Series 8, Episode 5

Written by Roxanne Harvey
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
Directed by Laurence Moody

Air Date: 10th August, 2006


Joy is still reeling from the shock of learning that new inmate; Stella is the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago. Stella is desperate to make up for lost time with her mum but Joy won’t have it—she wants Stella transferred to another prison and out of her life. But when it becomes apparent that Stella has been thieving her way around G-Wing, Lou puts a spanner in the works of the transfer. After she returns Stella to her cell, Lou confronts her, determined to find out exactly what is going on between her and Joy. She is stunned when Stella reveals that she is Joy’s daughter. Realising that Stella is desperate to build some sort of relationship with Joy, Lou reluctantly allows her to remain at Larkhall for the time being.

Julie S is delighted to get a visit from her beloved son, David. He has two bits of exciting news—she is going to be a grandmother and he is getting married next week. Julie S is over the moon, but her happiness is tinged with disappointment as she realises that it is unlikely that she and Julie J will be there to share his big day. But what if David and his bride were allowed to hold a wedding blessing in the prison chapel? Across the room, Pat is left reeling when Sheena fails to turn up for the third time in a row. As she languishes miserably in the wallflower seats, her eyes are drawn to Natalie. Pat quickly realises that Natalie’s evil really does know no bounds—she’s using a child to crutch drugs into the prison!

Joy is furious when she hears that Lou has countermanded her decision to transfer Stella, but there’s not much she can do when Lou reveals that she knows the truth. Realising that she has a chance to help one of the other women, Lou agrees to keep quiet, but as long as Joy gets the police to drop the charges against Janine. Back on G-Wing, the women are up in arms when the thief returns, but both Joy and Lou step in to defend Stella before things turn nasty. Stella is delighted; perhaps Joy does care for her after all. Her opinion quickly alters when Joy drops a bombshell which shatters her daughter’s view of her forever—she lied about being raped, Stella was in fact the unwanted result of a one-night-stand.

It gets steamy between Janine and her personal officer, Donny when they use an “appointment” to get to know each other a bit more intimately. Meanwhile, Phyl arrives back from her “convalescence” in a swanky private clinic full of the joys of spring. Bev is delighted with the return of her partner-in-crime, especially when she discovers that she has smuggled back some gin as promised. But Phyl has yet another plan—free tropical fruit delivered to the prison on a daily basis—and with Rowan’s recommendation as SMO, they’ll soon be enjoying vodka mangos and melons full of gin.

Stella steals a pair of glasses and uses them to hastily make a shiv. With Donny distracted by Janine, it is simplicity itself for her to slip away from the laundry room and roam the corridors until she finds Joy. Stella is angry and upset and determined to get answers, but thanks to Mandy’s intervention, Joy manages to disarm her. Once they are alone, Joy reveals that her career and her professional reputation were more important to her than the baby she was carrying. However, she never forgot her daughter and even had her birthday tattooed on her stomach. For Stella, this is all too little too late, she wants nothing more to do with Joy. This time, even Lou concedes that Stella must be shipped out, but despite the nonchalant front, she suspects the inmate is deeply hurt when Joy doesn’t even turn up to see her off.

Natalie becomes increasingly agitated when she notices that Pat, Tina, and the Julies are acting suspiciously. Determined to find out what they’re up to, she corners Julie S and beats her until she gets the truth. After hearing that Pat is planning on escaping from David’s wedding blessing by hiding inside a bin-bag and being collected as part of the rubbish, Natalie decides to hijack the idea and forces Julie S to help her. Little does Natalie know that the whole plan is a set up. Pat and the Julies are determined to make her pay for what she did to the little girl in the visiting room with extra time on her sentence for attempting to escape. Alone in her cell, Pat retrieves a weeding fork from her boot…could she have an altogether more serious fate in mind for Natalie?

Lou rethinks her feelings towards Rowan and asks him back to her place for pizza. Perhaps this relationship could have a future—or will the reappearance of Lou’s stripper sister cause problems? Lou is livid, Vicky is obviously off her face on drugs again, but Rowan suspects it’s a lot more serious than that, especially when Vicky collapses in his arms and starts frothing at the mouth…she’s taken an overdose.


Donny – “Next step you can sign up for some courses, we’ve got English, computers…”
Janine – “Oh English would be good; I should learn to talk proper if I want to get a job when I get out of here eh?”
Donny – “Well yeah, grammar’s right important.”

Phyl – “It’s the Christmas hamper scheme but on a much bigger scale, I mean imagine instead of satsumas, we’ll have grapefruits and vodka mangos…”
Bev – “Darling, come on, think big! Imagine how much booze you can pop into a pumpkin.”

Pat – “Well?”
Julie S – “Like giving candy to a baby…bleedin’ ugly one though.”

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