What Is CMT?

This information, and the Factsheet attached, was originally compiled for the Official Bad Girls website.

We have uploaded the information and factsheet here for archive purposes.

Viewers of Series 4 will know just how devastated Buki Lester was when she discovered that her long-lost son, Lennox, suffered from a disease called CMT, otherwise know as Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease.

But just how serious is CMT?

We were recently contacted by CMT United Kingdom, a support group that was set up to support those people who suffer from the disease. They provided us with a factsheet for the website in order to help those viewers who may wish to know more about CMT and who it affects.

Viewers who wish to find out more about CMT after reading the factsheet might also like to visit CMT United Kingdom’s website. Or write to them at:

CMT United Kingdom
PO Box 5089
BH23 2WJ

Many thanks to Karen Butcher of CMT United Kingdom for providing us with this information.

Download CMT Factsheet

Download: What is CMT (.pdf)

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