Yvonne Atkins

Episode 1.9 – 5.16

Four Years for Conspiracy to Murder


Four years for conspiracy to murder – Yvonne arranged a hit man to bump off one of Charlie’s (her husband) business rivals. It later transpired that she was set up by Charlie, so Charlie could shack up with his rival’s wife, Renee Williams!


Yvonne worked in a betting shop before she met Charlie Atkins – and soon became a Gangster’s moll! She has two children, Lauren and Richie. Richie’s now deceased, as is Charlie – a hitman shot him, arranged by Lauren! Lauren is now the only remaining member of the Atkins family alive – and is taking care of the ‘family business’ from prison.

Working-class girl Yvonne became rich through Charlie, but she was born with a razor sharp brain and a strong survival instinct – she’s as tough as nails and sharp brain (and wit) – and if you mess with Yvonne, or mess with those she cares about – she’ll be out to get you, and will be ruthless in her conquest.

Yvonne arrived at HMP Larkhall convinced her money and influence would serve her well – and for a while it did. However, her climb to the position of Top Dog was done by honourable means – she looked after those who were weak and vulnerable, and quickly put bullying screws and inmates alike in their place. Generous and warm, Yvonne’s been responsible for some great knees-up on G-Wing, but has also caused a fair degree of trouble – especially when trying to get the upper hand on her enemy, Jim Fenner.

Considered a thorn in the side to many of G-Wing’s officers, she was a good ally to those few officers she trusted (although she never trusted them completely!), and she had a natural sense of justice that made her one of G-Wing’s most loved inmates. When Yvonne’s body was discovered in the hanging cells after a failed escape attempt, most of G-Wing’s inmates entered a deep depression – and while she may not have been liked by everyone, she was certainly respected.

Linda Henry

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