Tanya Turner


Episode 6.6 – 6.8


Five years for possession


Tanya was caught with possession of cocaine – her second offence.


Tanya has been widowed three times – to Jason Turner, a total womanising bastard and a footballer for Earls Park Football Club – and to Frank Laslett, the former chairman of Earls Park – he died after Tanya continued to feed him Viagra, knowing he had a heart condition. After leaving Larkhall, she later married a rich Brazilian who also died. Tanya also had a baby – but he died, in a complicated baby-swap with Amber Gates – the wife of footballer Conrad Gates – another one of Tanya’s former lovers. Tanya has a half-sister, Anika, but they no longer keep in touch.

Tanya’s a born survivor – intelligent and sharp-tongued, Tanya will always try and dig herself out of any bad situation – and usually does. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it – her scruples will often be tested in the process. Loyal to the few who she trusts, she’ll be sure to get revenge on anyone who crosses her. Tanya’s not an enemy you want! If she needs it, she’s got the resources – she can always manipulate something to her advantage. As an enemy, Tanya’s cold and calculating, and incredibly remorseless when it comes to revenge.

Reckless at times in her quests, Tanya will often jeopardise her own well-being in the quest for love or money. Her biggest flaw, however, is that she believes she’s nothing without the glamour and money associated with being the wife of a footballer.

When arriving in HMP Larkhall, Tanya has nothing that she had in her lifetime – no money, no glamour, no powerful contacts and no friends. But Tanya’s strong: and in Larkhall, she soon finds out that it’s a small world, and people will often be involved in the same tangled web wherever you go – this proved to be her key to getting out of prison… Although she nearly ended up in prison for murder due to the “Rhubarb Murders”.

Zöe Lucker

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