Series 8, Episode 6

Written by Paul Mousley
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
Directed by Laurence Moody

Air Date: 17th August, 2006


Lou is looking after her drug addict sister, Vicky following a suicide attempt. Vicky is still bitter about events of the past, namely, the fact that she was forced to have an abortion when Lou refused to help her look after the baby. Lou refuses to take responsibility for her sister’s mistakes—she didn’t force Vicky to do anything—but she is stunned when she learns that the abortion left Vicky unable to have children. Although the two sisters part on good terms, Vicky doesn’t waste any time in trying to seduce Rowan when he gives her a lift back to her flat. Has she really forgiven Lou, or is it just an act?

It’s the day of the wedding blessing at Larkhall and G-Wing is buzzing with excitement. Julie S can’t wait to see her son, David and meet his bride-to-be, Fidelity. Julie S is secretly not impressed with her daughter-in-law, but if this is who her son has chosen, she’ll stand by him. After the service, Julie J overhears a shocking conversation involving Fidelity that will break her best mate’s heart—she’s not going to allow Julie S to have anything to do with her grandchild! During her speech, Julie J decides that she can hide the truth no longer and tells David about his mother’s battle with cancer. David is understandably shocked, but his fears for his mum soon turn into anger when Fidelity accuses Julie J of trying to ruin her big day. Julie J has had enough of snooty Fidelity and reveals all about the conversation she overheard. David is understandably furious—his mum is coming to live with them both after her release, whether Fidelity likes it or not.

Phyl and Bev are overjoyed when their delivery of alcoholic fruit arrives. But the other inmates turn their noses up at their ‘healthy eating’ regime and demand their treacle tart and custard. Worse is to come when Joy turns up at the servery and demands a slice of melon. Phyl and Bev can only look on in horror as she takes the alcohol laced fruit back to her office…surely it’s only a matter of time before they’re rumbled. However, since Stella turned up at Larkhall, Joy seems to have lost the plot and has taken to drinking at work. This is a blessing in disguise for Phyl and Bev as it means that she hasn’t noticed the fruit was steeped in alcohol! Lou is worried when she sees Joy reeling down the corridor and, after hearing the full story, advises her to take some time off.

Natalie appears to fall for the escape plan and slips out after the blessing to make her escape. Pat is in hot pursuit, but when she lays into to the bin-bag Natalie is hiding in with a weeding-fork, she discovers that it has been stuffed full of newspaper. Natalie isn’t stupid; having smelt a rat, she is lying in wait. A massive fight ensues that eventually ends when one of the women brings a brick crashing down. Minutes later, the bin-men carry a particularly heavy bag over to the lorry as Pat hurries back down the corridor. She’s sporting a rather large bruise on her forehead but assures the Julies that the plan worked and it’s now only a matter of time before Natalie is discovered trying to escape.

Before long, Natalie is missed and as the alarm is raised, the inmates are placed on lock-down. The Julies can’t believe that they allowed Pat to talk them into going along with her stupid scheme and tell her so—there’s an evil nonce loose on the streets and it’s all her fault! Pat seems to take the accusations in good heart, but that’s because she’s the only one who knows that Natalie is actually still inside Larkhall…her dead body is hidden inside the storeroom!

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