Series 7, Episode 4

Written by Phil Ford
Produced by Rachel Snell
Directed by Lance Kneeshaw

Air Date: 31st May, 2005


Outside the heavy gates of Larkhall a swarm of press await the arrival of 18 year old Laura Canning, whose been convicted of brutally stabbing her mother to death. Her sister Emily is still missing, presumed dead, and Laura is the main suspect but they have no proof.

Natalie and Darlene force themselves into the newly opened G-Wing hair salon and demand some beauty treatments. The two Julies seem happy to oblige but then revenge is best served with bleach!

Jim is off for a hasty vasectomy – anything to prevent Di getting in the “family way”! But how long can he keep this a secret from his frisky wife?

The other inmates are shocked to hear how meek little Laura killed her mother – how could such a quiet girl have committed such a ghastly act? Janine is more convinced when she sees the disturbing contents of Laura’s sketch pad.

Phyl and Bev have a sleazy scam running with the bakery delivery man, Frank. Lecherous Frank likes a bit of a fumble in return for cakes which the Costa Cons swap with a greedy guard for booze. But how low will these ladies sink when Frank wants more than just a fumble?

Laura feels all alone at Larkhall but kindly guard Colin Hedges is sympathetic to her story. Soon Laura speaks up and reveals her sister Emily is still alive but hidden away. It’s turns into a race against time for Colin to rescue her.

Yippee! Sylvia Hollamby is ecstatic – Malcolm has proposed! And to seal their relationship Malcolm tells her he is moving in. Sylvia blushes with excitement – she’s going to give Malcolm such a wonderful time, but will she realise it’s just her cash he wants his hands on?

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