Series 8, Episode 2

Written by Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
Directed by Barnaby Southcombe

Air Date: 20th July, 2006


Phyl is laid up in hospital recovering from a bullet wound and is determined not to go back to G-Wing in a hurry. She plays up the trauma of the accident to the dashing Dr Dunlop in the hopes that she will receive a temporary transfer to a cushy private clinic, but her talented acting does little to persuade him—he knows what her game is. But Phyl has an inkling that there’s something very wrong about Rowan—what’s a consultant psychologist doing slumming it in a prison? She’s determined to find out exactly what his game is and enlists the Julies to search his office.

Janine has a surprise visit from her father but he is the bearer of bad news—her mother has died of a heart attack and even worse, he’s blaming Janine. He is so bitter over what Janine has done that he has forbidden her from attending her own mother’s funeral. Janine is devastated, but Lou comes to her rescue and convinces Mr Nebeski to allow Janine to say a final goodbye. Natalie is interested to hear that Janine has a trip out planned and blackmails her into smuggling drugs back into Larkhall. Janine doesn’t want to be involved, but when Natalie brutally threatens her, it leaves her with no choice.

Joy Masterton’s patience with Lou is wearing thin—she is continuously turning up for work worse for wear. Yet after a dinner together, Joy begins to understand why Lou is so tired when she secretly follows her to the entrance of a seedy strip club. Meanwhile, the police are continuing to grill Emira for her husband’s whereabouts and when they discover traces of chemicals in their flat, they really begin to pile on the pressure. Donny is also under pressure from the police—if he is going to be their secret liaison officer working on the inside, he’d better find out sharpish where Hassan Al Jahani is hiding, or he will lose his position.

The Julies find a Dictaphone in Rowan’s office and when Phyl listens to its contents, it soon becomes clear that the mysterious Dr Dunlop has a hidden agenda—he’s planning to use his observations about his patients to make a TV documentary called ‘Women Inside’. Rowan tries to bluff it out when Phyl and Bev confront him with the truth, but eventually realises that to guarantee their silence, he will have to go along with their plan. Wily Rowan manages to convince Joy to authorise Phyl’s transfer and before long, she is being carried out to a waiting ambulance.

Lou and Donny accompany Janine to her mother’s funeral and are met with a frosty reception from Mr Nebeski. But things seem to warm up when Janine delivers a heartfelt and moving speech—perhaps it is time for her father to forgive her? But before Janine has a chance to set things right with her family, she trips in the oversized shoes that Natalie has made her wear and collides with the coffin. However, worse is to come when a bag of crack is found stuffed into the heels of Janine’s shoes. Incensed when she hears the news, Joy decides to come down hard. She orders an immediate cell search on G-Wing and sends Janine straight down to the block.

Pat is quick to realise that Natalie bullied Janine into being a drugs mule and plans to teach her a lesson. Now that a search has been ordered, the other inmates are frantically flushing away their drugs, but Pat intervenes and manages to gather together a large stash that she takes up to Natalie’s cell. Whilst threatening her with a blade, Pat forces Natalie to swallow the lot.


Hollamby – “Right little puppet on a string you are.”
Donny – “Oh come on Sylvia, I could hardly say no, could I?”
Hollamby – “From what I’ve seen, criminality runs in the Nebeski family, so don’t blame me when you find yourself six-feet under alongside the mother.”

Hollamby – “I’m gutted. Even a day out at a graveside is a day out of this place.”
Lou – “Oh come on! So what if occasionally they get one over on you? If I were locked up in this rat-hole, I’d try a few tricks.”
Joy – “And she’s looking after some of the country’s most dangerous women.”

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