Series 7, Episode 7

Written by Paul Mousley
Produced by Rachel Snell
Directed by SJ Clarkson

Air Date: 21st June, 2005


It isn’t a great start to the day for Fenner. He’s about to get the all clear to resume marital relations after his vasectomy and to say that Di is raring to go would be an understatement! Of course, she knows nothing about the real reasons behind his inability to have sex and believes that he’s acting under advice from his counsellor. On top of this, he arrives in the PO’s office to find that Neil has decided to do that days briefing, not only has he drafted in PO Kevin Spiers from D-Wing, an officer Fenner clearly doesn’t like very much, he’s also decided that, now she’s resumed her hormone treatment, Arun should be allowed back on the wing. Apart from Neil and, amazingly enough Di, all of the other POs are against this decision and Fenner makes a point of putting the wind up Arun before he escorts her onto the wing.

Pat is off the hook for the riot and attempted murder. Despite Fenner’s extremely vocal objections, Neil takes pity on her after hearing about her history of abuse at the hands of Sister Thomas and Father Kelly and issues her with a caution and a stoppage of earnings for fourteen days. As Pat steps back on the wing she receives a warm welcome from all of the women except for Natalie and Janine, both of whom are fuming to see the return of this popular inmate, especially when she steps in to put a stop to their bullying of Arun. Natalie tries to take things further and threatens to pull the women out on strike unless Neil sends Arun to a male prison, but her threats blow up in her face when Neil places her and everyone else who objects to Arun’s presence on cellular confinement.

Di decides to follow Fenner when he leaves for his counselling appointment and is confused when she sees him entering the urology department of the local hospital. Although shocked when Di confronts him after his appointment, Fenner quickly comes up with an excuse, devastating his broody wife by dropping the bombshell that he has a practically non-existent sperm count – her dreams of having children are over! However, it doesn’t take long for Di to bounce back from this set-back. Adoption is her next tactic and before Fenner has time to take a breath, she’s made an appointment at an agency. It looks like Fenner is trapped, but during the interview, his revelations about inmates sending hit-men to his home and being held hostage on the wing ensure that he and Di won’t be approved as prospective parents.

The wing is a powder-keg ready to blow and Neil is deeply concerned that things will quickly get out of hand. Spiers is keen to prove that he is on Neil’s wavelength by offering to gather together a group of the inmates, Natalie, Darlene and Janine included in order to talk over their concerns about Arun. In the library, Spiers gives each of the inmates a notebook and asks them to spend the next few days recording their thoughts and concerns, making it clear that he is also uncomfortable with the idea of Arun’s presence on the wing. Later, Spiers goes to see Neil and tells a completely different story, assuring him that he’s managed to defuse the situation. Relieved that the immediate crisis is over, Neil orders the women off lock-down. Before doing this, Spiers takes Fenner aside and complains about Neil’s decision not to transfer Arun to a male prison – as far as he’s concerned, it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing blows up in Neil’s face and the sooner Fenner steps into his shoes the better.

Of course, Natalie is quick to see the advantages of Spiers’s plan and soon has the other women filling their notebooks with rubbish about Arun leering at them in the showers, making sexual advances and exposing herself. Rubbish it may be, but upon reading the women’s complaints, Neil feels that he has no option but to transfer Arun to a male prison. Arun is suicidal. How can she go on? The thought of being transferred to a men’s prison is intolerable and far worse than staying on G-Wing. Pat is furious that Natalie’s taunts and scheming have driven Arun to this and steps in to defend her. She rescinds her earlier refusal to fight it out with Natalie and takes her up on her challenge, but under one condition – if she wins, Arun stays.

The fight takes place in the gym with the two Julies acting as referees. Natalie gains the upper hand pretty quickly, but she makes the mistake of underestimating Pat and soon finds that she might very well have met her match. Before long, Natalie is resorting to dirty tactics like sinking her teeth into Pat’s ear, and, the longer the fight goes on, the more it becomes clear that Natalie is just too strong and too crazy. But just when it looks like all is lost, Pat calls on her last reserves of strength and turns the tables. Letting fly with a vicious headbutt that knocks Natalie on her back and a volley of punches that leave her bloody, battered and completely out for the count.

Di soon discovers a new way of getting a baby when she meets ex-drug addict and MBU inmate Sheena Williams who has a nine month old baby destined to be handed over to Social Services. Sheena is dreading the prospect of handing baby Dylan over, especially because it means never seeing him again – the same thing happened with her last child, a daughter she hasn’t seen in five years. After listening to Sheena’s tragic tale, Di steps in with a caring solution, offering to look after Dylan herself until Sheena’s release. Sheena is reluctant, but as Di takes great pains to remind her, the only other option is putting Dylan into care and running the risk of never seeing him again. Although still clearly unconvinced, Sheena hands Dylan over to Di. But how will Fenner react when he hears about what his wife has arranged to bring home?

Having conceded her precious position of top-dog to Pat, Natalie rather sheepishly goes up to her cell to proffer the olive branch. Pat is suspicious, and rightly so, because Natalie doesn’t waste any time in suggesting that they join forces in order to run the wing and, when Pat refuses, she turns on the charm and tries to kiss her. Pat’s too smart to fall for a move like that and tells Natalie so before throwing her out of her cell. Unable to stand the humiliation, Natalie vows that she will kill Pat and informs a shocked Janine that she’ll be helping her to do it.

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