Series 8, Episode 7

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
Directed by Jim Loach

Air Date: 24th August, 2006

atalie’s supposed escape from Larkhall has made the National news and the inmates on G-Wing couldn’t be happier—good riddance to her. Meanwhile, Pat is feeling the pressure; she has Natalie’s dead body on her hands and has to do something with it before she is found out. Volunteering to help out in the kitchens gives her the opportunity to move Natalie’s corpse out of the shed and into the G-Wing deep freeze. But when the Julies jump out of their skins upon discovering the grisly truth about Natalie’s ‘escape’, Pat has to confess the truth.

It’s the day of Tina’s court appearance and she is pulling every trick in the book, including a tarty dress and black nail polish to influence the Judge into giving her an extra long sentence. But disaster strikes at the court where the tough Judge who was scheduled to hear her case is replaced by one who is a lot more liberal. When he grants her release, Tina panics—she doesn’t know how to live on the outside. Worse is to come when she checks out the hostel where she has been allocated a room; the place is filthy and full of women who could give Natalie lessons in being psychotic. Tina is distraught; it’s a million miles from her comfortable cell on G-Wing.

Reluctantly, the Julies agree to help Pat move Natalie’s body from the freezer but she is now beginning to thaw, and smell. With the POs on constant patrol it becomes a game of hide-and-seek as they struggle to find a place to hide the rotting corpse. After another night in the freezer, Natalie is moved again, this time to the laundry room where Pat manoeuvres her frozen corpse into a tumble drier. She sticks an ‘out of order’ notice on the drier and then sets about trying to locate a safer and more permanent place of interment.

Hollamby is thrilled—she has got a date—albeit with one-eyed Ted from her line-dancing class, but beggars really can’t be choosers. However, the date ends in disaster when Tina shows up unexpectedly; she’s binned her hostel and has nowhere to stay. When she notices Tina bedding down by the bins outside her flat, Hollamby relents and agrees that Tina can stay in her spare bedroom for the night but on the provision that she sort herself out the following morning.

Thanks to security being stepped up after Natalie’s escape, Phyl and Bev are reluctant to risk continuing to smuggle in their alcohol laced fruit. They decide to revert back to blackmailing Rowan for some free drugs in return for keeping his covert and very suspicious documentary a secret. Rowan however has decided enough is enough and comes clean to Lou about the documentary and the fact that the Costa Cons are blackmailing him. When Rowan tells her that he’s going to resign, Lou decides to give him the benefit of the doubt and orders a search of Phyl and Bev’s cell. But there’s a shock in store for Lou when she listens to the contents of Rowan’s Dictaphone and hears him having a telephone conversation with his wife, only they don’t sound nearly as estranged as he has made out.

Just when Hollamby thinks she has finally gotten rid of Tina, she pops up again at her line-dancing class. Tina has taken Hollamby’s advice and joined a social group! In a last ditch attempt to rid herself of Tina, Hollamby decides to buy her a train ticket and pack her off to her only relative, her granny in Aberdeen. However, Tina has other ideas…she has stolen a replica gun from Mandy and uses it to stage a hold-up at the building society! The drama is all too much for one of the hostages and he has a heart attack. Tina’s poorly planned scheme has gone horribly wrong and left her responsible for the death of an innocent man.


Julie S – “Are you telling us you never meant her to escape?”
Pat – “Look, if you had to kill someone to save a hell of a lot of other people, someone evil…like Jim Fenner…wouldn’t you try?”

Judge Lloyd – “I’m releasing you on license.”
Tina – “What do you mean, releasing me?”
Judge Lloyd – “You’re free to go Miss O’Kane.”

Julie S – (When Natalie’s arm falls out of the bag) “She’s doing this on purpose, I know it.”

Bev – “Miss Masterton doesn’t know anything about this TV documentary though does she?”
Lou – “No…no, not yet, not that it’s any of your business.”
Phyl – “It certainly is out business if your fancy man is using us as defenceless guinea-pigs without out permission.”
Lou – “Oh please, you two are about as defenceless as a couple of rottweilers! Doctor Dunlop is the victim here, of theft, and if you don’t want to add slander and attempted blackmail to that you’d better stop your whining. You are both on report.”

Pat – “I’ll think of something.”
Julie J – “Yeah, that’s what’s worrying us mate.”

Hollamby – “You’re beyond help you.”
Tina – “I just want to go home.”

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