Sheena Williams


Episode 7.6 – 7.13


Five years for repeated drug possession and shoplifting


Sheena was found guilty of repeated drug possession and shoplifting. She was released on electronic tag twice – the first time, her ex-boyfriend, Brendan, hid drugs in the halfway house she was at and returned to Larkhall.


Sheena has a son, Dylan to her junkie ex, Brendan. Dylan was briefly looked after by Di & Jim Fenner – although she soon wanted her child back when she realised what an unstable, volatile couple they were. Dylan’s a waster – someone who was happy to see Sheena re-imprisoned to save his own hide.

Streetwise and strong, Sheena’s made her mistakes and knows what they are, and how to learn from them. Determined to sort out her life, she ditched Brendan and determined to start a new life. Too aware of what its like to have a father who was in and out of the family home, she wanted to make sure Dylan didn’t have to go through the same. Sheena’s father was often abusive to her mother, and after she had a nervous breakdown Sheena was left to look after her three siblings. It was during this time she had to steal to survive.

Determined and cynical in her thinking, Sheena found love with Pat Kerrigan whilst inside – they were even preparing to become official in the eyes of the law by registering their partnership, making Pat Dylan’s step-mum. Unfortunately, their relationship broke up when Sheena was released.

Laura Rogers

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