Series 8, Episode 3

Written by Jodi Reynolds
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
Directed by Lance Kneeshaw

Air Date: 27th July, 2006


Natalie is in a drug haze and barely coping since Pat forced a fistful of drugs down her throat, but she is determined to have her revenge. Meanwhile, new inmate Angela Robbins arrives on G-Wing. She has been sent down for arson and attempted murder but it seems a strange sort of justice system, as Angela looks like she wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Bev is not impressed to discover that Angela will be her replacement cell mate in Phyl’s absence but she is won over when Angela reveals she loves keeping places neat and tidy and is happy to make sure Bev is very well looked after. Although Bev is missing Phyl, she’s rather looking forward to someone doing her chores!

Janine has hit rock bottom; since losing her family and being caught attempting to smuggle drugs into Larkhall, her future doesn’t look rosy. On top of all this, Joy is determined to make an example of her and is insisting that the police press charges, and with Janine too scared to admit to Natalie putting her up to the smuggling, she could end up in Larkhall for a very long time. With no one to turn to Janine resorts to drastic measures to get rid of her anger and depression: drugs and self harm. Pat tries her best to warn Janine away from Natalie and drugs but she won’t listen—drugs are all she’s got at the moment. Even her personal officer, Donny, seems to have turned against her.

Donny is occupied with his secret job as Police Liaison Officer. DI Thackeray is putting immense pressure on his to find out where Emira’s husband is hiding. Donny succeeds in gaining Emira’s trust when he arranges for her to speak to an Imam, but unbeknownst to them, their conversation is being taped. Just as Emira is about to reveal her husband’s whereabouts, she hears feedback coming from the tape machine and both she and the Imam are outraged when they realise that the police have been listening in. Still, the Imam has managed to persuade Emira that she must give Hassan up and she agrees to take the police to him.

Angela is taken for her appointment with Rowan, but he’s stunned when the previously docile inmate becomes aggressive and insists on being called ‘Andy’. It soon becomes clear to Rowan that Angela is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and that she is too unstable to be allowed back onto G-Wing. However, she would make the ideal guinea pig for his research and so he decides to keep quiet. Back on the wing, Bev is soon on the receiving end of Andy’s temper, as is Pat. But when Pat fights back, Andy becomes Angela again. Nobody believes Pat’s claims that scared and timid Angela attacked her and so she is placed on report, much to Natalie’s delight.

The police allow Emira a few moments alone with Hassan and she questions him about the traces of explosives the police found in their flat. She’s convinced that the police planted the evidence and is heartbroken when Hassan admits that he was hiding the material for some friends. However, as soon as he found out that the bag he was hiding contained explosives, he took it away and buried it. Back at the prison, Emira is told that she is free to go and that, if he cooperates fully with the police, there’s a good chance that Hassan might not be sent to prison. Before she leaves G-Wing for good, Emira makes a point of telling Janine that Donny is a spy for the police.

Lou can’t believe that Pat would attack Angela without provocation and is beginning to suspect that something is seriously wrong with the new inmate. Her suspicions are confirmed when ‘Andy’ pushes her into the shower room and tries to have his wicked way with her. Lou manages to fight him off and then looks on in amazement as Andy becomes Angela once again. Rowan begs for Angela to be kept at Larkhall so that he can get to the bottom of her mental problems but Lou is adamant that she be transferred out immediately, she’s too much of a threat to the other women. After their argument, the sexual tension between Rowan and Lou reaches boiling point—they can resist each other no longer.


Natalie – “You’re going to suffer for this Kerrigan.”
Pat – “I’d concentrate on avoiding a piss-test if I were you, save the revenge for when you can stand up straight without getting the shakes.”

Angela – “Didn’t your mother teach you how to make your bed in the morning Beverley? A tidy bed shows a tidy mind.”
Bev – “No, all a tidy bed shows Angela is a dull night.”

Lou – “Do I have a drink problem? I’ve got a bloody boss problem that’s for sure.”
Natalie – “What she should be telling you Angela is that Kerrigan’s a dyke. Unless you fancy a bit of that then I’d keep a watch on her wandering hands.”
Pat – “You’d better watch they don’t find your pissing neck, Buxton.”

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