Shaz Wylie


Episode 2.9 – 4.16


Life for triple murder


Shaz worked in a supermarket fish counter, with a bullying boss. To get revenge on her, she poured the juice from old oysters on fresh ones – several people got food poisoning – three people died.


Brought up in Sheffield with her mum, brother and violent step-dad: Shaz would often let him beat her up in order to stop him from beating up her best friend – her dog, Molly.

Shaz has learnt to cope with her violent upbringing by adopting a happy-go-lucky attitude and not taking things too seriously. She arrived with little guilt over what she’d done – in her head, the three deaths were just unfortunate consequences of her revenge, and her boss should take the real blame. After meeting the widow of one of her victims, Shaz was given a rude wake-up call.

Larkhall seemed a bit like a holiday camp for Shaz: rather than staring out the bars, she wanted to have fun and win the next pool tournament. Immature in extreme measures, Shaz can be sulky when she doesn’t get her own way. It didn’t help that whilst on remand, Shaz had fun learning little tricks and pranks from other inmates. Shaz’s bright deameanour immediately gets the attention of cell-mate Denny Blood, and before long their friendship became physical.

She went through hard times on G-Wing – after getting caught upon her escape with Shell and Denny, Shaz was returned to Larkhall. With Denny away in Spain and unable to protect her, Shaz became a target for bullies such as Al McKenzie, and started to alienate her other allies, such as Yvonne. She was starting to grow up and take control of her life – but when Denny returned, it was back to square one and the two were soon up to mischief. Although immature, she can be good for a laugh and endearing – with a sweet sense of fun and naivety.

After being transferred following the fight with Maxi – and Maxi’s subsequent suicide – Shaz was allowed to visit Denny in Larkhall, bringing a stash of magic mushrooms with her. When Snowball’s bomb went off, however, Shaz was too high to grasp what was going on – and unfortunately burnt to death.

Lindsey Fawcett

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