Thomas Waugh


Episode 3.6 – 3.16


Senior Medical Officer


A qualified psychiatrist who later qualified as a doctor. Once married to a fellow medical student, Thomas was left broken-hearted after she left him – for his best friend. How gutted he must have been then, when Helen told him that she didn’t love him – because she was in love with an inmate!

Known as “Dr Yes Yes” – he’s everything that Dr “No No” Nicholson isn’t. Good-looking, compassionate and charming, Dr Waugh cares genuinely, and isn’t in Larkhall for some ulterior motive. He’s everything the prison system needs in a doctor – he’s humane, gentle, patient, practical and actually good at his job!

Always willing to go the extra mile for an inmate, he’s got a sharp brain and the best of intentions. Helen fell for all his great qualities, and we can’t blame her! Although they seem like an ideal couple, Helen’s too sensitive and desperate to prove things, and Thomas is too hyper-cautious due to his past hurt.

After a brief love affair, Helen finally admitted that she was in love with Nikki – and Thomas left Larkhall, never to return.

Michael Higgs

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