Series 7, Episode 9

Written by Paul Mousley
Produced by Rachel Snell
Directed by Lance Kneeshaw

Air Date: 5th July, 2005


Di comes down the stairs in the morning to find the evidence that Fenner used to stitch Karen up smouldering in the kitchen sink. Now he knows that Di has nothing left to use against him, Fenner shows his true colours, taking great pleasure in telling her that he’s had a vasectomy…but not only that, he wants a divorce and her and Dylan out of his house ASAP. Once at work, Di tries to confront Fenner in his office and ends up being punched across the room. Terrified, she is then forced to listen as Fenner tells her exactly what he did to Yvonne and how she’ll be in line for exactly the same treatment if she doesn’t watch out. After throwing her wedding ring down the toilet, Di goes straight to see the Julies and confirms their suspicions about the identity of Yvonne’s murderer.

Phyl and Bev’s stint down the punishment block has come to an end. Although they manage to turn on the charm and manage to persuade Neil to give them back their red-bands, it’s clear that they’re both at the end of their tethers as far as prison life is concerned. The two also get a hard time from Tina who is furious that they ripped her off badly regarding the vodka. Although they try to spin her a line about Bev being an alcoholic, even Tina – who could never be called the brightest bulb in the pack – is wise to their lies. At least there’s one light at the end of the tunnel for the Costa Cons – the cake scam they’re running with Frank. But Frank is also reaching the end of his tether, and, wanting more than a kiss and a quick fumble, attempts to rape Phyl in the back of his van. Luckily Bev is quick to the rescue and her daring action proves fruitful when they suddenly realise that they are staring freedom in the face. After tying Tina up in the back of the van and propping Frank up in the driver’s seat, they’re soon heading out through the gates of Larkhall and out onto the open road.

Natalie and Spiers are preparing to leave for her outside visit, but Fenner puts a last minute block on their leaving. He wants the pair of knickers that Natalie has hidden before he’ll let her go anywhere. After retrieving the knickers from inside the spine of a book inside the library, Fenner gives Natalie the all clear. However, just as she and Spiers are about to drive through the front gates, Phyl, Bev and Tina are reported missing. Natalie is absolutely livid when her visit is cancelled…she’s going nowhere! Later, Natalie tries to come on hard when Fenner lets her out of her cell but he wastes no time in telling her that she’s lost all chance of another temporary license. Pinning her to the bed, Fenner tells her that there’s only one top-dog on G-Wing…him.

Pat smells a rat; she can’t believe that Sheena would be stupid enough to overdose on methadone on the day of her release. She confronts Di who is suddenly struck by an attack of conscience and guilt and immediately allows Sheena to be reinstated on G-Wing. There’s another problem though, Fenner wants Di out of his house which is bad enough, but even worse with a baby in tow. Pat is quick to offer a solution – she has a friend who would be willing to foster Dylan until Sheena is released. Although Sheena is relieved that Dylan will be well looked after and able to visit, she’s heartbroken when she has to hand him over.

After telling Tina that they’re off to Ireland, Phyl and Bev head straight for the airport and the first flight to the Costa del Sol. Wearing wigs and carrying false passports, they make it through customs and soon its cocktails all round when the two return to their rightful habitat. To put the icing on the cake, one of their contacts at a top hotel informs them that they can stay in a luxury suite which is kept exclusively for a rich Russian called Sergei – all they need to do is put on Russian accents and pretend to be his sisters. There is however a fly in the ointment, unbeknownst to Phyl and Bev, they are staying in the same hotel as the newly wedded Hollamby and Dr Nicholson!

Meanwhile, Hollamby is not living in wedded bliss at all. She is desperate to consummate their marriage but her greedy husband seems more concerned with spending her non-existent fortune than taking his wife to bed. However, after Hollamby points out that their marriage won’t be considered legal until it is consummated, Dr Nicholson pops some Viagra and does the deed. In the suite next door, Phyl and Bev are unable to miss the sounds of rather rampant sex on the other side of the wall, but it seems that they have made a rather more interesting discovery – a safe containing a gun and a rather large quantity of diamonds. As they make plans to depart with their new found loot, Phyl and Bev are totally unaware that Sergei is being brutally tortured by a gang of Russian gangsters who are hellbent on discovering the location of the diamonds that he has stolen from them.

Back on G-Wing, Darlene and Janine are still wrestling with the plot of their novel. Spiers is surprised when he discovers that Janine is actually seriously writing, but is quick to point out that the subject matter – yardies locked in drugs battles in Jamaica – is more than a little stereotypical. Meanwhile, Arun has noticed the immediate spark of chemistry between Sheena and Pat and is quick to allow the green-eyed monster to surface. Although Pat denies that she has any sort of feelings for Sheena, it is clear that she’s floating down that river in Egypt – de Nile!

The final straw comes for Hollamby when Dr Nicholson loses a fortune on the roulette wheel and she is forced to reveal the truth about her inheritance. After an initial eruption of anger, he seems to take the news very well and Hollamby is relieved. But Dr Nicholson’s disappointment is concealing pure anger and at the first opportunity, he’s slipping a Mickey into Hollamby’s drink. In the suite next door, Phyl and Bev are still recovering from nearly running into the newly-weds at the casino. But worse is to come when they receive a call to tell them that a gang of Russians are on their way up to their suite! While the Russians look for the safe, Phyl and Bev decide to plump for the lesser of two evils and climb across the balcony to the honeymoon suite. From their vantage point, they are surprised to see Hollamby gagged and tied to a chair and automatically assume that something kinky is going on. But then they see the syringe that Dr Nicholson is brandishing and realise that something a lot more serious is about to happen. In an ironic twist, it appears that Hollamby’s life is now in the hands of the Costa Cons.

Hollamby is terrified when she comes round to find that she’s been gagged and tied to a chair. Dr Nicholson is adamant that he’s not going to spend the rest of his life tied to a woman he despises, especially one who is penniless and prepares to give Hollamby a fatal embolism by injecting her with a syringe full of air. Just as Dr Nicholson prepares to do the deed, Phyl and Bev erupt into the room toting the gun that they discovered in the safe. Although Dr Nicholson quickly backs away, Phyl shoots him dead. As the two untie a petrified Hollamby, they quickly concoct a story to get them both off the hook – Hollamby should tell the police that Dr Nicholson was shot by the Russian gangsters when they entered the honeymoon suite by mistake. After ordering her to stay put, they leave Hollamby staring at the body of her dead husband.

The Russian gangsters are being arrested by the Spanish police in the hotel foyer as Phyl and Bev sidle towards the door. At first it looks like they’re going to get away, but then Hollamby appears at the top of the stairs and starts to scream. In her surprise, Bev drops the diamonds and all hell breaks loose. As Bev is pounced upon by the police, she sees that Phyl has managed to recover a couple of the diamonds and tells her to make a run for it.

Fenner gives Di a handful of cash and tells her to find a B&B; he’ll have her belongings packed and ready for her to take by the end of the day. Spiers is quick to realise something’s wrong when Fenner leaves the PO’s room and shows his concern by asking Di if she wants to go for a drink and talk about it…what is he up to? Meanwhile, Arun seems to have recovered from her attack of jealousy and is now playing matchmaker – she’s moving back to the four-bed dorm so that Sheena can move in with Pat.

The inmates watch the TV news with open mouths as they hear about Dr Nicholson’s death and Bev’s recapture. However, their shock turns to joy and excitement when they discover that Phyl is still on the run. Back in Spain, Phyl is now dressed from head to foot in leathers and sitting astride a powerful motorbike. After putting on her helmet, she revs up the bike and drives off into the Spanish countryside.


Fenner – “You have no idea of what I’m capable of, no idea at all. I want you to think about dear old Yvonne Atkins for a minute, do you really think she was stupid enough to lock herself in that tunnel? I stood on the other side of that door and listened to her scream and beg for her life. I heard her scratch and beat her hands into a pulp. How long do you think she took to die in the end? Slowly suffocating in the dark, sat in the stench of her own piss…two days, three? She was a tough old bitch, maybe even four. So if I say I’m going to kill you, you’d better bloody believe it.”

Di – “That bastard’s ruined my life…he’s evil.”
Both Julies – “We know.”
Di – “You two had it right all along, you’ve no idea what he’s capable of, the things he’s done, and he gets away with it every single time…not anymore. He murdered Yvonne Atkins. He locked her up in that hole and he left her there to die and he’s proud of it. Well it’s going to be his turn now, his bloody turn.”

Julie S – “Fenner has raped and murdered his way around this place for years…and not just ‘vonne, you think about the others, Rachel, Shell…that bloke don’t deserve to be still alive.”
Julie J – “So what, you gonna get a knife and stick it in him?”
Julie S – “No, I won’t, I’m not in any hurry. I’m not going anywhere am I? I’ve got all the time in the world.”

Bev – “You know, I’m not sure I want to throw myself at the mercy of any more men.”
Phyl – “We won’t. Let me assure you of that, it won’t be like before…there’ll be no more giving, just a whole lot of taking.”

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