hayes – “That I was right, finding a killer in here is like looking for a tart in Soho – you’re spoilt for choice.”

Phyl – “Look, this is ridiculous.”
Joy – “In the Army I ran ten miles a day.”
Phyl – “And I trust Hitler decorated you with an Iron Cross.”

Pat – “What did you do in the Army anyway, fry bollocks?”
Joy – “How did you guess?”

Neil – “Julies, I’m sorry I really am believe me, but you’ve just confessed in front of everyone. I really am going to have to tell the police.”
Julie J – “She didn’t do it, I did it! I killed Fenner!”
Pat – “No you didn’t, neither of you did, it was me…I killed Fenner.”
Arun – “No she didn’t, I did.”
Sheena – “No, I killed Fenner.”
Tina – “No it weren’t, it was me. I killed Fenner!”
Janine – “No, piss on this! I killed Fenner.”
Darlene – “And me, I killed Fenner.”
Phyl – (To Bev) “It was bad enough before I went away, now it’s a bloody madhouse!”
Bev – “Welcome to the asylum. (Stands up) Actually, I killed Fenner.”
Whole Wing – “I killed Fenner!”

Julie J – “I did it Jue, I killed Fenner.”

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