Women In Prison

This information was compiled for The Official Bad Girls website, with help from The Center of Crime & Justice Studies.

Bad Girls, Within These Walls, Prisoner Cell Block H… prisons provide vivid material for writers of TV drama because the lives of so many prisoners have been filled with trauma and abuse before they get to prison. A prison setting offers an enclosed world where the audience can get to know the characters and where the constant efforts of prisoners to get one over on the staff give opportunities for comedy even when the main storyline is tragic.

Bad Girls has set out since its first series to raise awareness of what happens in women’s prisons and to highlight the issues women in prison face. Those involved in its production have gone to great lengths to try to make it as accurate as possible, but it is a drama series and life in prison is not always so exciting, so it would not be fair to think that everything Bad Girls shows us actually happens on a regular basis. So what is life like beyond G wing at Larkhall?

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It has been announced that Kate O'Mara - aka Virginia O'Kane - has passed away.

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