Series 8, Episode 4

Written by Phil Ford
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
Directed by Lance Kneeshaw

Air Date: 3rd August, 2006


Darlene has the hots for Donny and decides that it’s time to clear out the competition. Acting as the caring friend, she confides in Donny about Janine’s constant drug use, secretly hoping that she will end up receiving a one-way ticket to the muppet wing. Donny is concerned, he wants to help but Janine is shunning him as she knows that he double-crossed Emira. But Donny soon wins her over by indiscreetly disclosing his undercover work. Although she’s impressed by Donny’s James Bond act, Janine isn’t happy when Lou puts her name down for rehab. She just can’t see the point—her mum’s dead, she’s stuck in prison, and no one cares about her. However, Donny manages to convince her to take part, promising that he will be there to help her through it. Janine is thrilled; he does care for her after all!

New inmate Stella Gough is fiercely ambitious; she is determined to join the army as soon as she has served her sentence at Larkhall. Her enthusiasm quickly attracts the attention of Joy who decides to help Stella achieve her dreams. Stella is thrilled when Joy sets up a practise army training regime to help her get fit, and wastes no time in recruiting some of the other girls to join her. While Darlene and Tina flounder under Joy’s strict instruction, Stella puts all of her energy into proving that she’s perfect for the army. She’s determined to impress Joy, but in doing so she falls from the climbing rope. Joy is distraught—how could she have allowed Stella to push it so far without safety precautions? But the accident proves the catalyst for a confession Joy really doesn’t want to hear—Stella is the daughter she gave up for adoption!

Rowan is on top of the world after his liaison with Lou, but when she starts to deliberately avoid him he is left confused and with no idea where he stands. But it appears that Lou has more important things on her mind—when she’s not supervising G-Wing, she’s frequenting the local lap-dancing clubs, searching for a mystery woman called Vicky.

Although Pat is hugely supportive of Janine’s quest to stop taking drugs, all Natalie can see is the loss of a customer and she makes a concerted effort to push Janine off the wagon. Luckily for Janine, Pat comes across her just after she’s taken a handful of the pills that Natalie gave her and forces her to throw them up…just in the nick of time too, because Donny has been tipped off by Darlene. He can’t believe that Janine could be so stupid, but is forced to eat his own words when Janine insists that she’s clean. Maybe it’s just because he’s hugely relieved, but Donny ends up kissing her.

Lou is concerned when Stella demands to speak with Joy—could the inmate be developing an obsession? Meanwhile, Darlene and Tina have come to the conclusion that Joy and Stella are having an affair and rumours are soon flying around the wing. Stella finally gets her chance to talk to Joy but is crushed when she is ordered to keep their family connection a secret and not to delude herself about the depth of their relationship. Although she’s disappointed, Stella can understand why Joy is being so tough on her, after all, she was conceived when her mother was raped. Later, Stella is ecstatic when she is moved to a cell on G3—maybe Joy does care for her after all. The other women are up in arms when they hear the news and Lou’s not too pleased either. She goes to confront Joy and is told that Stella will be shipped out of Larkhall the following morning.

After work, Lou heads off to the lap-dancing club in search of the mystery Vicky and is furious when she finds her getting down and dirty with a couple of blokes in a private room. Before long a violent fight erupts between the two women and, having been tipped off by Joy as to Lou’s whereabouts, Rowan steps right into the middle of it. He’s just in time to meet Vicky…Lou’s sister.


Stella – “So what’s it like in here? Is it nice?”
Hollamby – “You took the wrong turn for Butlins.”

Janine – “The Master lent you her own books? You’ve only been here five minutes.”
Stella – “Says she wants me to make something of myself.”
Janine – “By joining the army?”
Darlene – “She wan send you to Iraq, kill you off and use you for a hamburger.”

Tina – “These jogging bottoms don’t make my bum look too big do they?”
Darlene – “No, it’s your fat backside that make it big.”

Tina – “Bloody ‘ell, imagine begging to see the Master? You’d have to drag me there kicking and screaming.”
Darlene – “Yes, but it look like she eat from the hairy table.”
Tina – “You what?”
Darlene – “She fancy her.”

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