Snowball Merriman


Episode 4.13 – 5.10


Four years for drug smuggling. Wanted in the USA for murder.


Found guilty of drug smuggling – although she committed the crime so she wouldn’t extradited to the USA for the murder of a photographer in Florida.


Born as Tracey Pilkington in Wigan, she changed her name to Snowball Merriman and arrived in Larkhall with an American accent, but thanks to some detective work from Yvonne Atkins, her real name – and her real profession – a porn star – was revealed.

Little did Yvonne know, however, that Snowball was her son, Ritchie’s secret girlfriend! With long blonde hair, revealing clothes and a generous cleavage, Snowball certainly stirred up hormones in Larkhall. With a slight look of Shell Dockley about her, Snowball kept her manipulative side hidden – but her sex appeal and acting ability managed to fool most of the inmates and officers… Well, until the bomb went off!

Her angelic appearance hides a woman who’s out to get what she wants – and can be cold, evil and utterly ruthless to get it. In Snowball’s head, there’s only two people she cares about – herself and Ritchie. In the aftermath of the bomb, Snowball found herself depressed and isolated – everyone was out for her blood.

Snowball did have a deep and genuine love for Ritchie – but it was a twisted love affair, which eventually left them both dead after a mutual suicide pact.

Nicole Faraday

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