Virginia O’Kane


Episode 3.13 – 3.16


On remand for soliciting and fraud


Remanded in custody – as a wealthy brothel madame, she was being investigated for soliciting and fraud.


Virginia made her money through population, and running a series of brothels designed as massage parlours and strip clubs, became a very rich and got used to having everything she wanted. She was also able to pay people off – including police-officers, politicians, judges and doctors – hence why Virginia was able to convince people she was in a wheelchair from Muscular Dystrophy – she had dodgy diagnoses and certificates to prove it.

As vain as the day is long, she keeps her hair and make-up immaculate, and dressed from head to toe in designer goods – even her socks and undies come from the latest designer collection. Selfish and out for what she can get, she’s a professional manipulator, and through her supposed “disability” was able to get more of what she wanted through sympathy.

Not the kind to be stuck in a tight spot for long, she’ll grass on whoever for whatever in order to get out: she turned Queen’s Evidence under investigation, which resulted in The Two Julies being sent back to Larkhall.

She’s got some good: she proved to be a great influence on Tina Purvis – so much so that Tina adopted Virginia’s surname. But working with Fenner gave her enemies – especially when her fraudulent disability was discovered. She was drowned by Tina’s sister, Maxi Purvis, who set Yvonne up for the crime.

Kate O’Mara

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It has been announced that Kate O'Mara - aka Virginia O'Kane - has passed away.

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