Simon Stubberfield


Episode 1.1 – 3.10


Governing Governor (Series 1 – 3)


Simon lives with his wife, Stella in Fulham, and they have two children. Simon’s the epitome of the old, middle-class do-the-job-for-the-money-not-love type.

Simon was a buffoon – obsessed with looking like a Governor, rather than being one. He loves the media appearances and the wine-and-dine or golf-course chats with those with influence. He’s ambitious in his job, but totally indolent – he wants a nice, cosy job in Area Management, and so will always try to keep his reputation in top form – even if it causes hassle for a fair prison regime.

Stubberfield runs the prison from his office – not the wings. He’ll leave the Wing Governors to know the prisoners, and all he wants to hear at the end of the day is that the prisons still standing. The two sweetest words to Simon are “incident avoided”. Always willing to take the credit for the successes at Larkhall, he’ll blame anyone he can so they take responsibility for the failures.

Roland Oliver

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