Sylvia Hollamby


Episode 1.1 – Episode 8.11


Senior Officer (Series 1; 2 – 4; 5-8)
Acting Wing Governor (Series 4, Series 8)
Basic Officer (Series 2).


Sylvia’s capable of being malicious and cruel – as far as she’s concerned, the inmates are there to be punished, and “happiness is door shaped”.

Sylvia’s husband, Bobby, was also a Prison Officer – but became an undertaker instead. Together, they had three children – Constance, Gayle and Bobby Darren. Sylvia married a second time to Dr Nicholson – but he was shot by Phyl Oswyn on their honeymoon (and for good reason)! Sylvia also has an Aunty Margaret – who left her a huge house on the condition she never remarried!

Cynical and sarcastic, Sylvia plays the martyr on a regular basis. Whenever there’s a problem on G-Wing, she’ll only recognise – publically – the strain it places on her and her fellow officers. Sylvia always believes she’s hard done by.

Although she moans, she love loves her job in reality. She loves sitting around in the office having tea served by the red-bands, and if it wasn’t for the inmates and the more “progressive” POs she works with, prison would be the ideal work environment for Sylvia. She’s not all bad, however. On rare occasions, Sylvia has shown sympathy and a ‘human side’. She was dedicated to her husband, Bobby, and was devastated by his suicide.

Sylvia may think that all inmates deserve to rot in prison, but her cynical one-liners have made her a staple of the staff room. The other officers may not listen to what she says and regard her as a dinosaur, but she’s also a source of entertainment when they have the ability to stir her up.

After falling asleep and being visited by Natalie’s “ghost” in the final episode of Bad Girls (a Christmas Special), Sylvia vowed to change her ways. But we won’t expect it to last!

Helen Fraser

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