Zandra Plackett


Episode 1.2 – 2.9


Ten months for credit card fraud.


Zandra’s boyfriend, Robin, was caught in possession of stolen credit cards – and Zandra took the rap!


Poor Zandra – one of life’s victims. She had a baby, Robbie, to her upper-class boyfriend, Robin. Robin’s now custody of baby Robbie – even though (a) Zandra took the rap for his crime, (b) Robin got her pregnant – and then got engaged to someone else when she got sent down, and (c) Robin thought she was going to have an abortion – and wasn’t dismayed by it.

Zandra had been from care home to care home, and only found happiness when she met Robin. But Robin was a user, and someone who was too afraid to stand up to his mother.

Zandra’s been addicted to drugs before entering Larkhall – and kicking her habit was a hard thing to do. Although she’d done rehab a few times, she could never quit because she never believed she was doing it for herself – it was always for somebody else. However, she managed to kick it when she gave birth to baby Robbie (despite temptations).

Prison provided Zandra with the only place she could find love and friendship. She eventually got one of her wishes “come true” after Dominic McAllister kissed her.

Zandra unfortunately died from a brain tumor – something that was left in her head due to the poor quality of the healthcare in Larkhall. Zandra had a wicked sense of humour – and her many one-liners (“Zandraisms”) will forever be remembered – “Come on twatting twat!” was a classic.

Crystal Gordon named her baby with Josh after Zandra.

Lara Cazalet

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