Series 8, Episode 9

Written by Roxanne Harvey
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
Directed by Lance Kneeshaw

Air Date: 7th September, 2006


Lou is glowing after the surprise proposal from Rowan, unaware he has no intention of divorcing his wife. She asks Vicky to be bridesmaid and she reluctantly agrees despite knowing the truth about Rowan. Meanwhile, its Joy’s first day back at Larkhall and Lou has promised Rowan that she’ll broach the subject of the documentary with her. Maybe because she’s the only person who knows the truth about Stella, Joy has decided that she wants Lou out and the last thing she’s going to do is give the go-ahead her boyfriend’s documentary. Upon hearing the news, Vicky urges Lou to try buttering Joy up…she knows that Rowan will drop her sister like a hot brick once he hears that his precious documentary has been given the bums rush.

Julie S is so moved after seeing a photo of her new granddaughter that she decides to ask Rowan for help to beat her cancer. She has heard of a new wonder drug called Herceptin and wants to know if he would be able to prescribe it. Rowan knows just how difficult it is for women on the outside to get the drug, let alone a prisoner, but he seems positive about Julie’s prospects. Julie leaves Rowan’s office full of hope as he rubs his hands together, cheerfully reflecting on another fantastic opportunity to raise his profile…as long as he gets his face on the telly, who cares whether Julie gets the drug or not?

During a music class, Phyl and Bev are quick to spot that Vicky is popping pills and jump at the chance to blackmail her for some. But Lou walks in on the exchange and sends them all for urine tests. Having been warned by Vicky, Rowan switches the samples and Bev is horrified, not to mention incredulous when she is taken down the block as punishment for testing positive. Suffering from the stress of her near miss, Vicky demands a dose of something stronger from Rowan who is happy to oblige. The drugs cause Vicky to fit and Rowan, realising how easy his life would be without her, does nothing to save her…but then Lou walks in. Rowan claims that Vicky broke into the drugs cabinet and goes through the motions of trying to revive her. But medical back-up arrives in the nick of time and Vicky is saved.

Donny escorts Janine to her mother’s grave, although it’s a solemn moment, Janine can’t help feeling happy because she and Donny have the opportunity to be a normal couple, if only for the day. She even persuades Donny to remove the handcuffs so that they can have a roll in the hay. But now that she’s had a taste of freedom, Janine is unable to bear the thought of returning to Larkhall and gives Donny the slip. Donny is just about to return to Larkhall without Janine when he receives a call from her. She begs him to join her on the run. Donny agrees to meet her at Paddington Station…is he really going to throw in his job for love? Apparently not. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, he slaps on the handcuffs and drags Janine kicking and screaming back to Larkhall. Janine is livid, she wants nothing more to do with Donny, but he has other ideas and gets down on one knee.

Vicky comes to and reveals everything to Lou, forcing her to see Rowan for who he really is. Realising that Rowan was only using her, not to mention the fact that he just nearly killed her sister, Lou sees red and storms back to the prison. Meanwhile, Phyl has decided that it’s time to take a stand and ropes the other inmates into staging a protest to free Bev. When Joy tries to intervene, Phyl accuses Lou of covering up for her druggie sister. This is music to Joy’s ears and to Hollamby’s amazement; she allows the protest to continue.

After confronting Rowan, Lou lays into him with a statue. Luckily for Rowan, Joy walks in just as Lou is about to land the killer blow. She now has no choice but to dismiss Lou with immediate effect. As Lou makes her way out of Larkhall for the last time, she runs into the Julies and has to break the bad news about Rowan—Julie S will have to hope that the new SMO will support her fight for Herceptin. Although she is now out of a job, Lou has a final card to play and phones Rowan’s wife. Meanwhile, after many years of service on G-Wing, Hollamby at last gets a spring in her step when she is promoted to Acting Wing Governor!

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